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  1. Hello, New PayPal ExPress checkout issue not loading in order page or even invoice page '); } }).render('#paypal-button-container'); } else { jQuery(document).ready(function() { jQuery('#paypal-button-container').parent('.express-checkout-buttons').find('.separator').hide(); }); }
  2. Hello, We have a client who own more than 400 domain names. is there a possibility to bulk update domain status to Active? All domain names still pending transfer
  3. You are right it’s occur also in Six theme, After few checks, that is due to DNS Suite module, we have contacted them to fix that. Thank you Brian
  4. Hello, When a customer make an order with payment, on order confirmation he see an array message in the top of the page as you can see in the screenshot. is it a debug mode or what exactly?
  5. Thank you for your reply We need to use cron job with table in database to store old NS to recover them when the client renew his domain name
  6. Hello, As .MA registrar, we can change NS aven if domain expires. We are trying to automate NS change on domain expiration and after renewal the NS come back to the previous NS. the scenario: the domain example.ma expires today. At 00.00 the Ns change to: expired1.mydns.ma expired1.mydns.ma if the client renew his domain name tomorrow, the NS come back to the original one i have see it maybe here in the community, I don't found it
  7. Hello Brian, We are an accredited .MA registrar and we know that there is few 2-letter .ma domains still available, if you want to check that I've PM you. I will open a ticket.
  8. Hello, We use whmcs namesnniping lockup, when you search a domain name with two letter for exemple in .ma there are few two letters domain available but whmcs say not available. when we use the standard whois lockup, its available but take more time to lockup. How to resolve this issue.
  9. Can you please send me your email in order to contact you i can’t PM due to new account restrictions
  10. @mfoland We have a WHMCS will release in the next 12 days, if you can help us to integrate Licensing system. Pm me please
  11. Hello, Can we test this add-on for trial period to check everything. registration done https://my.fodytechnologies.com/register.php i have sent you a ticket #680630
  12. Hello, .MA Registry is based on CoCCA, does your module supports .MA ( Morocco ) The only difference is that .MA registry do not accept registrant information change
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