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  1. sometime i also face error during upgrade.. and the solution need to create folder whmcs in /path/to/whmcs/vendor/ and create whmcs folder thanks
  2. hendranata

    WHMCS slow

    or maybe your server is slow? io speed slow? internet connection slow?
  3. hendranata

    Invoice & Overdue Reminders show wrong number

    after some time.. officially this is a bug from whmcs 7.4.2 Case ID CORE-12123
  4. product addon with cpanel and server group A: whm package is 1,2,3 and we change server gorup B: whm package still the same 1,2,3 <--- this is a bug.. it should be something else 5,6,7 for example. hope anybody here can understand and mark as a bug
  5. whmcs 7.4.2 has a bug when create new product addon. the id protection price will be set to 0. haha. so strange.. another issue that i face is when : Product Addons - Create New Addon -> module setting: then choose cpanel and server group. the whm package does not load properly.. the correct package does not load.. seems they show wrong package name.. meanwhile in the production/service -> module setting : work as expected..
  6. hendranata

    Invoice & Overdue Reminders show wrong number

    yes when doing upgrade from whmcs 7.2.3 to 7.4.2 , the cron script does not replace with new one.. then i replace manually with cron.php 7.4.2 but the email report from whmcs cron still showing wrong report.. they only count overdue.. and ignore invoice reminders.. any idea?
  7. helo previously i use whmcs 7.2.3 and yes that is confirm there is a bug related to "Invoice & Overdue Reminders show wrong number" according to suport staff. the issue is solved in whmcs 7.4.2 said him/her.. however after upgrade whmcs 7.4.2, the issue still present. here i describe the issue more detail: whmcs has menu called "automation status" and they send whmcs cron email every day to my email as well. we notice about "Invoice & Overdue Reminders", in whmcs email cron said only count overdue reminders , meanwhile in "automation status" count both overdue and invoice reminder. according to the log, the correct one is the data provided by "automation status". here is the example: from log said that number of overdue is: 5 and number of invoice reminders is: 7 (then the total invoice reminder and overdue should be 12). in fact, from automation status menu said 12 and this is correct.. meanwhile from whmcs email cron said only 5 (which is only count overdue and ignore about invoice reminder). i have open this case to their support via ticket and seems their support not read carefully what i explain.. about license,,,about evidence that the whmsc cron email originally from that server.. really disappointed with their support.. they are not an expert..and just reply message without common sense ( like a machine).. hope anybody can help and confirm this is still a bug from whmcs 7.4.2 if somebody from internal whmcs ask ticket number: here is the ticket id: #JYK-610253 thanks
  8. hendranata

    Sync Next Due Date

    automatic renewal would not be disabled since the user paid the invoice or they have existing balance
  9. hendranata

    Sync Next Due Date

    helo i know "Sync Next Due Date" is a good feature. however, if we have package/service hosting + free domain. it is not good to enable "Sync Next Due Date" because the domain recurring price is 0 and if someone order and payment not the same day, next year invoice between domain and hosting will be saperate and domain price would be 0 and domain automatically renew. this is quite dangerous. yes i have read best practice settings if u have package + free domain in here https://docs.whmcs.com/Common_Promotions what i want is actually enable "Sync Next Due Date", but only non free domain can sync next due date.. about free domain they would not sync next due date. any idea?
  10. hendranata

    domain sync not update the domain expired date

    update: yes the problem from resellercamp itself. their module has a bug and fix already thanks
  11. when i upgrade from whmcs 6 to 7.2.3 some file that does not used anymore in whmcs 7.2.3 are still exist there..that is the problem sometime
  12. yeahh solved.. /modules/widgets/system_overview.php <-- this is the problem.. it might used for whmcs version 6.. and whmcs 7.2.3 is no longer used anymore..
  13. could u please show me where is $addons_html taken from? because of that.. the red box appear..
  14. i suspect that it is because our addons? hemm..

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