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  1. Hi, I want to use the PreRegistrarSaveContactDetails hook to send precise information to our domain registrar just before it's registered. I know that I can overwrite what is sent to the registrar using this hook, but I just don't know which syntax to use. I guess it's in the "return" but how? I'm using eNom if it helps. something like this?? add_hook("PreRegistrarSaveContactDetails",2,"UpdateContactDetails"); function UpdateContactDetails($vars) { $new_info = $vars['params']; $new_info['contactdetails']['Registrant']['Address_1'] = '123 fake street'; $new_info['contactdetails']['Registrant']['phonenumber'] = '514-123-1234'; $new_info['contactdetails']['Registrant']['fullphonenumber'] = '+1.5141231234'; return $new_info; } Thanks

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