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  1. WHMCS Marcus

    Error: Module Not Found

    This issue during the ordering process is caused by a missing Payment Gateway module that you have activated. Please ensure that Setup >> Payments >> Payment Gateways do not have any modules in which are activated but the files cannot be found. If you are still having issues, please do open a ticket so we can take a look at your specific installation.
  2. WHMCS Marcus

    Stripe Charge Request Incorrect

    This is correct. In the link provided by John above, prior to v7.8 only 1 card was supported - therefore the migration is expecting only the "cus_xxx" value to be present. If you are able to edit the `tblclients.gatewayid` to exclude the other unsupported data, cards should be able to charge without issue. Please do note that any already migrated cards would now be invalid and those customers would need to re-enter their cards.
  3. Thanks for the report. I can confirm we have case MODULE-7106 with our development team to help address this issue in future releases. I can confirm that removing the apostrophe will resolve this issue in the case of the French language as @sebsimappus mentioned
  4. We welcome feature requests such as this at our Requests System: https://requests.whmcs.com - I would recommend posting this here! CORE-13619 addresses an issue with v7.8-RC1 in which conversion of the date format to the MySQL format was failing. This worked fine with the default Date Display Format (YYYY-MM-DD) but any other date format was failing due to a duplicate conversion. Thanks to those who helped test RC1 and reported an issue like this!
  5. WHMCS Marcus

    How to create a credit note

    We absolutely welcome Feature Requests for this sort of item! I was able to do a quick search and located this Feature request which I'm happy to say is in the Planned stage: https://requests.whmcs.com/topic/credit-note-in-compliance-with-uk-vat-legislation For those interested, continue voting so our Development can see the desire for this feature!
  6. This error does sound like the operation is timing out. We're happy to have a closer look, but a Support Ticket would be the best route to go: https://www.whmcs.com/support
  7. Our WHMCS Long Term Support plan can be located here: https://docs.whmcs.com/Long_Term_Support#WHMCS_Version_.26_LTS_Schedule This outlines the various versions of WHMCS and when their support end dates are!
  8. WHMCS Marcus

    Moving from subdomain to primary domain

    There is not a guide for this as each server setup can be different. I would recommend performing a quick google search on how to accomplish this and share back here to potentially help others in the future!
  9. WHMCS Marcus

    zoho smtp not working

    The connection refused error indicates that your SMTP server is either rejecting the connection or more likely cannot properly connect (either wrong Encryption Type, Hostname, Port Number, or combination of these). I would recommend reaching out to your sysadmin to ensure the server itself can communicate to the SMTP server via the configuration you have specified and double check the provided details.
  10. WHMCS Marcus

    Moving from subdomain to primary domain

    There should not be any conflict so long as no file names conflict.
  11. WHMCS Marcus

    How To Edit The PHP Files

    The files referenced do not yet exist until you create them. This is part of the hook system, you will want to read more about this here: https://developers.whmcs.com/hooks/ You simply need to create the necessary hook files with the content you learned from reading the Navigation documentation in order to modify the links.
  12. WHMCS Marcus

    Problem on configproductoptions.php

    I would recommend opening a ticket so our Technical Support team can take a closer look. This sounds pretty isolated/specific to your instance which may require a closer look. You may open a case here: https://www.whmcs.com/support
  13. WHMCS Marcus

    Question about GenInvoices due date

    Thanks for posting! I'm happy to advise on your questions. 1. This is expected behavior and cannot be modified. This is the basis of how WHMCS generates invoices. 2. Based on your sample code, it does not appear you are sending an array to the API. Try modifying that to be an array (even though there is only 1): 'action' => 'GenInvoices', 'serviceids' => [204], // See https://developers.whmcs.com/api/authentication 'username' => '9pTW8lfy9RYGZWiby2fAJktSBjb96Tvn', 'password' => 'cGN3dGyA1rpv38np9NBClJ2N60y7MNEJ', 'responsetype' => 'json',
  14. WHMCS Marcus

    What triggers AfterModuleCreate?

    This hookpoint is executed any time the _ModuleCreate function is ran. This would be any time a module is provisioned. This would happen when a staff member manually presses the Create button from the Client's Products/Services account, when a customer places an order and the Run Module Create function is executed. If an administrator creates an order, this would run when the administrator Accepts the order and the Run Module Create box is ticked. This only runs, however, if the creation function is successful.
  15. This was not necessarily caused by the change in v76. If you have a valid package called "Custom" in all of your WHM instances, this will continue to work. If you do not, after v76 implemented the package existence verification would prevent the API from being able to create the account. In any regard, you must ensure you have the proper permissions for packages and one thing that trips up many customers is the API permission for viewglobalpackages. If you create a package as a root user in WHM, you can name it literally anything you want. If you create it as a reseller user, the package will always be named username_packagename. If you do not have the viewglobalpackages permission enabled, the WHM API will only list things that match username_xxxxxxx even if the API Token was created under the root user's account.

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