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  1. Hi everyone Whmcs version 8.1.3 , domain transfer page , domain register page too slow ( 11s to ttfb) index.php (3.5s ttfb) other pages with no domain matrix loading time is less than 1s! This appears to be related to the large number of TLDs configured... Like this:
  2. Hi @Kian Many thanks for this useful hook. I test it with whmcs 8.1.3 and work great. could you please add this features to this hook? - work for all customers at once. -work automatic with whmcs cron. thank you in advance
  3. Many Thanks for your answers dear brian! Maybe someday I release the solution.
  4. You need more votes? ( if yes, I will tell my friends to vote) I know this , I am looking for to correct the wrong translates for all whmcs users basely! not only for me! and with any new update every user must translate the untranslated sentences or correct bad translate on override... Isn't it better to do the basics? Instead of just thinking about fixing the problem? Why? again , do you need more votes? I wrote more better hook than this link. I want to solve these problems , instead of fixing them!
  5. I want to find the best way to create whmcs compatible for RTL languages with Jalali calendar. Changing the template directly is not a good choice because after every auto update, needs to apply changes again. the hooks is very helpful in this regards or whmcs company add this support included in codes... the Persian translate is very poor, i try to suggest the correction in ticketing system but they told me the translates must be validate by google translate , for example : my translation : $_LANG['domainsregister'] = "ثبت"; whmcs translation (wrong) : $_LANG['domainsregister'] = "ثبت نام"; and many untranslated ... I wrote hooks for this changes + some template edit that is work perfectly see attachment AND I want to ask WHMCS to include those (RTL and Jalali calendar and Best translation) in future update. and I am hear to help to WHMCS team for this requests.
  6. thanks for solution. can I use this function hook? (if yes, could you please give me some examples?) <?php add_hook('FormatDateForClientAreaOutput', 1, function($vars) { // Perform hook code here... });
  7. Hello, I need a hook to change the date (adding some text to date) in registration date column in page: clientarea.php?action=domains Is there any way?
  8. Hi everyone My Whmcs send WHMCS Domain Synchronisation Cron Report with this problem: one day cron email contain some of domains and another day contain rest of domains. and this loop what is the problem?
  9. The formula is ((WORKSTATION + LAPTOPS + USER + SERVER)^0.9)*price ^ means power. I am trying with "CartTotalAdjustment" and "OrderProductPricingOverride" hooks. they are very good , but I need your help to finished it. I think , I must set all configurable options price to 0 and calculate the order form with the hooks. can you send me an example hook to do this?
  10. Hi I want to use WHMCS as computer and network maintenance. I set up a product "Network maintenance" and I set configurable options like this: number of WORKSTATION number of LAPTOPS number of USER number of SERVER when a customer wants to calculate his network maintenance price , must fill configurable options. and the formula in WHMCS is: (WORKSTATION*price)+(LAPTOPS*price)+(USER*price)+(SERVER*price) but I need this formula: ((WORKSTATION + LAPTOPS + USER + SERVER)^0.9)*price and I need a way to show the Customer , total hours that we go on site regularly with this formula: (WORKSTATION + LAPTOPS + USER + SERVER)/2 and an option for customer to increase the on site hours. and I want another option for customer , by click on "unlimited" increase the total with 30%. Thank you.
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