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  1. @mfoland you might be able to help with this?
  2. Thanks @brian! for the heads up..
  3. @adamjedgar it would be my recommendation to simply use WHMCS service to create you a matching theme for your Wordpress website. You can order this solution here https://www.whmcs.com/members/cart.php?a=confproduct&i=0 I do also understand if you want to achieve this on your own. You can fairly easily integrate your Wordpress header and footer into your whims template by using the following method. ( This is what I did ) First step is to bring in the WordPress core into your header.tpl {php} define('WP_USE_THEMES', FALSE); require('/path/to/wordpress/wp-load.php'); {/php} Next, call WordPress Header functions into your header.tpl {php} get_header(); {/php} Next, call WordPress Footer functions into your footer.tpl {php} get_footer(); {/php} As far as the rest of the WHMCS styling, buttons etc you will need to do some css changes to reflect your Wordpress design. This topic has been discuss a number times and the common consensus is to still use a professional service like the one I mentioned above. Credits for this solution are from here https://squidix.com/blog/include-wordpress-header-footer-whmcs/ As I said, this is how I have integrated my main sites design into whims and I'm happy to help where I can.
  4. shadowtek

    Client Group Question

    Hi all, My apologies in advance if this is a silly question.... When creating a client group with a discount will that discount % be applied to billable items and hourly rate invoice created with the native project management addon? or does it only effect the "products". Cheers
  5. shadowtek

    Allow client to upgrade eg. disk space (cPanel)

    @DennisMidjord could you please shed some light on how you configured this to work as a way of purchasing extra storage for a hosting account ? Thanks in advance Steve
  6. Thx for this temp fix Alex
  7. shadowtek

    Allow client to upgrade eg. disk space (cPanel)

    Thank you @DennisMidjord I’m off to buy a license..
  8. Thanks @brian! Just installed this into the Flowcart7 template from the Hexa theme. It looks amazing
  9. shadowtek

    Allow client to upgrade eg. disk space (cPanel)

    Hey all, I am also Interested in this sort of upgradability for my clients. @DennisMidjord if you have reached out to whmcs It will be interesting to know the response.
  10. shadowtek

    Addon for Tracking Expenses

    I have been looking into client expense tracking and was considering whmcs expense. Thanks @brian! for the heads up
  11. shadowtek

    WHMCS Licensing Add on Help!

    Thanks @ModulesGarden I have logged a ticket.
  12. shadowtek

    WHMCS Licensing Add on Help!

    Thanks @WHMCS ChrisD i have been looking at the marketplace and will reach out to a couple of the plugin dev like @ModulesGarden and @wsa and see what options are. Any have any thoughts on the best way to setup the grouped products?
  13. shadowtek

    WHMCS Licensing Add on Help!

    Hi everyone, I am relatively new here so i hope this is posted in the right section. Mods please move if required. I am looking for some guidance, thoughts and feedback from users of this amazing community on how to best setup some products/license's fro my clients. Let me do my best to explain what im trying to achieve 🙂 What i would like to do is have a subscription based product that gets billed monthly. Ideally this product would include 2 sub products, one being a hosting account and one being a license, both of which are contracted to a 24 month term. My basic understanding is somehow i can create this as a bundle? Where i start to get a bit confused in thought process is, what i would like to happen at the end of the contract period is have the license go to a "owned" license with no ongoing charges and revert to just a hosting account. So something liek below Subscription Product $100 per month ( 24 months ) Hosting Account Leased License Owned Product $20 per month ( after initial 24 month contract ) Hosting Account Changed to Owned License So again the questions I would like to put to the community are. How would you guys go about setting this up these products? Would i need something like a auto upgrade add on from @ModulesGarden Thank you in advance to any community members that can help.

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