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  1. Works perfectly on whmcs7. Nice work Thank you.
  2. You state on your site Supported Versions Up to 6.3.1
  3. Giannis

    Billing Cycle Prices

    That's what i wanted. Thank you,
  4. Giannis

    Billing Cycle Prices

    Hello, I want to show the prices here https://www.intechs.gr/clients/cart.php?gid=2 As you see now is displayed only the minimum cycle. I want to display all cycles there. This was like this in some older version. Also the free domain was mentioned where it was eligible. Thank you
  5. Giannis

    Billing Cycle Prices

    Actually i have seen this thread, but i do not want to have dropdown. I only need to display all prices for each cycle that is enable. User is able to select the desired cycle on the next step. Thank you
  6. Giannis

    Billing Cycle Prices

    Hello, How can i show all billing cycles prices that are enable for a product using Standard Cart? I have products with Monthly/Yearly Cycle but also only Yearly. I want to display all the prices in order cart. I have try to edit products.tpl but no luck. Thank you.
  7. Giannis

    Credit Balance

    This https://forum.whmcs.com/showthread.php?106891-Display-Credit-Balance-In-Six-Template is what you want.
  8. Giannis

    Where is the good old cron information ?

    I got the following answer on my ticket related to this issue. "Any additional information related to which specific products/services were suspended would now have to be found by searching in the Activity Logs. If you have any further questions/issues, please let me know." But i think this is not the right approach. I do not want to login to WHMCS admin area to see check the logs when prior this update i was able to see this info from the email. What are we asking here is to have back the information as the one attached. This information being sent by email is very helpful and gives to admin a total view of what was done and in DETAILS. I believe that you should reconsider bringing back the old format of Email or at least have an option for those that need this kind of information. Thank you
  9. Giannis

    Where is the good old cron information ?

    The information being sent on old cron email was very helpfull. With a single email i had all the information and details that i needed about suspension, invoices, tickets etc. The new email is just a summary of what was done. You should consider changing it to the old one format. Thank you
  10. Giannis

    IDNA on WHMCS v6

    Indeed this issue is preventing us to upgrade our WHMCS to. Please you need to give a solution on this. Thank you.
  11. Giannis

    Domain checker issue

    Is there any official answer?
  12. Is there any demo for this?
  13. Giannis

    Admin Template

    Is there any way to have the 4.something original template to work with version 5? This new template is not that comfortable as the old original.

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