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    Notify Admin

    Does anyone know of an ADDon that allows you to generate notifications for ADMINs? I need to generate notification via popup Possibility to choose the admin or all Possibility to specify the day and time for this pop-up.
  2. How can I create a hook that checks if the IP is a proxy and does not allow access to the client's central office or make purchases?
  3. rgazetta


    Hi, Does anyone have or know of a payment module for GlobalPayments https://www.globalpaymentsinc.com
  4. I am having problems logout constant, when I use the ipv6 network. IPv4 accesses work normally, I already checked the Session IP Check option and it is disabled, I do not know where else to check. All access ADMIN or via CLIENT, in ipv6 is logout at all times, this is causing a damn problem, someone went through it and know how to solve?
  5. rgazetta

    hide department step 2 ticket

    Thanks for the help, but I have custom fields.
  6. rgazetta

    hide department step 2 ticket

    The one that works the best, without causing system crashes and is easier to do.
  7. rgazetta

    hide department step 2 ticket

    Could help?
  8. Hello, is it possible to hide or lock the department field in spet2?

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