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  1. I'm also having lots of problems with the rewrites since upgrading to V8. Losing query string for one. Go to http://mywhmcs.com/cart.php?string=something will take me to http://mywhmcs.com/store/slug/ and lose the query string in the process. I've tried every setting available and can't get anything to work properly. i don't see a path to making my module function with v8 at this point except probably insisting on customers use Basic URLs (which of course is a non-starter).
  2. Is it possible to fire a hook on a product renewal. More to the point. I sell a product with a semi-annual price. When the product renews I want to switch to a different service (hidden) which has a monthly renewal.
  3. However. LOGO is only displayed for "Recommended For You" modules. Who does one talk to so that they can become recommended?
  4. I suppose that would be in whmcs.json ?
  5. Where is the content for the module cards held? My card only shows the module system name, no description or image.
  6. Found it. I think in general you need the sidebar open to find things in v8 Personally I miss having some items in the main menus, but i guess i'll get used to it.
  7. Excuse me if this is staring me in the face . . . I see System Logs under the wrench in the top right, but I can't find the Module Logs.
  8. This is correct. Somehow my module had been removed from the list. if it's in the list then WHMCS looks for the hooks in /servers/MyModule/hooks.php There may be another way (besides manually) to get it in the list, but I found that by "resaving" any of the Products/Services that uses my module (Product>Module Settings), it was put back in the list.
  9. @brian!Thank you. Perhaps you could expand a little bit. My module acts within WHMCS pages( adding UI, adjusting prices, expecting input), I assume that's an add-on module? Sometimes it is provisioning services (for instance when an order has been placed and submitted), I guess a provisioning module. hooks without a module . . . would I ever need this?
  10. @Kian Thank you. No that's not the case, and thank you I did know that you need to deactivate-reactivate the module when making changes. The information i'm really looking for is an explanation of what the various hooks files should be used for. Surely it's not just a matter of use whichever one you want. We have servers/mymodule/hooks.php, addons/mymodule/hooks.php and includes/hooks/anything.php, I think this requires some explanation in the docs. https://developers.whmcs.com/hooks/getting-started/ Regarding your second bullet, I have tblconfiguration.ModuleHooks.value = cpanel,plesk
  11. Let me rephrase my question. I'm a little confused by the documentation about hooks. Originally this module was inherited from a well known developer of modules. It has both "/addons/MyModule/hooks.php" and "/servers/MyModule/hooks.php" files. The functions and hooks in "/servers/MyModule/hooks.php" are the ones that have stopped firing. Looking through the activity log, i don't even see an attempt to load this file. Q: what is the difference between these 2 files and "/includes/hooks/MyModule.php" ? Because when I move the hooks from /servers/ to /includes/ they now fire as I would expect. For instance ClientAreaPageCart hook now fires when I'm on the page. What are the reasons for having the various places to put hooks?
  12. I meant, study the code of the existing modules you have to see how things are done.
  13. regards #1. HTML then CSS. Javascript then PHP ( most of your module code will be PHP). MYSQL at some point in tandem with PHP I guess. regards #2,3 I really can't say, I've been removed from this for too long. I have heard from others that they really found codeacademny really useful. Regarding module development a good place to start is with existing modules.
  14. I'm landing on a page that looks like mywhmcs.com/cart.php?a=confproduct I need to do some work and ouput some html or javascript in my addon module. I've tried a bunch of hooks in '/addons/mymodule/hooks.php', can't find one that ouputs to the body of the page. Thanks.
  15. I'm modifying the configureproduct.tpl from standard_cart. I created an entry in addons/my_module/lang/english.php $_LANG['my_variable'] = "my text"; How can I access that in the smarty template. <div>{$_LANG.my_variable}</div> Thanks.
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