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  1. Logman

    Nameserver field validation problem

    I put a notice on the order form to only input ns1/ns2.
  2. Logman

    Strip HTML from Invoice PDF

    Strips out the links and configurable options but good enough. Thanks again. 🙂
  3. Logman

    Strip HTML from Invoice PDF

    Cheers, but that doesn't strip the HTML unfortunately.
  4. Logman

    Strip HTML from Invoice PDF

    Hi Brian, I get a syntax error with that code. I put: <td align="left">' . strip_tags(nl2br($item['description']),'<br>')</td>
  5. Logman

    Strip HTML from Invoice PDF

    We have HTML that adds links to more info about add-ons: As long as it doesn't strip the <br> tag should be fine?
  6. I have successfully stripped HTML from email templates, cart pages and the invoice template. Still have product description HTML in the invoice PDF. Code looks a bit more complex. Tried |unescape after the item description in invoicepdf.tpl but it just removes the whole description. Any ideas? foreach ($invoiceitems as $item) { $tblhtml .= ' <tr bgcolor="#fff"> <td align="left">' . nl2br($item['description']) . '<br /></td> <td align="center">' . $item['amount'] . '</td> </tr>'; }
  7. In Client Area home is it possible to have a static display on panels? I always want to display panels for: Products/Services Tickets Account Info Announcements I don't even want Invoices to show when they are due. Clients get emails, that is enough. Just need those 4 panels in 2x2. Panels will be a fixed height as we are putting something under it. Should be doable? Any caveats? If you're a developer and want to do this job hit me up with a quote.
  8. Logman

    Nameserver field validation problem

    Thanks. So this happening with Six and Standard Cart too. Nameserver fields only accept "ns1" and not "ns1.domain.com".
  9. Logman

    Nameserver field validation problem

    We use the Control Theme and use one of their order forms. It does happen with Standard Cart though. I don't have Six installed, must have removed it in a clean up. Can it be downloaded anywhere?
  10. Logman

    Nameserver field validation problem

    my quote won't close after "invalid". Gave up trying to fix it. Hope you get the gist of the post.
  11. On our VPS order form I'm getting this error on the first step: This is when a client inputs: ns1.domain.com ns2.domain.com If they simply enter ns1 and ns2 the order proceeds just fine. In the past we've been able to enter ns1.domain.com and ns2.domain.com and that seems pretty natural. This is a problem that needs a solution. For now I'm adding text in configureproduct.tpl.
  12. I'd like to display a feed of blog posts in the Client Area as we are planning on putting out a lot of content in the coming months. Searched the interwebs but came up empty. Suprised there isn't an add-on for this. Is this not simple and requires a custom dev job?
  13. I commented out the sidebar in standard_cart but I can't seem to fix the padding on the Review/Checkout title: It's in a div: <div class="header-lined"> In my custom CSS file I tried: #order-standard_cart .header-lined { padding-left: 10px; !important; } No joy though. Hoping someone can show me the error of my ways.
  14. Logman

    Align Product description left

    Yea, we have a dev site setup and ran the update there without issues. I didn't think to check the theme from a client's POV. And then I started clicking around the Addon and Product pages and got errors from all the plugins encoded with IonCube. Lesson learned.
  15. Logman

    Align Product description left

    Old theme also didn't work on 7.6 which is why I got this new theme. I was planning on switching to it anyway and doing some refinements like the product descriptions.

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