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  1. I did but it's 3 years old and doesn't do call backs so all payments have to be manually done, with that I might as well do bank transfer on the WHMCS payment gateway. I was looking for something that would automate payments using Monzo Business (not personal account)
  2. Hey all, Is there a module that works with Monzo business accounts anywhere? I had a look on the Marketplace but I didn't see anything so I didn't know if there was a 3rd party module that works. Cheers
  3. @wsa I contacted you via your site on the 06/07/2021 asking if this is something you would quote, I even msg'ed again on the 12/07/2021 but you never answered, all that happened was the request was put 'On Hold'. The Ticket is #2021-2652 so I'm confused why you posted in here telling me to contact you when I did this almost 2 weeks ago. @ModulesGarden have sent the requirement and you have responded.
  4. Hi, I'm hoping someone would be interested in building a Seedbox system that can be installed and used on a WHMCS site. I'm looking for a complete build so any scripts needed etc would have to be done by the devs and it all working 'out of the box' as they say, I'm not looking for someone to do parts to a setup/script I would have to do. I have reached out to a couple of companies I have seen on here but not having much luck but I am gratefull to the 2 that actually replied, but I'm struggling with some of the questions they have as I don't know or understand how WHMCS modules work so this is why I'm looking for a complete build, all setup etc. Here are some of the requirements for the project I have written out, to give you a good idea of what I am looking for...... Admin Side: 1) Needs to create a shared seedbox on a server with available space, 2) A Section to be able to add the servers, retains the SSH details for the root owner. 3) Set Hard drive space for each product from 250GB to 10TB 4) Set Bandwidth allowance for each product from 100GB (in-out) to unlimited (in-out) 5) Create SSH account (chmoded so other users won't have access to homedir) when product is ordered 6) Select which apps can be installed depending on product ordered. 7) Able to setup a dedicated seedbox 😎 Able to add servers are set them for dedicated seedboxes orders only When client orders 1) Create ruTorrent+rtorrent & deluge account 2) Create OpenVPN account details 3) Create FTP & FTPS + SSH & SFTP account details 4) Create Client Control Panel & Login details 5) Create VNC server account Control panel: 1. Installable apps such as Plex, Sickbeard etc (full list to be set) 2. Monitor traffic usage (Daily, monthly & total usage) 3. Stop/Start/Restart rtorrent 4) Stop/Start/Restart VNC 5) Stop/Start/Restart Deluge 6) Show Hard drive usage (Example: 93.66 GB USED out of 7831 GB TOTAL) 7) Show Service Status (showing which apps are installed and working) 😎 Allow Client to restart server (dedicated seedboxes only) 9) Offer Filezilla, VPN config files for download with customer details only. 10) Install Plex Server as a separate add-on (if offered on purchased product) I look forward to hearing from anyone interested in the job.
  5. Thanks for the comments folks, its a shame the WHMCS owners don't read their customers comments, lol... Well off I go now, I'm lucky that a switch to a different platform will be a easier for me, I don't sell that much in the way of add-ons etc, its just customer numbers not features that was handy with WHMCS, and the 1hr support will be a joke as I can imagine it will be a responce within 1 hour asking for further information then a 3 day wait like normal to have your issue not solved or palmed off with a knowledgebase link that isn't dealing with the issue raised. Take care and I wish everyone good luck with their future to which ever platform they move too.
  6. OK, so time to move on to a different platform. My margines are so tiny that if I was to make the same price increase to my customers the $9 per month I charge would have to increase to $375 per month, and would put me out of business quickly. I was never consulted, nor do I think any of the updates to WHMCS are worth a 4000% increase. It was nice while it lasted but I can't afford this price increase which is a shame, I feel sorry for all the 3rd party dev's as they make WHMCS usable but with customers facing a huge price increase and moving onto new platform I can't see them surviving much longer either.
  7. Hi, I just got the email telling me that the cost of the WHMCS licence will increase from $39.95+tax per month to $1,750+tax per month.... Is this real? I have asked via support ticket but not got an answer Is WHMCS really doing a 4280.48% increase (Thats what it works out at) in my monthly costs? If this is true how the hell can they justify this? If I did a 4280.48% increase in my customers monthly costs I would be out of business in days. I would expect a small increase each year but 4280% OMG!!!
  8. Hi brian! Indeed they must have paniced, lol.. The Generate a report of clients with no active services is just what I am looking for as I don't do custom invoices so thats not going to be a factor I will give the php code a try first and see what results I get.
  9. Hello, Does anyone know how to locate any client that no longer has an active product? If I goto Clients>>view/search clients the 'Services' colum isn't sortable so I can't do it that way, I asked support via a ticket but after some random answers someone suggested I run this SQL query but that returned zero results but I can see some clients with 0(1) in the services. I do have the option to delete these poeple enabled on the config but its not happening so the cron isn't working correctly and I don't know why. All I want to do is delete these clients, I don't want to have to go through every page manually as that would take me forever. Can anyone help?
  10. It is complete, but never again will I ask for work done by wsa. I'd raise my concerns with you but I can't see you anwering any tickets!!! If your going to do custom work then atleast have the decency to respond to your customers ticket rather than them having to chase to get updates and fixes to the work done when they ask as they hadn't heard anything since you take the money! Always some excuse, like 2 days waiting for a reply due to snow, we had heavy snow too but still managed to answer our customer tickets the same day even with a loss of power to the neighbourhood so having to use mobile phones. The module is great, the customer service isn't!
  11. Hi brian! Thank you for the responce. I did the whole high pricing but it just increased tickets from people wondering why the cost was so high when it was supposed to be a discounted feature, lol... I can understand that so thats why I looked for a alternative option of making them only visable to customers with active services (had a module made) but the cart URL bypasses this so I was looking for a way to stop that. The link you gave to the 'Disallow reg' post is perfect, it helps me a great deal. Cheers and stay safe
  12. Hi, I have some products that are only for customers who already have purchased a service from me, these products are discounted specials and do not appear to non-logged in visitors to the site however I have noted some poeple were are able order and pay for these without having an service already and after some investigation I discovered if they entered the cart URL into a browser it bypassed everything and allowed orders from new people. I asked WHMCS support and they said its not possible to stop this so I wondered if a hook would work. I was could achieve it using the ClientAreaPageCart and a custom hook to check whether a client is logged in and if not, redirect them to the login page. I'm not the best at this so I looked on the documentation and learned if I created a file called client_order.php with the following code... <?php add_hook('ClientAreaPageCart', 1, function($vars) { ???????? }); I'm just not sure what I would put in the ????? part to check if whoever visits that page, if they not logged in as a client then it would direct them back to the homepage. Can anyone help please?
  13. Fringe

