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  1. Can you please let me know if unsusbcribing mailchimp on whmcs clientarea ->My details section ( as in screen shot ) doesnt get removed from the mailchimp list , why ? I asked about this before https://requests.whmcs.com/topic/mailchimp-join-list-option-no-not-working-on-whmcs-clientarea-edit-account-details Is this case same as CORE-11819 ? Are you working on it?
  2. rahulkg

    About transfer payement

    But this seems like like a reconciliation module only not the actual payment method and when enquired about it with their module providers, no reply yet. And also It seems we need a borderless account for that module then we get the money to that virtual account balance in trnasferwise not directly to our bank then from transferwise balance not sure how we can transfer it to our bank , so I think that is not what we are looking for and I think we can only do it as an instruction from the invoice like the Bank transfer instuction. can you please advice in this case.
  3. rahulkg

    About transfer payement

    Can we have a transferwise module for our payment method in WHMCS and Using this clients can pay invoices using their credit card or debit card and will send it directly to our Bank. If we can't get a module Can we create some instruction in to the invoice and make transaction to our bank account ? please give us a reply.
  4. ok thank you very much for the reply, but please let me know if I choose the first method -how can it be done, I see the invoice.tpl fetches the info from an encrypted php file and so how do I get the data or how to modify it? or if I am using a hook as you said in 3rd solution, how can it be done using hook-I mean which hook I need to choose and how can I edit the invoice shown in admin side from inside hook? can you provide a sample hook ?
  5. When we view a particular invoice in whmcs , is it possible to click the services in the invoice description and it directs to that service details . ( I mean when we search a particular service in the search bar above in whmcs admin side we get directed to that particular service page in whmcs admin side) and similarly , can we show the services /products included in the invoice page with links and on clicking them direct to that particular service page? ( ie I mean We need to be able to locate a product/service when viewing some invoice, so it goes directly to that service that is related to a particular invoice.)
  6. rahulkg

    About cloudflare

    But Our ssd hosting works with our railgun partners page but without thecloudflare module it won't work, but now ascloudflare is not having new updates and it ceased its production, what should we do? Please advice and help us.
  7. rahulkg

    About cloudflare

    We are using whmcs 7.7 version and php 7.2 version and the cloudflare module you have provided is the one we used but its not working with php 7.2 and whmcs 7.7 . That's why I asked whether any third part module providers can help us in this matter as ur ssd hosting works with our railgun partners page but without thecloudflare module it won't work,
  8. rahulkg

    About cloudflare

    we need a cloudflare module where we can add the domains in our partners.cloudflare.com for our hosting service that will be using railgun. should whmcs consider developing this addon module?
  9. rahulkg

    Cloudflare addon

    Our ssd hosting works with our railgun partners page but without the cloudflare module it won't work, but now as cloudflare is not having new updates and it ceased its production, what should we do? Please advice and help us.
  10. Please let me know whether we can provide a search option for services inside whmcs
  11. Please reply and update the ticket as I need your assistance in making a custom seach in whmcs to find servies
  12. We would like to be able to locate a service that is related to a specific invoice, because during some review and accounting work we doing, we have to locate the service attached to a particular invoice however since the invoice itself doesn't have that feature its sometimes time consuming, is that something that WHMCS is able to do or do we have to code some plugin or something of that sort?
  13. May I get a reply from whmcs developer side about its integration? IThe escrow support told the above and after looking their module, The escrow support told their module is a little different from normal third party modules. what they do is when clients pay through paypal / credit they just keep the money in their account and messages seller that the client paid monet and when seller provides him service they release the money to seller . so for integrating such thirdparty module with whmcs , they said we have to create a customer with their account and make transaction using their api and then rest process client does in their site . So for this purpose do I need to use all the functions like gatewaymodule_config , gatewaymodule_link, gatewaymodule_refund and gatewaymodule_cancelSubscription in a file and put it in whmcs gateways directory? Can you please summarise the purpose of these functions and shall I create a customer create function and create transaction function in same file where I can use their apis ? Actually when (which hook point) I need to create a customer and then add create transaction functions? Can you just clarify about the purpoose of functions used there as I didnt find a detailed documentation there for thirdparty gateway module default functions used in whmcs?
  14. "Our API integration allows you to create the transaction for your parties on escrow.com. You can either simply create the transaction and then we take over with emails and texts for them to log into escrow.com to review, agree, and pay. If you prefer, you can keep the majority of the integration on your site. If you are looking for the parties to stay on your site, the API will allow this using specific links. Then, at the end of the actions by the parties, they should still be on your website. With both integration options, payment is made directly to us by wire, PayPal, or credit card as we handle payment directly." I got this updation from escrow too. I see two files for creating thirdparty payment modules https://github.com/WHMCS/sample-gateway-module/blob/master/modules/gateways/gatewaymodule.php https://github.com/WHMCS/sample-gateway-module/blob/master/modules/gateways/callback/gatewaymodule.php Should I use the same files and alter the functions to get it done or just alter the gatewaymodule_link function there in first link . can you please explain the functions used in the two links.
  15. I have got the following reply from escrow "Our integration requires the buyer to agree to the terms, verify their account, and then select to send credit card, PayPal, or wire to escrow.com directly. This means that escrow.com will hold the funds during the transaction. Escrow.com will release directly to the seller and broker. I would like to confirm this is the model you would like. We are a little different from regular third party gateways." But not sure whether I need to just direct a buyer to your site from our clientarea to escrow site for doing transaction and whether he/she can do all the process -agree,verify, select payment method and pay all there . if so can we direct the client to your site using an api and passing client info and rest of the process they can do there . And when transaction becomes complete, how we can direct him back to our clientarea site. So can you please let me know which are the apis I need to fetch from them ?

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