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  1. Heya @brian! Did you ever manage to get to your "Widget Weekend"? Still, need a financial year widget 🙂
  2. shadowtek

    Different Billing Periods

    I too am interested in this. I would like to be able to have some services billed with a 30 day term, whilst hosting and automated billing products etc billing based on automation settings. I guess even if there was an option to alter just at client level or client group Cheers
  3. shadowtek

    POP3 Connection Error

    We are also getting pop connections error all of a sudden, however the email,piping seems to be functioning just fine as we are still getting our tickets. We didn’t start getting these until we updated to v7.7
  4. @brian! This is exactly what i have been looking for, unfortunately, doesn't seem to still work 😞 If you get a chance could you please take a look and see if you can get this working again for WHMCS v7.7.x As always i appreciate your valuable input around the community
  5. Hi Guys, Just wondering if anyone knows of a solution that can be implemented where WHMCS will take a "FULL" cpanel backup of an account prior to terminating a hosting account?
  6. @mfoland you might be able to help with this?
  7. Thanks @brian! for the heads up..
  8. @adamjedgar it would be my recommendation to simply use WHMCS service to create you a matching theme for your Wordpress website. You can order this solution here https://www.whmcs.com/members/cart.php?a=confproduct&i=0 I do also understand if you want to achieve this on your own. You can fairly easily integrate your Wordpress header and footer into your whims template by using the following method. ( This is what I did ) First step is to bring in the WordPress core into your header.tpl {php} define('WP_USE_THEMES', FALSE); require('/path/to/wordpress/wp-load.php'); {/php} Next, call WordPress Header functions into your header.tpl {php} get_header(); {/php} Next, call WordPress Footer functions into your footer.tpl {php} get_footer(); {/php} As far as the rest of the WHMCS styling, buttons etc you will need to do some css changes to reflect your Wordpress design. This topic has been discuss a number times and the common consensus is to still use a professional service like the one I mentioned above. Credits for this solution are from here https://squidix.com/blog/include-wordpress-header-footer-whmcs/ As I said, this is how I have integrated my main sites design into whims and I'm happy to help where I can.
  9. shadowtek

    Client Group Question

    Hi all, My apologies in advance if this is a silly question.... When creating a client group with a discount will that discount % be applied to billable items and hourly rate invoice created with the native project management addon? or does it only effect the "products". Cheers
  10. shadowtek

    Allow client to upgrade eg. disk space (cPanel)

    @DennisMidjord could you please shed some light on how you configured this to work as a way of purchasing extra storage for a hosting account ? Thanks in advance Steve
  11. Thx for this temp fix Alex
  12. shadowtek

    Allow client to upgrade eg. disk space (cPanel)

    Thank you @DennisMidjord I’m off to buy a license..
  13. Thanks @brian! Just installed this into the Flowcart7 template from the Hexa theme. It looks amazing
  14. shadowtek

    Allow client to upgrade eg. disk space (cPanel)

    Hey all, I am also Interested in this sort of upgradability for my clients. @DennisMidjord if you have reached out to whmcs It will be interesting to know the response.
  15. shadowtek

    Addon for Tracking Expenses

    I have been looking into client expense tracking and was considering whmcs expense. Thanks @brian! for the heads up

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