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  1. They have a WHMCS plugin, It's new and I haven't gotten into it yet but here it is. https://www.epik.com/whmcs/
  2. You guys can have'em I'll stay with Epik. *8.99 .com domains and free DNS control with free privacy.
  3. I have done a lot of beta testing in the past but I do not remember one who ever charged its members to beta test their products. This tells me the WHMCS is money hungry and that is sad.
  4. Support is a joke, they want you to pay $45 for a license.
  5. That is ok because i'm no longer interested.
  6. Well, I will not pay you to help you work on your own products. I have beta tested a lot of products and not one has ever maid people pay to beta test. All this had done is cause me to lose respect for WHMCS. You want me to pay to help you work on an upgrade that I will be adding to my own account that is already pain for.
  7. I cannot believe that WHMCS wanted me to pay $45 for a license Just to beta test 8.0 and I have a license already for my hosting company. What kinda company does this to the people that support them.
  8. Forgot to ask what License Key do I use?
  9. Can Beta 8 be downloaded over 7.10.2
  10. Well I got it to do MP3, Wav, and MP4 file that included a cool video. So all these things can be done with WHMCS. It all come down to knowing how to use the system.
  11. This is true,but most of the time when you master a song it's download in Wave format a much better quality of music and then you can burn your MP3 files from it.
  12. Thank you Kian, I did see the FTP option. I'll be trying Wav files today but i see no problem just as long as my files size does not exceed 200 MB lol.
  13. Well guys the problem was now with WHMCS, their system is working just fine. The problem ended up being how one configures the file and take care that your PHP ini is set to 200 MB so you will not encounter a file size problem. I was able to upload and download both MP4 and MP3 files.
  14. I found the problem why WHMCS only takes some MP3 files in the download section. even though the PHP ini file is set for 50 MB file upload for some reason WHMCS is not letting a 13 :6 MB file through but it will let a 3.89 MB file through. I have tested and was able to download it. WHMCS needs to fix this problem.
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