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  1. Hi @wsa I did on the 04/01/2021 (11:13) I opened a ticket (#2021-1012 - Custom module) then got a default reply on the 05/01/2021 (14:09) and never heard from you again, I even asked on the 08/01/2021 (14:56) if there was any update on my request but never heard a thing. So I closed the ticket yesterday and made this request on here looking for someone to do the module. @WGS I have completed your contact us via your site, thank you
  2. Hello, I'm looking to have a custom WHMCS module built, if anyone is willing to take it on. I'm looking for a module that will allow me to offer selected products on a 'invite code' only basis so that current customers have a unique invite code they can give to family/friends and that will allow them to purchase one of the selected products. I looked at using the affiliate system however it doesn't fully fit my needs as I'm not want people to just handout a link to anyone, the product will be offered at a discounted cost for friends/family as part of a family pack style service. The module must feature the following conditions... 1) Add a custom module box to the client dashboard which will contain a unique 6-digit code (A-Z, 0-9, a-z + their Client ID number given by WHMCS when they create their client account) to that client. 2) The module must auto generate a unique code for every client (no clients have the same code) with no repeating codes 3) Limit the number of invites to a set number (for example, each client can invite 10 people) and when a code is used it reduces the set number until the number reaches zero 4) The module must integrate in to any product setup on the WHMCS Products list that I select, so I can enable/disable any product of my choice. Any product that I don't wish to use this on must be a normal purchase (no invite code needed) 5) The module must force people to use an invite code when ordering one of these products, if they don't have a valid invite code then they cannot create a client account and purchase a product. 6) The module must allow me to re-set the number of invites when a customer reaches Zero invite codes manually so I can determine which client is worth giving more invite codes too (re-setting part 3 of this list). 7) When someone purchases a product, the module must log the code used in a new field on the clients account so I can track who gave that customer the code. If its possible to do then how much would be charged for this module and how long would it take to complete? Thank you
  3. Thanks steven99, I will play around with both options to see which fits the best Happy New Year to you both
  4. Hiya I think I will do as you did and edit the viewinvoice.tpl like you have, that would be easier by the sounds of it, lol. Thank you for the help brian! you have been really great and thank you to steven99 for posting a reply, very kind of you.
  5. Hi brian! I created the php file as suggested, uploaded it and checked and its worked just great, thank you... Just one question? How do I edit it so it runs the full lengh of the invoice? is that possible, the location under the invoice number and Pay Now button is exactly where I wanted it. If I wanted to add this to the pdf invoice as well, is that too complicated or something I could do myself? just asking
  6. Yes brian! what you just put, thats exactly what I am looking to do, thank you. So if I don't need to edit the invoicepdf.tpl then what file do I need to edit? I use the default invoice from whmcs so where is the file I need to edit located please? I'm using WHMCS v8.0.4 as well
  7. Hi I want to change the invoice the customer see's in order to pay for the product when they sign up and place the order. The system automattically sends them to the invoice for them to pay so it will be the invoicepdf.tpl template that I will need to edit, I'm just not sure where in the tpl file I need to add the text I want
  8. Hey all, I'm not sure I've posted in the correct section. I'm looking for a way to add some text to every invoice under the invoice number so every customer can read it before paying. I'm just wanting to add the text: "We complete a new anti-fraud check before processing any payments, this may delay your invoice been marked as Paid." as I have some customers who think the payment hasn't actioned so pay again, lol. If it can be added to the top of the invoice but below my company logo/Pay Now button that would be great. I'm not brilliant at code but I can follow instructions if someone is kind enough to answer my question. Cheers
  9. Is there any alternatives? I've looked at trying to see if WHMCSBB still works or is been developed by the new owners but it seems the software has vanished into the ether, lol.. the website link still works but no contact with the owner and I tried to sign up but the validation email never arrives so its impossible....
  10. Hey all, Not sure if this is the correct section but I need to know how to enable clients on my WHMCS are also added to my slack group? What I'm looking to do is when a customer signs up, there username and password used to login to the WHMCS portal site is also the same username & password for a slack group without the customer needing to signup to the slack group as well. so Slack pulls all the customer data direct from WHMCS and this is done on a 'live' basis or several times a day... Any help would be great Cheers
  11. Hi I have been fixed via ticket, it was a error in the URL as it was missing the /whmcs/ part, lol thank you
  12. Hi, Can anyone please help me figure out whats happened, none of my clients can login as everythime they enter the username/password and click login results in Not Found The requested URL /dologin.php was not found on this server. yet /dologin.php is there so is not missing, also the permissin is set to 644 too, I even downloaded whmcs_v730_full setup file, extracted it and copied the dologin.php to my VPS just incase it was corrupt, I'm so confused as to why its not working Please advise
  13. Hello Fringe welcome & thank you for joining WHMCS.Community!  Please take a few minutes to review our 

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