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  1. I'm finding a lot of thing that do not work. I think I will look for another system.
  2. The Post for my WHM is 2086 I did try 2087 and it didn't work.
  3. Even when I removed the :2086 it still didn't work. I have tried a few different combinations with no success.
  4. Yea I got that far and also got it to upload a MP3 file to sell but I could not get it to produce a file after I paid for the download. Go figure! lol
  5. I was able to solve the error problem from some advice on WHMCS that I found on line. THe one that deals with the IP lock. So I got it to work but I could not get it to produce a download file after i paid for the download. And your right there are better programs out there for downloading music. thanks Brain!
  6. The problem still exist for me with no answers in the community.
  7. In WHMCS in the admin section under support we have a section called "download" that allows users to add Music file for customers to buy but it does not work because of the above error code. Invalid CSRF Protection Token
  8. You guys created this section you should be able to make it work here is the error (Invalid CSRF Protection Token) If this cannot be fixed then WHMCS is useless to me.
  9. Hey Brain, I tried to download a MP3 file and I got this error: (Invalid CSRF Protection Token) you have ant idea what this means?
  10. Why than you Brain, I must have missed that. I do know that a download is limited by the PHP of the server you are using but that can be easily changed by the account holder in the mod PHP section.
  11. You make a good point we just need to play it by ear I guess.
  12. I'm still looking to do this!
  13. But if you are going to start raising money for others your domain should be an .org and do not forget the IRS nonprofit status of having a 501C)(3).
  14. But brian! is right you should be operation under an SSL Certificate they are not all that expensive.
  15. Guys I can put together websites for musicians like this one https://djradiosoundstation.com but I could us a WHMCS plug in so I can sale digital downloads. This is just a sample site put together to show how I would use an Artist song and use a WHMCS plug in to sale it as a download. Also be able to sale hosting platforms and domains to musician as well.
  16. There is a problem with trying to log into the server automatically. For some reason it's not working the way it should but you can trigger it manually in WHMCS. I have the same problem myself. After a customer pays for a hosting Package just trigger it yourself it works I have tested it . You should test it yourself to make sure.
  17. Is there anything in the works for digital downloads for Musicians? I work on website for Musicians and Bands and can see a market for digital downloads so we can sell our music on line using WHMCS.
  18. Guys https://www.myresellerhome.com/ does also have a reseller domain account they offer free with your hosting reseller account. I have one but chose not to use it because like I said before epic.com is the best domain registrar that I have found. A .com domain with epik is $8.99 and it comes with free DNS control and free privacy.
  19. The best reseller account is https://www.myresellerhome.com/ this is who I use. they have a real good support team and i can get them on live chat all the time.
  20. Here is a Capture of the error. The hostname/ip that i'm using is the one that is for my WHM. I have tried the primary Ip as well and it will not work ether. The system does work if you manually control it from your WHMCS admin section.
  21. you will find the same problem with Godaddy they got so bad I had to move my account. I still think that epik.com is the best domain registrar I have been with then for over 5 years now and I only pay 8.99 for a .com domain.
  22. Who is a good guy/gal that can Customize my site for me?
  23. Can anybody tell me about this? I have tried everything I can think of.
  24. I cannot get this to work guys any idea's? It should be this: (Hostname: emerald.superdnssite.com IP:
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