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  1. Hi all, I watched the youtube tutorial on how to edit the timezone and supposedly we can do so by editing the php.ini file, right? In my case, I can't find it in public_html folder or in the home folder. It's not there or anywhere in my file manager I also tried searching for it via the search bar above (please see the attached screenshots below). How can I edit the timezones now? Please advise. Thanks in advance, Sergio
  2. Hi, I am having a hard time replacing and uploading our old logo. I am new to using WHMCS and have no idea how to update the logo in the invoice. There is no "upload your logo" field in the general settings, it only asks for a url. I also tried uploading the new logo on the internet and pasted the url but when i created the invoice, the new logo doesn't show up. Thanks in advance, Sergio
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    Hello everyone, I am a new user of WHMCS. I am still learning the ins & outs of the platform. I am an intuitive person and I may ask/post a lot of questions in the future. Please bear with me Thanks! Sergio
  4. Hi, I just want to know if there is a configuration in WHMCS wherein a team member of our project can send an email to a client but the original sender is covered and a generic email address will show. This is what i want to happen: For example: John Doe(team member) is in control of the domain micros.com. He receives an email asking for support from his client. He replies using his personal email address(john.doe@gmail.com) and sends the support solution email to a client. When the client receives his email, the "From:" field will show support@micros.com and not john.doe@gmail.com. Is this possible in WHMCS? Any comments and suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Sergio
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