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  1. Johan Andersson

    integration to sell .se and .nu domains

    hi yes i understand that, but it is not an easy task, none of the offical registrar is avaliable on the API intregration list, i have check 18 of them and none of the support the extension ( country extension for sweden) so i can not use this set up at all? /johan
  2. Johan Andersson

    integration to sell .se and .nu domains

    hi is there any domian name integrations avalible for selling .se and .nu domains+
  3. Hi i wnat to hear your experience about what gateway provider to chsso for payment in the Nordic region, Sweden, denmark, norway. thanks Johan
  4. Johan Andersson

    install WHMCS on root of domain or subdomain?

    Thanks Andrew is ther anything else in general to keep in mind when choosing the structure? my plan is yet to build a site around WHMCS, i dont really have a Picture of how it will wok or look like if i use just WHMCS.
  5. Hi im quite new to WHMCS, setting up a wbhosting part of my Company, when installing WHMCS is ther anything to Think about wether I install it in a folder under www.mydomain.com/xx/WHMCS or should i use a subdomain as www.management.mydomain.com and install it right in the root folder of that? thank you for your time
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