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  1. Its ok now for me too. I get an error :Module Create Failed - Service ID 40 - Error: SOAP Error: email_error_isemail How can i change that please ?
  2. Hi, There is a problem to download it from the marketplace. Nico
  3. Nobody to help me , i don't found anything on it in the document of whmcs and anything on the web. I need just to understand how data is saved if i put an input field in the clientare. Thanks a lot Nico
  4. You have to ask to someone to develop one for you or you will develop it yourself. I had the same problem. Regards, Nicolas
  5. Ok i success to put an custom field. I created a product custom field (better for my module). So i success to set it in my customer area. my field is in input mode. I can write in it. The question : how i can do for save the input ? Thanks
  6. Hi, I see that we can add custom field. I create but how can i use it in my customer area ? I have to set it in my file.tpl but nothing. Have you some idea for me please ?
  7. Hi, I'm creating a module with clientarea. In this clientarea, i would like that my customer can setup their services. So i don't find how i can insert textbox or listbox. And after how i can save data. Any sample please ? Thanks Nico
  8. Hi, I don't understand how its working My command is well send to the merchand. I set a lot of log command (and write to my own log files). But no log ! I don't understand what function is called when the answer from the merkant Some to explain to me please ?
  9. Thanks for answer Where i write this in the module files or callback files ? Bests regards
  10. Hello, I'm starting to code a new custom gateway paiement. I success to send paiement to my mechant but he answer me with xml information. how i can process this information ? What do the callback file ? Where i can setup for ask credit card information ? Thanks for answer Nico
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