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  1. Now that MailChimp has started offering web hosting in the guise of drag-and-drop site builders and domain registration, shouldn't WHMCS give us another way to automate emails? Isn't time WHMCS give us either Zendesk (which has all the triggers one need) or Zapier to complete automation?
  2. I have responded to these except the Italian guy whose contact page goes to "404" and doesn't have a way of attaching files.
  3. Ah .. this ought to be at Service Offers & Requests. Moderator, please could you move it to that section? Thanks!
  4. Guys, I have an HTML page with these fields: Topic (drop-down with 9 options) Full Name Subject Message and a "subscribe to monthly newsletter" and a send button. I want these to be passed to our WHMCS install once submitted and will pay for the PHP script that can do that. Standing to clarify if I missed something.
  5. The fact that WHMCS allows unrestricted access from cPanel to WHMCS is a glaring security hole. It means that when an account owner gives access to his developer, he or she gains access to the customers billing credentials on WHMCS. I have raised this issue with the team but was ignored. While this is useful and convenient, enforce re-authentication using the account's owner's credentials when logging in to WHMCS via cPanel. It is the most logical thing to do. Thanks!
  6. We also observed this after the upgrade to v7.5.0 and even though we have relatively resolved it as to deal with the huge CPU spike when the domain registration page is visited, it is still not fast as it used to be. There are a couple of things you could try server-side. First, if you are using cPanel, first disable or remove or reinstall mod_http2 and see if the issue persists. Secondly, if you have the new mod-cpanel compiled, disable or remove it to see if that will stabilize the server. Check your error_log(s) after each of these steps.
  7. Hello zetaone welcome & thank you for joining WHMCS.Community!  Please take a few minutes to review our 


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