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  1. Fixed footer (small) on all pages

  2. Fixed footer (small) on all pages

    Dear Community Please advise if there is a way or possibility to keep the footer small and just below on a all pages of my whmcs area?? On a few pages or a bigger monitor the footer comes up allot and it's ugly Look at attached screenshot:
  3. Domain lookup provider

    Thanks for your reply Brian! We are going to check and when it happends again we are going to make a screenshot, as well for whmcs support (they were asking for it) It was for a .NL domain will keep you guys posted
  4. Domain lookup provider

    Hi Guys please help us out here.. We are using Enom for Domain lookup provider wich we found out that sometimes the domain lookup is not correct, it says domain is taken but it is not. The standard Whois lookup wont even work with the following error : WHOIS Lookup Error for': Error: 111 - Connection refused is there a way to get a proper look up provider to work correctly?. or how do we get the standard Whois lookup to work like it should?? Wich look up provider is the best and you are using? Thanks in advance..
  5. Complety remove homepage WHMCS

    Hi WHMCS members We want to remove the complete homepage from WHMCS because it is useless if you use a other website wich will link to whmcs products afterall We can remove te home button so when your not logged in you cant go to the homepage of whmcs, but the home button as well have a nother fuction after you login wich will show your homepage when logged in. is there a way to hide the homebutton only when your not logged in?
  6. Directadmin - admin or reseller user

    Yeah it works great you should work at whmcs support. they did not even know the error and could not tell me how to fix As well its kind of stranges that when you enter the reseller login and try connect server button it says failed
  7. Directadmin - admin or reseller user

    Ok in understand so just use the reseller user and when to add user inside whmcs it will create a user in directadmin and all other things are working fine,?
  8. Directadmin - admin or reseller user

    Wich Login Keys from Directadmin im able to grant the admin or reseller account the only needed API commands they need So login keys is not working? Array ( [error] => 1 [text] => You cannot execute that command [details] => The request you [#39;ve made cannot be executed because it does not exist in your authority level] => )
  9. Directadmin - admin or reseller user

    Thanks Andrew Do you know wich API commands the user/reseller needs? to communicate with the directadmin whmcs module? Im about to set it up with Login Keys in direct admin.
  10. Directadmin - admin or reseller user

    Dear Friends please advise im setting up whmcs with a few directadmin servers with the directadmin admin user and it works great My question! is whmcs only working with an admin account? ive tried to run it with an new reseller (non admin) account but im not able to connect with any settings i tried to any server
  11. Home banner on more pages then homepage

    Thanks in advance works like a charm
  12. Dear community Ive added another banner (image) under the main menu added this to header.tpl and the location from the image in custom.css <div class="newheader"> <div class="container"> </div> </div> The problem is now it shows the banner image on all pages, but it should not be visible on the hompage Were to place this code, or how to hide it from hompage?
  13. Home banner on more pages then homepage

    Already found how to add another banner (image) added this to header.tpl and the location to image in custom.css <div class="headernew"> <div class="container"> </div> the problem is now it show on all pages, but it should not be visible on the hompage Were to place this code, or hide it from hompage? Please any help
  14. Home banner on more pages then homepage

    Dear Community Can someone please tell me wich files to edit and wich css code needs to be used to place the same or any new home-banner on more pages then just the index (home page) Thanks in advance
  15. Dear whmcs communitty Please give me some advise Im using a great wp theme for my hosting company. and just testing whmcs as my customers are growing Now the theme we have is whmcs ready and have nice template for it. but there is one question Is it possible to only have 1 mega menu? as the whmcs menu apears under the header image (wich is confusing and ugly) Or is there any small clean theme just for the whmcs (shop) ordering process wich allows me to have a tekst next to my logo wich stays ,(back to mainsite) please see screenshot attached the six theme is ok,

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