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  1. email sending to external address?

    Yeah, as you mentioned the API can be used to send mail to the registered clients. But still you can write custom code to send a mail to any other email id. After what action you would like to send the mail? Just after a domain is registered or transferred?
  2. Can i create invoice by ajax?

    Hi, Actually it's better to place the file in root directory. You can place code with some action in the folder /includes/hooks. . But the code you wrote in teh ajax.php don't have any hook. Place the file in the WHMCS root directory. Follow the link https://developers.whmcs.com/advanced/creating-pages/
  3. Can i create invoice by ajax?

    Actually you can upload hook files to the folder /includes/hooks. Can you paste here the code added to the file ajax.php? Also where you wrote the jQuery code to call the API asynchronously?
  4. Hi, We can easily customize client area html code by editing corresponding tpl files. But can't see any tpl file for the admin side. How we can add some custom html code to the whmcs admin pages? One way i found is using the hook AdminAreaPage return some jquery code to append html code like $return['jquerycode'] = "some jquery code here"; But it's too complicated to manage. Is there any other nice method to add some custom html code to the admin area pages?
  5. How to create custom page in whmcs ?

    Here is a sample custom php file (test.php), you can upload it to the root folder of the whmcs. You can extend the simple file to do anything. Sky is your limit test.php <?php use Illuminate\Database\Capsule\Manager as Capsule; define("CLIENTAREA", true); require("init.php"); $ca = new WHMCS_ClientArea(); $ca->setPageTitle("My test page); $ca->addToBreadCrumb('index.php', Lang::trans('globalsystemname')); $ca->addToBreadCrumb('test.php', 'Test'); $ca->initPage(); $ca->assign("response", $an_array); $ca->setTemplate('test'); $ca->output(); test.tpl (place in the document root itself) {if $response} Test content {/if}
  6. Regarding the logActivity, you can call just after if (in_array($vars['deptid'], $criticaldept)) { To make sure that your email sending code is executing or not. Also make sure that email function is working properly in your server. You can just create a simple php file, and run from it. <?php // The message $message = "my message"; // Send mail('[email protected]', 'My Subject', $message); ?>
  7. Input field in module

    What type of module are you creating? Server or addon module?
  8. I too tried the link and it's working fine for me. Make sure you filled same password in both Password and Confirm Password fields. Also there must be Include at least one symbol (# $ ! % & etc...) in the password.

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