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  1. Cloud Services Group

    Website Builder For WHMCS

    Any updates, as i am looking for the same. Peter
  2. Cloud Services Group

    Adding to email subject line

    Hi All, Is it possible to add {$domain_name} to email subject line. ie input : Upcoming Domain Renewal Notice - {$domain_name} Output : Upcoming Domain Renewal Notice - mysite.com Regards Peter
  3. Cloud Services Group

    Multiple Sites - 1 Whmcs

    Hi Chris Thats the only way i could think of. Have others had the same question and used a different way. Thanks Peter
  4. Cloud Services Group

    Multiple Sites - 1 Whmcs

    So, To use my other domains, they would have to clients ? ddd.com/whmcs - main site dde.com ddf.com etc, would have to reselling clients /resellers ?
  5. Cloud Services Group

    Multiple Sites - 1 Whmcs

    Thanks for the tip chris.
  6. Cloud Services Group

    Multiple Sites - 1 Whmcs

    Hi all. I have a newbie question... I have whmcs set up on one of my domains. I have other domains that i would like to use as "front ends " to the mother site. Do i just make the other domains clients, or is there another way ? Thank You Peter
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