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  1. Hello, Ever since I've changed to the new paypal gateway (previously paypal basic) I'm getting emails with the following error. Please check your server that handles PayPal Instant Payment Notifications (IPN). IPNs sent to the following URL(s) are failing: https://----------/clients/modules/gateways/callback/paypal.php If I activate the old module, I think it works again.
  2. Hello, I use Slack for notifications. If the cron job creates the invoices, they all come in Slack 3 times for the same invoice. Anyone else that has this problem?
  3. On every credit card attempt I make, there are 2 SEPA logs in the gateway details.
  4. Isn't it free for the first 100 linked bank accounts? I'm requesting developer access but it seems to be taking a while now.
  5. Hello WHMCS community, I've got Stripe SEPA and Stripe ACH now enabled. On my session recordings, I notice clients using the wrong payment gateway and rerouting them to the correct one. Is there an option to only show Stripe SEPA on accounts with EURO selected and Stripe ACH for the USD clients? I got this message on the Gateway configuration : Unsupported Currencies. You have one or more currencies configured that are not supported by Stripe ACH. Invoices using currencies ACH does not support will be unable to be paid using ACH. Learn more Thanks in advance 🙂
  6. Thanks, Brian. I've done this exact thing you said. This could be a possible feature request as it would be more clear to some clients. I get about 5 tickets a month regarding some confusion about this. Thanks again for your time.
  7. Hello people, Is there an option to add a merge field to the Domain renewal notice emails? For example, if a client has a credit card as the payment method for a domain name, the email would just show " This domain will be automatically be renewed using the credit card...." On invoice related emails you have the field {$invoice_pay_method_type} , but for this example it would be {$domain_pay_method_type} I need this because I have a client that gets highly confused when he gets these renewal notices. 🙄 What are my options?
  8. Hello, How can I use paypal like Spotify does? Right now I have subscriptions, but these are limited to be edited. Just like a credit card I can charge in advance to avoid any service interruptions, is this also possible with a Paypal user?
  9. https://support.reliablesite.net/kb/a280/optimizing-the-whmcs-database-for-performance.aspx ALTER TABLE tblproductconfigoptionssub DROP INDEX configid, ADD INDEX configid (configid ASC, hidden ASC, sortorder ASC, id ASC); ALTER TABLE tblpricing ADD INDEX relid (relid ASC, type ASC, currency ASC); ALTER TABLE tblproductconfiglinks ADD UNIQUE INDEX pid_gid (pid ASC, gid ASC); ALTER TABLE tblproductconfigoptions DROP INDEX productid, ADD INDEX productid (gid ASC, hidden ASC); I just found this article, would it be a safe operation to do?
  10. Hello, I'm wondering how I can add extra fields just like whmcs has on their ticket were they ask login data and other helpful information. Any tips are helpful. Thank you in advance
  11. Hi Vincent, Thank you for contacting WHMCS support with your issue. This issue was indeed reported in v7.8.2 and it was resolved in v7.8.3. I checked and it appears you are already in v7.8.3, so can you please check if the issue still persists for you? We will be standing by in case you need any further assistance. Best regards,
  12. Thanks @WHMCS John, I've already opened a bug report a few days ago, no feedback on this. I will open a ticket right now.
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