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  1. z900collector

    Provisioning Module freeze after product payment added

    After some experimentation it appears the error is in another module that is chained/called after mine exits, disabling it allowed mine to return instantly ... so case closed!
  2. G'Day all, I've written a provisioning module which appears to cause WHMCS to freeze when you exit the module_CreateAccount() function, either manually in the admin screen but more importantly, when you make a payment for the product and WHMCS automatically runs module_CreateAccount() I log everything and my modules create function is returning "success" so the issue appears to be AFTER the module exits back to WHMCS. Is WHMCS expecting something else to occur AFTER the CreateAccount method exits? Sid
  3. z900collector

    Disabling Module Buttons

    Any hints on how to rename the buttons.... such as "Create" -> "Create Domain", "Terminate" -> "Remove Domain" Sid
  4. z900collector

    Disabling Module Buttons

    OMG!!! - It works... there is nothing written anywhere on that, the sample code has everything coded as a shell and not a hint that removing the function(s) removes the buttons! Thanks Heaps Sid
  5. z900collector

    Disabling Module Buttons

    Hi, I have written a provisioning module and attached it to a product and when I select "products/Services" for a client which has "purchased" the product, the page shows 6 buttons I don't need +plus my additional buttons the module has added. How do I remove the default provisioning modules buttons such as "Change Package" which have no relevance in my module? I've looked through the API and Hook ref to no avail (or I missed it) and I've looked at templates and can't find where the Product/Service page is defined. Any help would be really appreciated Sid
  6. z900collector

    Custom module question

    Although the post is a few years old, did you solve this issue? I am now trying to do something similar and hitting a few roadblocks with the button as well. Sid
  7. z900collector

    Can't remove Change Password from module

    I have the same issue, I am trying to disable the same buttons for a product with a module I have written. The buttons make no sense for my provisioning module. Is there an API call or Hook that removes these buttons from the product page? Sid
  8. z900collector

    Integrating RabbigMQ messenger into whmcs

    Further to my last message, this library is very common as a base for a variety of AMQP implementations: https://packagist.org/packages/php-amqplib/php-amqplib I've just used it in a Laravel App using the following library: https://packagist.org/packages/bschmitt/laravel-amqp Can you outline how you intend to use MQ in your app, I'm a big fan of Message Queuing so I may be able to give you more pointers Sid
  9. z900collector

    Integrating RabbigMQ messenger into whmcs

    Hi, There are php-amqp libraries available, you could create a RabbitMQ module which brings the AMQP code into effect, then you could issue produce()/consume() calls in the various hooks....
  10. z900collector

    duplicate calls to init.php on New Client Save

    Hi, I uploaded a fresh copy of the WHMCS code and the issue disappeared. I can't explain how this has fixed the issue as the files are all encoded. I've been slowly replacing the addon modules and custom hooks and so far no issues. I should add, for the custom code there are no calls to init.php.
  11. Hi All, I get the dreaded "Detected attempt to include init.php for a second time. Unable to continue." after I press save on a New Client.... I removed all the modules and hooks and checked all the plain text code to see if there is anything and I just can narrow it down. Its on our Dev System and I think its the latest version. I'm lost for things to try, being a dev systems its been a few weeks since anyone added a client so we don't have any idea why its failed. Sid
  12. z900collector

    Crashed Client Profile Viewer Module

    I actually could not find any way to easily contact them, however I spent a few hours and have solved it by dropping the cp_* tables, running the modules and the recreating them one by one from the backup I took and manually updating the version info in the module config table. I'd say it failed between the 1.5.5 to 1.5.6 upgrade someone did recently. Sid
  13. We have a licensed copy of the Client Profile Viewer Module but it appears to crash with a missing table error: PDOException: SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table 'admin_whmcs.cp_person_assigned' doesn't exist I've looked in the DB and we only have the following "cp_xxxx" tables... cp_clients_custom_statuses cp_conf_role cp_conf_widget cp_configuration cp_widget_configuration How do I get back my tables? Do I delete the existing ones and re-run the module? Sid
  14. z900collector

    Domain Renew Hook ?

    G'Day all, I need to intercept all domain renewal attempts by the WHMCS engine either just before or just after to track for specific domains (when is not important). Is there a hook available that will give me the domain name WHMCS is trying to renew? Thanks Sid
  15. z900collector

    Trigger Invoice Generation via an API call

    After much experimentation this has been solved using an AddOrder call: function add_order($clientId, $domainName, $paymentMethod,$regPeriod) { $command = 'AddOrder'; $postData = array( 'clientid' =>$clientId, 'domain[0]' =>$domainName, 'paymentmethod'=>$paymentMethod, 'domainrenewals'=>array($domainName=>$regPeriod) ); $results = localAPI($command, $postData); return $results; }

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