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  1. Hello Everyone, I activate the proforma invoice feature for invoice. I want rename the PDF being sent to client if the invoice status is Unpaid become "Proforma Invoice-1900001" instead of the standard name "Invoice-1900001" So, it will make a differenciation between Unpaid invoice and Paid invoice PDF when client recieved it. Do you know what file and script should I edit to make it possible ?
  2. I have problem where some client have many branch office and subscription for each of it. Our client want the invoice sent separately for each site office and using different billing address depend on site office location. I didn't find WHMCS feature to fulfill it, please give me a suggestion for this case, thank you.
  3. Thanks Brian, I've try your suggest and it work but I just realize the promotion/discount will be an item in invoice. Discuss with our ERP dev, so there's little change what data will be exported like below: Invoice Number : tblinvoices Client Custom Field : tblcustomfieldsvalues Product Group ID : tblproductgroups Product Specification : tblinvoiceitems Invoice Date : tblinvoices Due Date : tblinvoices Tax : tblinvoices Quantity : which table ? maybe tblinvoiceitems Unit Price : tblinvoiceitems Total : tblinvoices Would you give me a clue what should the query for get the Group ID, Quantity and Unit Price from the query before ? Thanks for the suggestion, I'll try after I got the goal 🙂
  4. I want to get the data of Invoice that has been Paid. It consist of data : Invoice Number : tblinvoices Client Custom Field : tblcustomfieldsvalues Customer Name : tblclients Product ID : tblproducts Invoice Item : tblinvoiceitems Invoice Date : tblinvoices Due Date : tblinvoices Tax : tblinvoices Discount : tblpromotions Total : tblinvoices This result will be used for input in our ERP, I faced the issue when I want to export Product ID from tblproducts and Discount from tblpromotion. I've try some query but didn't found any relation in tblproducts and tblpromotions with tblinvoices. For now, I just can export Invoice Number, Client Custom Field, Customer Name, Invoice Item, Invoice Date, Due Date, Tax, Total Here's the query: SELECT tblinvoices.invoicenum AS "No Invoice", tblcustomfieldsvalues.value AS "Customer Code", CONCAT(tblclients.firstname, " ", tblclients.lastname) AS "Customer Name", tblinvoiceitems.description AS "Specification", DATE_FORMAT(tblinvoices.date,'%d/%m/%Y') AS "Posting Date", DATE_FORMAT(tblinvoices.duedate,'%d/%m/%Y') AS "Due Date", tblinvoices.tax AS "Tax", tblinvoices.total AS "Total" FROM tblinvoices INNER JOIN tblinvoiceitems ON tblinvoices.id = tblinvoiceitems.invoiceid INNER JOIN tblclients ON tblinvoices.userid = tblclients.id INNER JOIN tblcustomfieldsvalues ON tblclients.id = tblcustomfieldsvalues.relid WHERE tblinvoices.status = "Paid" AND tblcustomfieldsvalues.fieldid = "5"; Here's the output Anyone can help me to get that productid & discount value ?

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