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  1. Hi Vincent, Thank you for contacting WHMCS support with your issue. This issue was indeed reported in v7.8.2 and it was resolved in v7.8.3. I checked and it appears you are already in v7.8.3, so can you please check if the issue still persists for you? We will be standing by in case you need any further assistance. Best regards,
  2. Thanks @WHMCS John, I've already opened a bug report a few days ago, no feedback on this. I will open a ticket right now.
  3. I've seen another whmcs install where I am a client. Normally credit card payments are automatically. Now I got the text Payment will not be taken automatically.... I just logged in, pressed the button pay now and it's done as my card details were all there and correct
  4. Any updates on this subject? I'm still having this problem on my setup.
  5. Also have the same thing happening to me. I actually came here to start a topic but seems I'm not the only one.
  6. vinc1402

    Domain renewal email problem

    The next due dates are as they should be, the logs only show 1 domain email being send out. I've read about domain notification emails grouping https://whmcs.community/topic/231041-domain-renewal-reminders-not-being-sent-when-i-expected/?tab=comments#comment-1089277 Unfortunately, all domain notification emails are getting sent out 1 by 1. Maybe I stumbled on a bug as I can't seem to find any logic reason on the dates or automation settings. Kind regards, Vincent S.
  7. Hello, I have a client with 2 domain names. The domain renewal email only got send for 1 domain. The other domain expires just 1 day later but didn't get any renewal emails to send out. Anyone else with problems like this?
  8. vinc1402

    PayPal pain

  9. vinc1402

    Automated Task: Starting SSL Sync

    It's also in the cron job email report. SSL Sync 523 Synced I have no idea what this is. I have active SSL certs for clients but not by WHMCS marketplace, they are just billed each cycle. So this is unclear for me.
  10. I've managed to get it fixed. It was caused by the friendly url rewriting settings. I've just put this to the default setting.
  11. Hello WHMCS, I've done the update to V7.7, now there is the End User License Agreement screen. I can accept this 10 times and the page keeps coming back leaving me unable to get into the admin area. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. Hello WHMCS, I know I can attempt a capture of a payment that is using credit cards. On clients using Paypal the option is blanked out. Is there a way I can do it just like the credit cards option for these clients using Paypal?
  13. Hello WHMCS, I came across a possible bug. Users that accepted a quote don't get an automated invoice related to the quote. Inside their email (Quote #6... Accepted) they get : There seems to be no invoice generation action. I'm running the latest stable release of WHMCS. Anyone else having this issue?
  14. Hello WHMCS, I have a problem that is bothering me for a while now, the table or grid showing domain, service or invoice info look great on desktops but on mobile it breaks outside the site its layout and causing the max width of the design to drastically increase. Notice where the site has its right border, the table frame is completely outside of it. (causing the entire layout to stretch on mobile) I've noticed that it is present on almost all WHMCS systems, although if the content inside isn't that much it doesn't seem to be a problem. If you have any suggestions? Kind regards, Vincent
  15. Hello WHMCS folks, Recently Hipchat got acquired by Stride . So now the Notifications for this service no longer works, is WHMCS planning to update this part to work with Stride its API or is this going to be discontinued? Thank you for the time

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