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  1. I found the fix, I need to manually add the customer in Stripe and add the cart type and customer code in the tbl-clients table for the customer.
  2. When trying to update a card I keep getting this error: The following errors occurred: Remote Transaction Failure. Please Contact Support. I have gotten a couple times before. This transaction was an AMEX if that matters. I'm using the latest stable version of WHMCS and most other payments go through fine. When I check stripe the transaction never makes it to their system because they have never record of it. Any idea how to trouble shoot this? Maybe an error log with more details somewhere?
  3. I added the hotfix but it's the same issue. Didn't make it worse though. It looks like the error now each time is: Invoice ID => 12345 User ID => 123 Amount => 89.91 No such customer: cus_hyu5g6u7he6 (not the real code, just an example) No such customer. I manually added the customer with Stripe but that did not help 2. I noticed the local customer Remote Gateway Token is not the same as what's in Stripe. I updated the token in phpmyadmin and sent an invoice to see if the customer can pay now. Fingers crossed.
  4. Hi, actually it says no such customer: Invoice ID => XXXX User ID => XXXX Amount => 10.99 UserID => XXX customer => XXXXX error => No such customer: XXXXXX
  5. I did the hot fix but now I get this: Capture ErrorThe capture was not successful. Please check the gateway log for more details. ------------------------------------------------------------ So I checked the log and it says the card expired. But the card is listed as expired in 2020!
  6. Hi, I just upgraded to 7.3.0 and have two issues I noticed right away. 1. When I try to insert a FAQ into a support ticket. The pop up screen just redirects to the home page when I click on a category link. 2. On my FAQ page there is double space for each category box on the right. You can see them to the right https://webhost.pro/knowledgebase.php They seems to be double the proper height.
  7. Web Host Pro

    Adding an affiliate hook under the account menu?

    Oh wow sorry, i tried to search for that posting but couldn't find it so I thought it was removed. I'll contact them.
  8. Hi, I am trying to add a link tot he affiliate login page under the account menu section. Just like the log in hook for the main section. I would like it to be under the: login register lost password (Affiliate Login) Thanks for any help. I've checked the TMSecondaryNavbar.php file but can't see what to add. I tried to add this: $primaryNavbar->getChild('Company') ->addChild('Affiliate Login', array( 'uri' => 'affiliates.php', 'order' => '20', )); But it crashed the whole site. Thank you, Charles
  9. Web Host Pro

    Anyone use Stripe?

    Yeah the dispute process is a mystery still. Do you get charged for them if you lose and is your account at risk if you have too many? Thanks!
  10. Anyone else blocked from the General Discussion forum?

  11. As bitcoin gets more mainstream being able to use a popular bitcoin processor like bitpay.com would really help us hosts be able to take it easily. Any plans on making a BitPay payment module? It's already used by several top hosting companies. Thank you, Charles
  12. Hi, I have two registers I'm using now, the older one I just want to keep for renewals for accounts that used them already. The new one I want to use for all new registers and renewal for customers that use the new one. Where can disable the old register so it's not option for new registration? Is there a way to choose a default register or disable the old one for new registration? Old is ENOM and the new is OnlineNIC Thanks, Charles
  13. I see, yeah I'll just use the drop down until I can phase out of ENOM. Thanks!
  14. All I show is: Posted on Sunday 18th June at 16:48 How can you tell what year is was from? Thanks, Charles
  15. Not sure when it started but when I try to do a manual charge to a credit card on file WHMCS always says there is no card on file. But I can see and have even re-added it and still the same message.
  16. Strange so I did it today for an account and it worked but went back to the other one and it still said the card was there. Wonder why some accounts say the card is not there when it is. Maybe the CVV code is not there?
  17. Yep, was a theme issue, I took the code from 6 and it's working now. Thanks!
  18. Not sure when it started but if you clock on any of our announcements it just redirects to the main index page. https://webhost.pro/index.php?rp=/announcements announcement page Redirects to: https://webhost.pro/index.php?id=105 which only shows the main index page. Any idea what could cause this. I have version 7.2.2 waiting to update to avoid any bugs.
  19. The module just gives this error when I click it in the addons section addon Lara Fraud. When I click on the addon Lara Fraud Control i get There is no admin output for this module It also does not seem to work. It's supposed to move fraud orders to a new section and well it does the same as if the addon was not there.
  20. Here is the error I get every time. I have the latest plug in and the latest WHMCS. [ERROR] In modules/gateways/bitpay/createinvoice.php: Invoice error: 'Invoice not created due to account limits, please check your approval levels' I changed the speed of the transaction. From low to high but it still happens. I don't see anywhere how to change approval levels. Thanks, Charles
  21. I found it, the BetterWHMCS also called blend added hooks. I removed the hooks and all is good!
  22. Hi, the widget in the front worked fine but after the last update the widget stopped showing any results. I made sure the permissions are correct for all users. Is there something I have to activate now for this to work? I have tried three themes and all do not show anything in the widget. The page also shows these errors in case they could be related: Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) bettering.js Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) better.js Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) better.css Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) index.php:23 Uncaught ReferenceError: slideout is not defined at HTMLDocument.<anonymous> (index.php:23) at u (scripts.min.js?v=4eba1f:2) at Object.fireWith [as resolveWith] (scripts.min.js?v=4eba1f:2) at Function.ready (scripts.min.js?v=4eba1f:2) at HTMLDocument.a (scripts.min.js?v=4eba1f:1) better.css Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)
  23. Yeah, that's the mystery. I removed all the blend files and re-uploaded all the admin files from a new WHMCS I downloaded from your website. So for the admin section to still try to access the blend files means it changes a file out of the admin section. But why is the admin section using files out of the admin folder? This is literally making me question reality. I mean what file would be still trying to use these old bland files. After everything has been replaced in the admin section with new files and blend removed? Mind boggling. - - - Updated - - - What code? All of WHMCS or the admin section? I already uploaded brand new files to the entire admin section and still exists. Thanks for the input btw. To upload all new WHMCS files means I would lose a lot of changes made. Any idea what files would be used to call the old files still?
  24. Web Host Pro

    Any plans to use BitPay gateway?

    Thanks! Would of never seen that. Adding it now.

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