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    How to re-issue delted invoice for a domain

    We had an issue with our WHMCS last week, basically, someone created a spider that created an account every 5 minutes on our whmcs system and placed a spam orders. We tried everything to deal with it and eventually just shut it all down until they gave up and moved on. Anyway, we cleared out the spam orders and removed the spam accounts etc. however this caused some issues. For instance, some of the spam orders ended up on actual client invoices. This we have resolved with support, however, I have one last issue to clear up so thought I would just post it here. One of our clients has a domain that is set to renew. His invoice contained a spam order in it so I deleted the invoice no realising that the invoice was genuine apart from the one item in it... So now I have a client with a domain that is set to be renewed and no invoice... How do I re-add the invoice to that particular domain since once paid it should automatically update the details on our domain registrar? Do I just add a manual invoice and do this manually and update the domains next renewal date or should I simply move the renewal date to 1 day ahead and let the system spit out a new invoice?
  2. curacaowebhosting

    Cron problem - how to send missed invoices?

    At the start of this month, we upgraded to WHMCS 7 and we did not notice that the CRON had stopped working. So two weeks down the line we have fixed this issue, however, how do we go about sending all the missed invoices (or even finding them...)? Please advise, Many thanks,
  3. curacaowebhosting

    PayPal IPN - Multiple WHMCS installations

    I have two WHMCS licenses for the same business. The one is for our general hosting and the other is for specialized services (we developing some tools so don't want to mix the two systems). I want to setup PayPal however I note that we can only link this to a single IPN in the company PayPal account. In the PayPal documentation I note that we can send a "return_url" variable however this is not available in the WHMCS paypal options. Short of writing our own PayPal payment module, is there a simple way to sort this out?
  4. I have written a payment module for the PSP we are using however part of the requirement is that his method only be used for whitelisted customers. So I am thinking of doing the following: 1. Create a group called whitelist or provide a list of accepted id's in the payment form. 2. In the payment option, if the user belongs to the whitelist group, show the payment option, if not, hide it. The critical part is show or hide the payment module... Is this possible to do from a module? If not, then all I am currently doing is setting the "return $htmlOutput;" to empty which removes the option to click "Pay Now" from the invoice. Any ideas as to a best method on how to do this?

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