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  1. Thanks for the info. I was able to restore my old database and put the old files back in my WHMCS directory. Everything is running again. I'm going to wait for the next release with patches for 7.7.0 before upgrading again. I'll likely do it manually as you suggested.
  2. After restoring again, with `rsync` instead of `cp`, I'm back to getting the maintenance message, even when attempting to login as admin.
  3. After running the builtin auto updater I received a message that the upgrade failed. I believe the message said to check logs and try again later. When I clicked the "Finish" button I was brought to a page that said the site is under maintenance. I backed up the WHMCS directory and attempted a few things that did not work. When I restored the backup directory, I'm now getting a 404 error. Suggestions on moving forward? PHP Info: 7.2 with 128M memory limit.
  4. Is the $invoice_payment_method variable the same text that appears on a client profile under the Payment Method field? I'm wondering because I'd like to do something like the if statement below. {if $invoice_payment_method eq "Credit/Debit Card"}You have selected to pay with credit card.{/if} For clarification, the field in the image below is what I'm referring to.
  5. Thanks @Vox. Looks like I was using the wrong search terms: "migrating" instead of "moving" :-)
  6. Good. Thanks for the info on licenses.
  7. I'm planning on migrating WHMCS to a new server. So far, I cannot find anything on this topic. Maybe because it is the obvious answer... is this all I have to do: Move the installation directory to the new server and import the database? The only thing that comes to mind that would be different is the local directory where the installation files will reside.
  8. Many thanks. That seems to be the solution! I just couldn't figure out how they were supposed to connect. About to spin up a server and get this going.
  9. I have some clients who have registered domains with me but have pointed DNS to another hosting provider. In the event that a client does not pay and their account is suspended, their sites still work if they point DNS to another provider. It would be good to include an option to modify DNS so that the "Account Suspended" page would be displayed for all domains on an account.
  10. I was afraid of that. Thanks for the info.
  11. Right now, I'm on a shared hosting plan as a web hosting reseller. My WHMCS is hosted on the same server that my clients' sites are on. Even though, I only have a small handful of clients, this setup is not ideal. Clients login to WHMCS for support, billing, etc, and it is also my "store front". I'd like to migrate WHMCS to an unmanaged VPS so it is completely separate. I've been administering Linux servers for quite a few years now and am comfortable doing that. But I am relatively new to WHMCS and am unsure of obstacles I might run into. The only one that comes to my mind at the moment is how WHMCS integrates with WHM, resold/client cPanel accounts, etc... basically, all of the automation with client accounts and my clients' services on the shared hosting server. How hard would it be to make sure WHMCS automation works with the shared hosting server? Are there any other roadblocks I'm not thinking of? What comes to your mind?
  12. Is there an easy way to setup automatic suspensions to effect sites that are hosted on an external server? For example, I have a client who has multiple domain names registered with me and one of them is hosted with another hosting provider. Only the sites that are hosted on my server is effected when the account is suspended due to an overdue invoice.
  13. gravel

    ''AuxBilling contact Details are not vaild"

    Did eNom change something on their end or did they tell you how to get your WHMCS installation working? If they gave you instructions, would you mind sharing here?
  14. gravel

    ''AuxBilling contact Details are not vaild"

    Alright, I came across the source code of another module, for NameCheap. It looks like there is a section for Registrant, Admin, Tech, and Billing for the whois info. When I modify contact details in WHMCS, the only ones listed are Registrant, Admin, and Tech. So since the Billing contact info is not being sent to the registrar, I think that is causing the error. Also, since part of an array (basically a variable) is not being provided, its not accepting the update.
  15. gravel

    ''AuxBilling contact Details are not vaild"

    Just wanting to let you know that you're not alone. I received the error when I attempted to update contact information on a domain.

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