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  1. for some reason I thought this was working, but recently seems to not be, any suggestion>?
  2. Sorry for the delay, I think we still have this issue, but have managed to ignore it, of course it would be better to stop it.
  3. Sorry for the delayed response! This worked perfectly, thank you! I wanted to make sure that I only needed to add the add_hook & function in hooks.php ( where I currently have it)? Thanks again!
  4. Hello All, I'm trying to figure out when you go to a support ticket how to "hide" the clients services, in some cases it's only one line, but on a bigger client it may be 10 lines, which just takes up too much screen space when working on a ticket. Thanks!
  5. Sorry I didn't reply earlier. Yes, the users gets email notifications and view & open support tickets, I did go to this page, uncheck it, save, then go back, re-check it and save with the same results.
  6. Hello, I'm not seeing where to accomplish this in 7.10.2, can you please provide current instructions? Thanks!
  7. I did double check in both the existing account and my search. Plus these did work previously and nothing should have changed.
  8. Hello All, Running 7.10.2 / PHP 7.3 I have a user that when they go to open a ticket says it cant find their email address ( and they have in the past opened tickets ). I then search the email address in clients and it doesn't find it. I look at the client, and the email address is there as a contact. Client account is active, so it's not that. I then click save, made no difference. I deleted the user, added the user back in, same result and user can't open a ticket. Tickets are opened via email and other tickets are being opened, just not for this user. Any ideas? Thanks
  9. I'm not sure why someone wrote here wouldn't touch enom, I have had them for several years, and YES pricing has gone up a bit and is a concern, but they have always been professional.
  10. Yes, I do have a little script and push those into MySQL, but we know thats not the best way, it works and luckily we are programmers so we are at least a little better suited to do it. The thing is we don't run that daily, so a name could be in our enom for months before it's in WHMCS, so sync just makes sense. Thanks
  11. We aren't a traditional hosting company, we are IT and the domain side of the business was in place way before we used whmcs, plus bulk register on enom vs 1 at a time, pick client etc on WHMCS
  12. We purchase from the enom side. It feels almost like a neglected function, imagine if you are new and have to manually buy 400 domains into the system. Considering we're calling the domain functionality SYNC... it should do that... of course thats just my opinion. Thanks for the quick response!!
  13. Hello, I have used WHMCS and enom together for a long time, and back in the day this never worked. I did some reading and I'm not seeing the addition of this function. I'm trying to get WHMCS during a sync or other process to get newly registered domains from enom and import them so I can assign them to clients and have them get renewal notifications. I know we can "manually" enter them in or if I get a little crazy drop them in the DB, but the sync function would be the best way. I appreciate any info... thanks!
  14. So the issue I see with this is that we may have several prices for different packages and if a client see's they are getting billed $10 for email boxes they don't use they will ask for a discount. Any other options? I would think this is a common thing. Thanks!
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