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    Auto CC Processing

    Hi Guys, We will be moving DB and license from one website to another. That part is all simple and easy but I have questions regarding our clients who are on Auto CC Processing. Please answer these important whcms function questions as we will be doing some major billing changes and thank you very much to anyone who assists. 1st question, if we're using a CC merchant like stripe once we move from one site to another. Is there gonna be any issue with Auto CC Processing or will it continue on since we will be using the same DB and same merchant as before which their profile has Auto CC Processing ON. 2nd question, is what if we switch to a new CC merchant in addition to switching sites with same old DB, will that disrupt Auto CC Processing? 3rd question, is that some of those clients on autopay are not on a classical CC merchant. They're using Paypal. IF we switch to my partners paypal account, regardless if we move websites or not, will they have to resubscribe or will Auto CC Processing ON in their profile be enough? My understanding is Paypal is different than the normal CC merchants and they have to re-subscribe in invoice directly to paypal.
  2. Hi, I have a 3rd party gateway integration that works on php71 but not php73. I need it updated. If interested in the work, please contact me.
  3. hey guys, I uploaded a custom payment gateway files to /public_html/modules/gateways I just dont see it in the panel. I looked under exiting and all gateways what could be the problem here? The merchant claims it does support php73
  4. xlegends

    Recurring Promotions Not Working

    thanks all for you time in helping. I got it fixed via an api the whcms staff gave me in client area,
  5. xlegends

    Recurring Promotions Not Working

    Ok I just confirmed it. I ran the built in price updater and it just destroyed the remaining working coupon code calculations to regular price. Now everyone will be billed full price 😞 Is either a way to mass recalculate coupon code recur price or a way to view all clients with coupon codes.
  6. xlegends

    Recurring Promotions Not Working

    HI chris, I'm not sure. Most were self added during initial payment. For clients who forgot to use the coupon code, some added after. The ones having the problem. Im not sure if they were manual adds by me or initially added with payment. I know for sure 1 of them was self added during payment and still didnt calculate right during renewal. I did run the built in bulk price updater about a month ago so not sure if that's what did it. Anyway to globally run auto calculate?
  7. After last update, my Recurring Promotions are wacked up, clients are being charged full price. The promotion is still active in their product profile and has not expired. The recurring amount has been reset to regular price without the savings I can correct it by checking the - auto calculate on save box in product profile. 1 at a time. How can we correct it for all promo holders. This is major problem
  8. xlegends


    Thanks to both of you for the help.. Regarding my 2nd question. Due my misunderstanding between active product or active order. My products are already set to terminate on 8 day of expiry requiring them to order all over again after that point. That was the reason of my 2nd question once that product is terminated, then they can use the promo code again which you've answered. Im just not clear of the terminology of "order" I thought the order is a temporary process to active a product.
  9. xlegends


    ok I got it. What I did is use the built in price updater and changed the product price from 19.95 to same price 19.95 and it caused a refresh which then made the $5 edited coupon work for recur and now shows 14.95 for those who used the $5 off coupon as 1 time thing before I made it a recur coupon.
  10. xlegends


    You're right, In the product tab, the first payment amount was $14.95 and recurring amount 19.95 despite the fact I changed the promotion setting for the same coupon they used to "recurring" but as mentioned, I did it after their first purchase. For 1 client, I went in their product tab and clicked the box next to the price Auto Recalculate on Save and it did recalculate it correct, there's gotta be a way to mass correct them
  11. xlegends


    Hi guys, Quick 2 questions on Promotions. I made a $5 off promotion with expire date and no recur Question #1 A week later, I changed the promotion settings to allow recur and expanded out the expire date Will this take effect for the clients who previously ordered the product under the previous terms of not allowing recur. I believe so as it now saying recur in their product tab. Question #2 Apply Once / Client - Apply only once per client globally (ie. only one order allowed per promo) I have this enabled. If their product expires and is terminated. Will they be able to use the coupon code again? That is if they order again the same product while their old invoice/product remains terminated.
  12. xlegends

    Client Area Product Details

    Their order form, not order community.
  13. domain.com/clientarea.php?action=products Clients are able to see product details, those details come from custom fields of their order community. Why cant these see their username/pass of that product? The username/pass are built in from at products/Services tab products/Services - Other Services Module: Auto-release
  14. xlegends


    ok cool, thx steven.. Cause I noticed with manual pay, they do have the option to save the credit for another time.
  15. xlegends


    While we're on the credits topic, if a client has a pending credit but is on Auto CC process, will the credit be taken off the invoice without user interaction?

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