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  1. Thanks to the replies. i ended up doing it. Truncated the tblactivitylog table, but i do have a whole database backup somewhere in case we need to look into it again. Now i've reclaimed 9G of server space.
  2. Is it ok to empty the tblactivitylog? I tried emptying the logs through whmcs' system cleanup and it did brought down the logs but my database size stayed the same. If it empty/truncate this database from the mysql console. it sure does brings down my database file size. Will this be safe? I know the logs will be neccessary but i need the space.
  3. hi, Just wondering,. if i haven't updated to version 7.3.0 and will be updating it now or later, will these hotfixes be addressed already or do i still have to patch them after i update? Thanks.

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