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  1. ok its a useful information . Its working fine, Thank you very much.
  2. Hi Brian , But the code breaks when whmcs upgraded to 7.8.3. even after adding use WHMCS\Database\Capsule; $banktransfer = Capsule::table('tblpaymentgateways')->where('gateway','banktransfer')->where('setting','instructions')->value('value'); line after php opening tag it says "OOPS error message". Could you please check and update me.
  3. Not understand fully, you mean add bank details in payto textarea in whmcs General settings->General tab. So it will display in invoicepdf if and only if the clients payment gateway is banktransfer ? or to achieve this (to show bank details if the client's payment gateway is banktransfer and otherwise not just as in viewinvoice) any condition to be written in invoicepdf file. please clarify this also. Currently what I added is $pdf->writeHTML($payto, true, false, false, false, ''); in our invoicepdf file but it outputs our address instead of bankransfer.
  4. Hi Brian, But in the link , https://whmcs.community/topic/291657-edit-pdf-adjust-logo-add-bank-details/ you manually input the bank acc no: but what I actually need is the bank address, bank axccount no, IBAN etc should come automatically in every invoice pdf just as view invoice page viewinvoice.php?id=xxxx&view_as_client=xxx what should be the code for that and how to modify invoicepdf.php file to add bank details. please give me a solution.
  5. Hi, In whmcs when we view an invoice as a client from admin side, it shows all the details of bank transfer , but if you download the invoice , it wont show all the bank details in pdf; so how can we modify the download pdf of invoice and incorporate all bank details same as that invoice shown when view as client . Please let me know how to do this?
  6. Hi Brian , Now I feel its more helpful when we can search by date. But in which file I had to add the date picker and how should we can incorporate datepicker and use it for selecting between two dates. which files I needed to edit . please explain.
  7. Hi Brian, It looks good, but I also need to be able to filter using a date range. And how could this be possible?
  8. Hi brian, I talk about whmcs admin side-you know that in admin side, an admin can view a client's invoice in /invoices.php?action=edit&id=xxxx page. ( We dont want anything to show clients or send them anything) . In this page an admin can see the details of invoice like what are the invoice items. And we need to give links to services of invoice items there. so that an admin can easily navigate to the services pages from the invoice items shown in that page . And as we have a lot of invoices its quite easy for admins to check any services in the invoice page by clicking that service and going to that particular service page.
  9. But I need that particular invoice id, whether it is a server or not , and if and only if it s a server, I need hosting id of that service in the invoice and userid of that invoice, (only then I can write the link to direct him to that particular service But hook AdminAreaHeaderOutput doesnt provide this details, Also the description under invoice items in invoices.php?action=edit&id=xxxx page ( also please let me know the file name of this page) is given in a textarea, so how should I prepend a href to only server name shown there.
  10. I see the invoice items and under its description I see many servernames there . What actually I need is to add links to those server names and make it clickable , so on clicking a servername shown in that page. it automatically directs to that server page. so please explain how can it be done.
  11. Hi, I need to know the template file associated with invoices.php?action=edit&id=xx (whmcs admin side page) Also Please let me know how additional info about a product to be passed to this template file. so that I can try working for this.
  12. Can you please let me know if unsusbcribing mailchimp on whmcs clientarea ->My details section ( as in screen shot ) doesnt get removed from the mailchimp list , why ? I asked about this before https://requests.whmcs.com/topic/mailchimp-join-list-option-no-not-working-on-whmcs-clientarea-edit-account-details Is this case same as CORE-11819 ? Are you working on it?
  13. rahulkg

    About transfer payement

    But this seems like like a reconciliation module only not the actual payment method and when enquired about it with their module providers, no reply yet. And also It seems we need a borderless account for that module then we get the money to that virtual account balance in trnasferwise not directly to our bank then from transferwise balance not sure how we can transfer it to our bank , so I think that is not what we are looking for and I think we can only do it as an instruction from the invoice like the Bank transfer instuction. can you please advice in this case.

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