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  1. AutoResponder Ticket WHMCS

    Excuse me, but google translator has translated everything ahahha. I mean, not via email, but right in the ticket, as shown above in the picture
  2. AutoResponder Ticket WHMCS

    Ciao, non intendo per email, ma proprio come un biglietto. Vieni nella foto Bye
  3. AutoResponder Ticket WHMCS

    Hi everyone, I wanted to set up the autoresponder for whmcs. I have seen that it is possible to do it directly from WHMCS. How can this be done? Bye
  4. Login integration

    English: Hello. This theme only worked in verse 5.0 of WHMCS. I have also made it compatible in version 7. The developer has stopped updating this template in verse 5 (whmcs). So I'm the one who has to carry it on for myself. I therefore ask you for help. The template in question is ace
  5. Login integration

    Ciao. Questo tema ha lavorato solo nella versione 5.0 di WHMCS. Ho anche fatto compatibile nella versione 7. Lo sviluppatore ha smesso di aggiornare questo modello nella versione 5 (WHMCS). Così sono io quello che deve portare avanti per me. Per questo vi chiedo aiuto. Il modello in questione è un ACE
  6. Login integration

    Hi. I'm trying to insert the login integration into my WHMCS 7 template (which did not support login with facebook, twitter and google.) I tried, adding the linkedaccount.tpl file and including it in the registration and login page with " {include file="$template/linkedaccounts.tpl" linkContext="registration"} ". But it does not work. The page keeps loading, and when I click on the buttons I get an error. GET https://clientarea.windyhosting.eu/includes/jscript/statesdropdown.js net::ERR_ABORTED GET https://clientarea.windyhosting.eu/includes/jscript/statesdropdown.js net::ERR_ABORTED Uncaught ReferenceError: WHMCS is not defined at onLoginClick (register.php:316) at HTMLDivElement.onclick (register.php:371) onLoginClick @ register.php:316 onclick @ register.php:371 Uncaught ReferenceError: WHMCS is not defined at window.onerror (register.php:452) at d.onerror (default:234) window.onerror @ register.php:452 d.onerror @ default:234 Please Help https://imgur.com/a/RRCGf
  7. SolusVM-Pro | Problem template

    Hi. I solved my problem. And let's say ... I also made some changes ihihiih.
  8. SolusVM-Pro | Problem template

    Hello. unfortunately ace is its developer have disappeared in version 5.2. It was me who brought it along for me, this template for version 7 did not work, but I was able to fix all the problems and make it work. So no one can help me as a developer, but I would ask you if you know how to solve Best regards
  9. Hello everyone ! I do not write much on this community, so I apologize if I had the wrong section. However as specified in the title I have a problem with the SolusVM module. The management panel for the vps can only be seen in the WHMC SIX template and not in my ACE template. How can I do? Good evening Images: https://imgur.com/a/J9tvk
  10. Service testing!

    Hi! Yes you are right! Thank you so much, I had not noticed, ciaoooo. https://imgur.com/a/0V1ui
  11. Service testing!

    Hello to all I'm new, I recently bought my small license for whmcs and I'm working hard to make the most of it. But no more talk, I was looking for a form that could activate a trial time for services. That is: I try a service, but this lasts only for a certain time, after the expiry the service is canceled. Is this form available? I've seen it on some sites that use WHMCS. Good day :)! PS: Sorry for my english, but I'm Italian!

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