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  1. Dates in Dutch

    @brian! Cheers mate!
  2. Dates in Dutch

    Hi! On the announcements WHMCS uses the English version of the dates like “Dec 25th” But in Dutch we say “25 december” not with a short version and the numers are in the first place. Anyone know a hook or a fix or maybe @WHMCS John a fix for the Dutch people?
  3. Slow Knowledgebase

    Haha it’s pretty good written My other websites are loading under 1.6s so I don’t think it’s an issue with the server. I’ll try to disable some plugins and hooks to see if that works but I don’t think that would be the prob
  4. Slow Knowledgebase

    Hi! I’ve purchased a third party addon, pre made WHMCS kb articles, but now my knowledgebase is realy slow. Looked into the database and saw that the ID’s are starting from 2001. Could the ID be a problem?
  5. seo module for template six

  6. seo module for template six

    The last one seems okay (but no guarantee, I’m not using it). But I’ve found one that’s multilingual: http://www.whmcsseoaddon.com/en/features (But again, no guarantee, I’m not using it)
  7. Ability to have caching, much needed.
  8. seo module for template six

    I’ve found a few that might help: https://marketplace.whmcs.com/product/166 https://marketplace.whmcs.com/product/86 https://whmcsmoduleshop.com/whmcs-modules/seo These are just a few of them. Just use google or search around in the Community and you’ll find more than you think
  9. The bulk invoice download. In the EU we need to give the government every semester/year/month all the invoices we charge to our customers. Instead of downloading them 1 by 1, you can download them over a certain periode.
  10. Domain name is unavailable

    Hi! Where did you get that info from? I just looked it up via IANA
  11. So as the titel mentioned: Hi!
  12. additional fields for Domain register

    Hi! Is there an option to set a value option to predefine a textbox like example: "Value" => "This is something",
  13. Domain name is unavailable

    Hi! When I add some domain names I need to add the whois settings in whois.json. But when i add some custom whois settings WHMCS still says that the domain is unavailable while it's available. For example '.auto' - Whois settings: { "extensions": ".auto", "uri": "socket://whois.uniregistry.net", "available": "Available" } And when I do a domain search it still gives me maikelve.auto is unavailable. Anyone an idea why this happens?
  14. Invalid License Issue

    Hi! No not at all, it just happens some time.
  15. From time to time my WHMCS installation says that my License is invalid. I need to contact the reseller to reissue the licence because i bougt it from a Reseller.

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