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  1. Hi Brian, Appreciate the reply. My license is from a reseller inmotionhosting. I am not able to download the full release as it requires me to login. anyway to download it somewhere else ?
  2. Down for Maintenance (Err 3) An upgrade is currently in progress... Please come back soon... I got the above error message after trying to upgrade to V7.6 Have tried to delete the /install folder as some thread suggested but prob still persist. Please help this is getting annoying
  3. Its working normally now after doing that..Thanks John and Brian
  4. I am on WHMCS Version: 7.2.2 I am not using any 3rd party addons. made changes to the quotepdf.tpl 2 days ago to remove discount column but this problem was already happening before the change was done. I also have a few hooks to modify the primary menus.
  5. Hi everyone I need help urgently, Each time when a customer made an online order for for hosting or domains, the invoice automation generate additional line items in the invoice which is not supposed to be there. Those additional line items were from the previous invoices which is unpaid. This is creating confusion to my customers and also is revealing my other customers orders and prices. Please tell me what is causing this and what needs to be done
  6. I have set the cron job in cpanel to run every 5 mins and it is now working. Thanks
  7. Hi All, I received the below notification and found out the my daily backups has not been running for few days. Can anyone advise what does the message below means and what must i do? Is it becuase i did a change in my default time zone in the config.php ? ----------------------- Your WHMCS is configured to perform the Daily System Cron during the hour of 5 am. However, the Daily System Cron did not execute within that hour as expected. This may be due to the scheduled time specified in your web hosting control panel's cron entry. Please ensure your web hosting control panel executes the WHMCS System Cron (cron.php) at least once during the hour of 5 am. If you have confirmed that setting, and you continue to receive this message, then please refer to the WHMCS Cron documentation to ensure you have itemized the appropriate command and any additional options.
  8. tsupan

    My WHMCS keeps logging me out

    I have managed to finally fix this problem came across this old thread.. https://forums.whmcs.com/showthread.php?103282-Invalid-CSRF-Protection-Token-Version-6 basically the workaround is to do the below; To work around this temporarily, once can disable Session IP Check under Setup > General Settings > Security tab. i still dont understand why this only affects Mac
  9. tsupan

    My WHMCS keeps logging me out

    now im getting this...arghhhhhhh Invalid CSRF Protection Token
  10. My WHMCS keeps logging me out everytime i try to navigate or click on something. Anyone also facing this issue and knows to to fix this ? I noticed that this only happens when i use my MacBook... doesnt happen on my Windows or Android. Please help this is getting frustrating
  11. Thanks brian! it works. Good to know v7.2 has this feature.. i need a way to direct visitors to my store. When will this version be released?
  12. I created the below to add "Our Services" to the primary menu. Question: how do i hide this menu item when user is logged in ? <?php add_hook('ClientAreaNavbars', 1, function () { // Get the current navigation bars. $primaryNavbar = Menu::primaryNavbar(); { // Save the "Contact Us" link and remove it from the primary navigation bar. $Start = $primaryNavbar->addChild('Our Services'); // Add the begin here link to the link's drop-down menu. $Start->addChild('begin-here', array( 'label' => 'Website Design', 'uri' => 'http://www.pumpitsolution.com/website-design', 'order' => 1, 'icon' => 'fa-pencil', )); // Add the overview link to the link's drop-down menu. $Start->addChild('overview', array( 'label' => 'Hosting', 'uri' => 'http://www.pumpitsolution.com/hosting/', 'order' => 2, 'icon' => 'fa-server', )); // Add the about us link to the link's drop-down menu. $Start->addChild('about-us', array( 'label' => 'Domain Name', 'uri' => 'http://awesome.pumpitsolution.com/cart.php?a=add&domain=register', 'order' => 3, 'icon' => 'fa-globe', )); // Add the link and its drop-down children to the secondary navigation bar. //$secondaryNavbar->addChild($Start); // Make sure the contact us link appears as the first item in the // secondary navigation bar. $Start->moveToBack(); }});
  13. tsupan

    Create Hosting Package with no email account

    ahhh yes you are right... WHMC cant handle this. I created the package at WHM instead and link it to my WHMCS create package....choose Max Email Accounts = "0" ....and it works! Thanks
  14. Is there anyone here who can advice me on how to create Hosting Package with no email account? I have tried setting the 'max email account' value to "0" and also leaving it blank..both doesn't work.

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