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  1. Hello WHMCS, I know I can attempt a capture of a payment that is using credit cards. On clients using Paypal the option is blanked out. Is there a way I can do it just like the credit cards option for these clients using Paypal?
  2. Hello WHMCS, I came across a possible bug. Users that accepted a quote don't get an automated invoice related to the quote. Inside their email (Quote #6... Accepted) they get : There seems to be no invoice generation action. I'm running the latest stable release of WHMCS. Anyone else having this issue?
  3. Hello WHMCS, I have a problem that is bothering me for a while now, the table or grid showing domain, service or invoice info look great on desktops but on mobile it breaks outside the site its layout and causing the max width of the design to drastically increase. Notice where the site has its right border, the table frame is completely outside of it. (causing the entire layout to stretch on mobile) I've noticed that it is present on almost all WHMCS systems, although if the content inside isn't that much it doesn't seem to be a problem. If you have any suggestions? Kind regards, Vincent
  4. Hello WHMCS folks, Recently Hipchat got acquired by Stride . So now the Notifications for this service no longer works, is WHMCS planning to update this part to work with Stride its API or is this going to be discontinued? Thank you for the time
  5. Hello @cocodude I'm sad to say that the problem still exist on me. Somehow it worked for like a day or two and I got to enthusiastic to fast haha. I've also already submitted a bug report to oneplus and it's 2 months since last reply. Last I heard was that the developers team is lookin into it. https://forums.oneplus.com/threads/session-problem-on-some-websites.814704/#post-18077927 Kind Regards,
  6. vinc1402

    Using an SVG image as logo

    Thank you Brian! The hook works flawless, I just had to convert the font to outline for the SVG file. It looks great on desktop, but mobile is still a bit behind on this technique and left the font out. I'm not even going to start for the email templates, that's not even close to 50% supported on SVG haha Anyway, my WHMCS logo is looking blade sharp. Thanks again Brian!
  7. vinc1402

    Best domain reseller?

    I use opensrs, they have good prices. Also Enom and resellerclub are getting their domains from Tucows (opensrs mother company) I also like the fact that you can brand almost everything including all icann related emails
  8. vinc1402

    How to upgrade to premium from using nulled

    You got some balls... Your "friend" probably has some nasty code inside on his installation and I would advise you to do a clean install and start importing all data.
  9. vinc1402

    Using an SVG image as logo

    Hello WHMCS, My main website makes use of SVG images as logo and other parts. The WHMCS side does use png formats, I can edit the header.tpl file to make use off the svg but I'm just wondering if $assetLogoPath could also include svg formats. I know that if you have one of these files: /assets/img/logo.png /assets/img/logo.jpg $assetLogoPath is set. (but no svg support here ) Referring to :
  10. Oh my.... I'm not going to be a rude person here, but my humble opinion is that I do not like the design. The first thought I had was that this was designed 10 years back. I think if you lighten up on the bright colors and reduce them to some more eye-friendly ones it looks a lot better. I would also recommend you to make use of the data feeds to fetch domain pricing data, If I change the price inside WHMCS it is automatically adjusted on the rest of the site (static HTML) It's just my opinion
  11. I'm glad to mention that the problem is resolved. I was caused by my phone, I'm using 2 sim cards and have 2 numbers on 1 device. If I'm using data on the Second sim card, the problem started. So now I've switched the 2 sim cards internally and everything is solved. Thank you for your attention
  12. Hello people, I have a problem with a new smartphone (Oneplus 5T) Oneplus 5T When I try to log in to the client and/or admin area, the session cannot stay logged in. Even by ticking the Remember me box it's not working. The strange thing is that this is happening from different WHMCS installations and websites (even whmcs.com). When I enable the option to view the page as a desktop site everything works just fine. Almost like the responsive layout is breaking something. I know the screen is a bit bigger then normal phones, maybe the system doesn't recognize it that good? Anyone else with this kind of phone? Thanks you in advance
  13. vinc1402

    2Checkout different fees amounts

    Sorry for the late response, The issue was like @brian! mentioned, caused by the exchange rate. But although everything leaving whmcs was in Euro, the 2Checkout interface only works with displaying USD on the account dashboard. So the fees I saw in WHMCS where converted into USD again. (where everything else is in EUR) I emailed a lot with the support team of 2co and they refused to make the account data show in the right currency. Just for my accountant, I made the switch to Stripe. I must say things run a lot smoother these days.
  14. Hello, whmcs community, I'm using 2 checkout as my primary payment gateway. Now for the accounting, it's easy to see the transaction fees ( need to book them in as bank costs ) Inside WHMCS on the transaction list you can see the "fees" for each transaction, however, this number is different from the one I can find inside my 2Checkout.com account. ( always higher ) This could quickly escalate to an accounting nightmare. Does someone have any idea of how this could happen? Kind regards, Vincent
  15. For the moment it is all working, even with my customised theme. I changed the URL rewrite setting (full friendly rewrite) and purged the theme its cache. This might just be the fix, thank you all for your help. Kind regards, Vincent

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