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  1. Thanks Brian, owe you big time again. Is there a way i can donate you some coffee via paypal?
  2. Great job Brian Is it somehow still possible to view the name of the payment next to the logo?
  3. Hi Brian Yes we use the 21 theme, sorry forgot to mention that. The strange part is, we could not locate the hover part in dev console. After youre comment it makes sense, we now looked in theme.min.css for the . title:hover and can see the 70PX font size. We applied the css to custom css and now the icons wont zoom in. Thanks again Brian, youre the best.
  4. Hi Team Anyone knows how we can disbale mouse hover zoom on the font awesome icon only in the client area ? We tried to disbale the transition in css but this is only the delay. The hover it self is fine but the icon should not be zoomed in. pointer-events: none; this is not an option as it will complete turn of hover effect
  5. Hi Brian, thanks for your reply In our case, it was the custom css code on the navbar with : line height which was creating the More button.
  6. We found out that this is only when using a child theme. Ticket logged with WHMCS, if anyone has an other solution? Maybe there need to be some other files in the child theme folder
  7. We checked this in a test environment but these menu items there are not grouped with the More drop down. Is this a setting? We tried to remove all hooks but this would not ungroup them at all.
  8. Hi Community Please help us out here if possible We are removing (Contact us and Network status) menu items from (More) on home page when logged out. (this works ok) but the More dropdown menu wont go away and this still exist empty. - How can we remove it from homepage when logged out? We would like to add them seperate which is also not working this teim, Every menu item we add will be added to this More dropdown menu. In Six theme we managed this, but in twenty ten this is someting diffrent.
  9. Using latest whmcs with twenty ten as child theme and standard cart as order form the user is able to scroll a bit horizontally on mobile at the last page of the checkout where you have to fill in your details or log in. The amount of horizontal scroll is small but I would like to remove it. Anyone has a solution? i think somewhere of the standard cart or theme an element is exceeding the width of its parent element. Thanks
  10. Thanks again ive forgot about this file All translated in to (my own language)
  11. Hello community Can someone please advise how we can translate the part marked in red on screenshot below. Looks like there is no translation string (again) in language files at all.
  12. Sorry the glyphicon div was hiding by mistake it is not an issue.
  13. Please see attached screenshot When creating a ticket the toolbar icons are missing. Anyone have a fix for this?
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