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  1. MarceloPe

    MASSIVE cPanel price increases

    Nice. Ok. But wait... this is only for cPanel Partners? What about the small businesses still not able to apply for partnership? Do you plan to release any updates or will this module still work for us? Will it count the number of accounts as we all need? Will this work for current servers even if you don't have intentions of selling cPanel licenses? Or does this simply confirm that cPanel want us to be partners and avoid using intermediary services like buycpanel? Replies to these questions are long welcomed and awaited. Thanks
  2. MarceloPe

    MASSIVE cPanel price increases

    Not sure about this one, really. I can recall this is only valid IF YOU ARE THE PARTNER. Indirectly purchasing from resellers or partners like buycpanel are not subject to this policy as they cannot validate which of their clients are using WHMCS or not. In the same line of issues, Buycpanel provides a downloadable xls file where you can easily see the number of accounts and the price under the two possible price tiers (fixed/flex) for you to reorganize your servers. By doing such a reorganization I managed to reduce the price increase from 750% to just 120%. So, those having several servers and not wishing to abandone cPanel, just have to take a seat, prepare some coffee and do some math, and it's likely you can save some bucks too. Also, this is a very cool plugin I use to install in my WHM servers to help me identify abandoned accounts by checking where are their DNS entries resolving to. Hope it helps: cd /home; wget http://download.ndchost.com/accountdnscheck/latest-accountdnscheck; sh latest-accountdnscheck Anyway, we need WHMCS to rapidly release the update that allow us to... add field to specify max # of total accounts in each cPanel server, allowing to differentiate between # of accounts and # of customers. add columns in the list of Servers, showing # of accounts and # of customers. allow to specify type of cPanel license in use in every server. add fields to enter hardware cost and software costs for each server. Then, allow to obtain reports where you can know your total hardware and software costs. any other suggestions?
  3. MarceloPe

    MASSIVE cPanel price increases

    Hello, thanks for the feedback. Here we purchase licenses at buycpanel. Whereas I cannot know how the price increase will affect their offers (nor even they know that yet!), a feature in WHMCS where you can set the max amount of panels a server may contain will come in handy. WHMCS is actually counting the number of customers (which is a good metric, and should not be removed!), but the limit from now on should be applied to panels rather than "accounts", cause a reseller may have 2-3-12-30-120 panels within, and the new price structure will require WHMCS to keep a reliable daily track of that figures to avoid license costs to go nuts. We currently sell already limited reseller plans, where they purchase a package of accounts that are limited using the current WHMCS+WHM options. Other providers may have choose to sell unlimited accounts to resellers and obviously will need alternate options. Otherwise, start limiting their resellers. Ability to bill resellers by amount of panels, will come in handy too. You never know when your business model should be rethought. So, both billing models will be indeed required by WHMCS based providers. The issue here is: When will WHMCS be able to release these nw features? Also, (and this is kind of a feature request) options to improve the calculations of per server costs, enabling us to add the cost of hardware in one line and the software license(s) in a second line, and then being able to generate a report with that data, would help companies to streamline and better understand the underlying operating costs of maintaining every server. Look forward to hear other voices, but yours is a very good approach to cope with the issue. Thanks in advance!
  4. MarceloPe

    MASSIVE cPanel price increases

    Absolutelly. That specific topic only will be forced to be shorter. Forgetful customers will now be punished the hard way. Being "nice" to your customers will end up inflating the costs of your business. cPanel want us to be bad 🙂 I have 4 words for cPanel: ABUSE OF DOMINANT POSITION
  5. MarceloPe

    MASSIVE cPanel price increases

    Yep, but WHMCS price structure IS way more intelligent than cPanel have been today. WHMCS license is something you definitely can pay, and you will continue to be able to pay. Imagine WHMCS charge you for every new customer after the first 1000 ones. Even if it is $0.01, THAT would be abussive, and THAT is what cPanel is trying to do. Plainly unfair.
  6. MarceloPe

    MASSIVE cPanel price increases

    If you meditate it a minute or two, you will discover that the new price structure charging for EVERY extra panel... IS NOT A FEE. IT LOOKS MORE LIKE A TAX: cPanel will charge YOU some kind of tax for having too many accounts in YOUR server, where enabling a new account does not represent any extra job or effort for them, because the new account is just a collection of configuration files sharing the same engine that is already installed. Wanna know another issue this new price creates? If a company owns dozens of cPanel servers with a varying rate of new/exiting customers, how can one sleep peacefully if the monthly subscription of lots of its servers will vary every month? Just imagine the chaos with the PayPal subscriptions. This means having to closely monitor the monthly expenses and due dates to add enough funds to cover the payments, or recreating those subscriptions from time to time due to the price variations. This absolutelly don't happen with the current price scheme.
  7. MarceloPe

    MASSIVE cPanel price increases

    I really hope cPanel reconsider those price policy as it's ridiculous. and will seriously damage the hosting industry. Also, please WHMCS don't take the same measures.
  8. yep, I unticked the options manually. Yet, I forgot to remove the ID Protect from the individual accounts, and given I deactivated it from enom, WHMCS says it cannot be deactivated, dah! so, I also run this query: UPDATE tbldomains SET idprotection = 0
  9. Thank you brian! Yes, users of ID Protect are less than 10 and they really won't notice the difference as enom already hide the whois information. I just sent a notification saying it won't be renewed as it's basically a defacto feature in the enom whois.
  10. Thank you very much, steven99, I didn't see that options. It's ok now. Best regards
  11. Hello everybody. Given that after GDPR implementation, vast majority of whois services don't publish specific information about owners of domains, it's a nonsense to continue selling ID Protect. Thus, I'm looking for a way to completely disable in my WHMCS. Is this possible? Otherwise I should charge a super expensive price for it in order to discourage people from purchasing it, not fair, right? If not possible right now, can you consider the possibility to add a switch in the configuration to shut down the option? or at the very least let me know what string should I edit to alter its description and discoourage those useless purchases to the people. Thanks in advance. Best regards.
  12. It worked great. THANK YOU GUYS!!
  13. MarceloPe

    How is 7.6 going for you so far?

    Hey there. Is there any public url where these bugs are published for us to read/subscribe/be_aware_of?
  14. Hello guys, after upgrading, I noticed that registered domains aren't showing the assigned DNS anymore. The DNS are alright when viewed from eNom.com UI itself, and are also visible when viewed as the customer. Only not working from the admin view. Fix this asap please! I still didn't tried to register/transfer a new domain, but this monday I surely have to, and I'm scared if those processes may have some bugs, too. Check it out please. I attached some images.
  15. Hello penguin, I've noticed this issue too. We set the new feature to delete users with more than 12 months, and it deleted newly created users on the last week 😞 The workaround I found is to enable the option "Disable Automatic Status Update" in the user profiles you don't want to be purged. That worked here. Hope to see a fix to this issue soon, as this is becoming a PITA cause if you forget to "protect" the status update of new users, you just lose them, and it's embarassing to ask them to re-register again whenever they claim they wanted to purchase something and could not find their account.

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