    Can you please answer my support ticket? 4 days I have been waiting for a reply?

    1. wsa


      what ticket number plz

    2. Fringe


      its #2021-1012 - Custom module

      I've being trying to get an answer since the 27th Jan, this is outragous!!!!!!

    3. Fringe


      Again I am having to post here to get a responce to my ticket as it doesn't get answered.

  14. Hi @wsa I did on the 04/01/2021 (11:13) I opened a ticket (#2021-1012 - Custom module) then got a default reply on the 05/01/2021 (14:09) and never heard from you again, I even asked on the 08/01/2021 (14:56) if there was any update on my request but never heard a thing. So I closed the ticket yesterday and made this request on here looking for someone to do the module. @WGS I have completed your contact us via your site, thank you
  15. Hello, I'm looking to have a custom WHMCS module built, if anyone is willing to take it on. I'm looking for a module that will allow me to offer selected products on a 'invite code' only basis so that current customers have a unique invite code they can give to family/friends and that will allow them to purchase one of the selected products. I looked at using the affiliate system however it doesn't fully fit my needs as I'm not want people to just handout a link to anyone, the product will be offered at a discounted cost for friends/family as part of a family pack style service. The module must feature the following conditions... 1) Add a custom module box to the client dashboard which will contain a unique 6-digit code (A-Z, 0-9, a-z + their Client ID number given by WHMCS when they create their client account) to that client. 2) The module must auto generate a unique code for every client (no clients have the same code) with no repeating codes 3) Limit the number of invites to a set number (for example, each client can invite 10 people) and when a code is used it reduces the set number until the number reaches zero 4) The module must integrate in to any product setup on the WHMCS Products list that I select, so I can enable/disable any product of my choice. Any product that I don't wish to use this on must be a normal purchase (no invite code needed) 5) The module must force people to use an invite code when ordering one of these products, if they don't have a valid invite code then they cannot create a client account and purchase a product. 6) The module must allow me to re-set the number of invites when a customer reaches Zero invite codes manually so I can determine which client is worth giving more invite codes too (re-setting part 3 of this list). 7) When someone purchases a product, the module must log the code used in a new field on the clients account so I can track who gave that customer the code. If its possible to do then how much would be charged for this module and how long would it take to complete? Thank you
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