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  1. when take cart.php?a=add&domain=register we directed to a page showing domain check (the file is attached here with). Please check and provide me a reply . domainregister.tpl
  2. We are currently using whmcs 7.4.6 and ours is a customized orderform template, we don't have a drop down menu for selecting tlds before domain search submit . Can you please clarify your above answer. If we upgrade to 7.6 .b1 and use the six template, should we get this feature, or how can we incorporate this feature . ? Please provide a reply.
  3. ok , its good, but how should I do this? Is this feature available in new version. or how can I add the drop down menu showing all offered tlds in domain register page?
  4. Hi, I have placed modified the domain input box as <input type="text" name="domain" class="form-control" placeholder="{$LANG.findyourdomain}" value="{$lookupTerm}" id="inputDomain" data-toggle="tooltip" data-placement="left" data-trigger="manual" title="{lang key='orderForm.domainOrKeyword'}" pattern="^((?!www.).)*$" oninvalid="this.setCustomValidity('Do not enter www.')"oninput="setCustomValidity('')" /> and now when anybody enter domain name with www. starting the error message "Do not enter www" worked . But I also want to show error message "The domain you searched is having tld that is not offered by us " when people type domain with unofferd tlds instead of showing domains with wrong tlds as I mentioned above. Please provide a solution for this . I have tried the following jQuery("#inputDomain").focusout(function() { var domaininput= jQuery("#inputDomain").val(); jQuery.ajax({ url: 'xxx/customdomaincheck.php', //xx -here given our path to whmcs folder type: "POST", data:{domain:domaininput}, success: function(data){ jQuery("#domain-available").text(data); } }); }); I put the above function in domainregister.tpl and following page "customdomaincheck.php" in our whmcs folder <?php use WHMCS\ClientArea; use WHMCS\Database\Capsule; define('CLIENTAREA', true); require __DIR__ . '/init.php'; $domain=$_POST['domain']; $flag=0; $res=full_query("select * from tbldomainpricing"); if(mysql_num_rows($res)>0) { while($row=mysql_fetch_array($res)) { $tld=strtolower($row['extension']); if (strpos($tld, $domain) !== false) { $flag=1; } } } if($flag==0) echo "The domain you searched contains tld that is not offered by us"; ?> but domain search page not appear . Please provide a way to show the error message when user types unoffered tld domains .
  5. When we search a domain name having tlds we do not offer- like www.ramrashsan.ae in whmcs -https://clients.hostsailor.com/cart.php?a=add&domain=register, (.ae tld we do not offer), the result is showing www.com is unavailable as in the screenshot attached below. Here why its showing 'www.com' instead of 'ramrashsan.ae' . please provide a solution. Also If I search in proper format like rahul.ae (omiting www ) for example, then search result comes rahul.com is unavailable. Also when I searched ramrashsan.ae, results-ramrashsan.ae is unavailable and Congratulations! ramrashsan.com is available! come. I have attached screenshots herewith. please check it and provide us a solution wgen enquired whmcs they told " This functionality is by design. As WHMCS does not have the TLD .ae enabled, WHMCS will still perform "suggestions" lookups with TLDs available in WHMCS. This is why you receive the ".com is available!" message only when a TLD that doesn't match in WHMCS has been requested. If you feel this should be changed, I would recommend submitting a feature request at https://requests.whmcs.com so that others can vote on and contribute towards your idea. These requests are reviewed regularly and sometimes considered for future release" So I post here.
  6. We need to automate the activation of direct admin licenses. when checked with whmcs support they suggested modules garden 's direct admin licenses module for this purpose. But we have many existing licenses and this module will not automatically assign already existing licenses but only create new license for new orders, Is there any way for automation of already existing direct admin licenses ?
  7. rahulkg

    Domain order problem

    When trying to order a new domain , after typing the domain name and click add to cart and then check out, I am directed to a page where json response is shown and not showing the domain configuration page. This happens only on some computers and some computers, for same client and same domain, its working fine. Why such error occur?
  8. rahulkg

    Duedate updation

    We have found that many of the invoice due dates not updated automatically by whmcs . And we cannot keep the log errors option enabled for long time to trace any fatal error occured during payment as it may lead to disk full easily. Is there any other solution to find out why the due dates of invoices not get updated properly ?
  9. we are using a centralnic domain registrar. Though the sync functions like updation of next due date takes well , we get errors like Sync Not Supported by Registrar Module when whmcs cron is run. And when checking with whmcs support and centralnic support, it was found that centralnic uses a php file centralnic_sync.php for syncing operation instead of registrarname_Sync() that is recmmended by whmcs and used by other registrars. So when whmcs calls centralnic_Sync(), the cron creates above errors , so to avoid such error , is it ok, just to write function centralnic_Sync() {} without any procedures in it. And as the php file used by centralnic module includes so many pages , I think its not a good idea to put them all in the centralnic_Sync() {} . Can you suggest a way to get rid of these errors?
  10. rahulkg

    order duplication

    We have found that orders duplicated when client makes an order in whmcs. What are the possibilities for this error?
  11. We have installed centralnic-whmcs-plugin in our whmcs we see errors like that when srun the whmcs cron. myniu.pw: Sync Not Supported by Registrar Module nnzf.pw: Sync Not Supported by Registrar Module maersk.com.de: Sync Not Supported by Registrar Module. wHy these errors shown? centralnic support reply is this " it sounds like WHMCS is running a general sync command which is not present for .PW and .COM.DE.There is no particular solution to this, as the function simply is not present." How can we fix this ? Also tell the possibilities for the occurence of this error.
  12. we have a configurable option-Additional bandwidth that is set in our whmcs. But if we have 10 tb additional bandwidth currently, I cannot add another 10 tb, or 1 tb, any quantity less than 10 tb using the upgrade/downgrade option? Is this due to whmcs blocking or anything? Also need to know if I use upgradeproduct whmcs api and type configoptions which are the tables, the whmcs update ?
  13. rahulkg

    Weird Orders

    We got some orders without any products when client purchase a service. Also invoice too not generated. What are the possibilities for this issue?
  14. rahulkg

    Weird Orders

    We got some weird orders from certain clients-ie the order contains no products and invoice for particular order not created . But when tried to reproduce such orders by ordering again by selecting different payment methods and products, all is well and got correct orders and invoices. Can you tell us the possibilities for how such orders created?

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