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  1. can you imagine that you can conclude contracts for 12 or 24 months that are billed monthly?
  2. yes you are right - but, what, if the cacelation is for 3 months in advance und the customer pays his invoices monthly....
  3. nope - the termination date presupposes product status canceled or terminated -> Error Message -> Termination date ignored as it can only be set for products in Cancelled or Terminated status.
  4. I first noticed it in version 8 and still exists in 8.04
  5. The point is, you often have contracts that run for a fixed period,eg. 1 year, but billed monthly. if a customer cancels this contract 3 months in advance, you have to set the end of the contract manually in the last month of billing. that is extremely cumbersome.
  6. Admin Area -> Client Profile ->tab summary -> Other Information -> Last Login The login date/time also changes if an administrator visits the customer view (login as owner)
  7. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but in my opinion the cancellation date under Clients-> Products / Services is useless / pointless! if a product receives the status canceled / terminated, the customer can no longer access it in the frontend. In my opinion, a status >> in termination << would be very helpful here. Product in termination, customer can continue to access it, termination date arrived -> product status change to terminated.
  8. THX for the input dealing a couple of hours and no running solution - it's late and time for a nap... would be great if someone can help me with this little code ....
  9. Greetings, just started using version 6 and a little confused - woho so many changes and i could not find an real answer in the docs. Is there a way to add an sidebar hook and only display them on an specified page? E.g. Sidebar only if client logged in and at domains, register domains and transfer domains? 2nd After a client logged in, only the first given name is shown - how can i add the full name of the customer? many thanks for your help regards marcus
  10. Hi there, Order Confirmation Merge Fields wouldn't work in Hosting Account Welcome Email for Plesk. best marcus
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