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  1. Buddy, plz read the issue again before reply.
  2. Hello Guys, Hope you doing well. I am facing one issue, client registered a domain. we using a resellerclub reseller account to register the domains. but after registration in Client Profile - Domain Section, there is domain info is empty. can anyone tell, how to get sync with resellerclub. or how to fix it. Screenshots to understand - Showing - https://snag.gy/JOi4Rg.jpg Not Showing - https://snag.gy/ITwXgY.jpg Regards Mohit
  3. grapyhost

    How do you promote your hosting website ?

    Try to build up customer trust first. your website design development should be neat and clean. you can use Facebook adv and google ad-words to get few customers. best of luck
  4. This is HUGE, awesome job done. hope this feature will come in next update. Working screen - Thanks
  5. I have removed value from on line 116 and getting this result, hope it will help u little bit .
  6. I am testing this code in whmcs 7. not in 7.4
  7. Getting same 500 error. and after display errors - Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '' (T_ENCAPSED_AND_WHITESPACE), expecting identifier (T_STRING) or variable (T_VARIABLE) or number (T_NUM_STRING) in /home/bagflnet/public_html/modules/reports/sales_tax_liability.php on line 116 Thanks
  8. Hello Sentq, Thanks for reply. but getting 500 blank page error. for more information, I am using custom client fields exact name is - Your GSTIN No. and $taxname Origin: "Smarty object" Value "IGST" Please modify the code, and update me same. Thanks M. Malhotra
  9. Hi, I have added custom client field name - GSTIN so i want this fields should show in Sales Tax Liability reports. In Code - $reportdata["tableheadings"] = array( $aInt->lang('fields', 'invoiceid'), $aInt->lang('fields', 'clientname'), $aInt->lang('fields', 'invoicedate'), $aInt->lang('fields', 'datepaid'), $aInt->lang('fields', 'subtotal'), $aInt->lang('fields', 'tax'), $aInt->lang('fields', 'credit'), $aInt->lang('fields', 'total'), $aInt->lang('fields', 'taxid'), ); last field not working, any specific or how to identify that field. Thanks grapyhost
  10. Hi All, Hope whmcs world doing well. So guys help me to find right variable or modification of this existing code to get my desire result in reports section. I want to get all clients, who not added GST (Indian tax Number) into there profile. so below is a existing code by topic - Its showing showactive so can i show client with or without GST Number? Thanks Madan M. Grapyhost.com

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