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  1. WHMCS NickH

    clientarea.php?action=domains : 500 ERROR

    Hi oricle, As Damo noted above, you'd want to enable the Display Errors at Setup > General Settings > Other tab. This would enable you to see the exact error. Based on your description, the most common thing I see come up with the same symptoms is an issue with the PHP setting for date/timezone. Should this be the issue, you can resolve it by ensuring the "date.timezone" setting in your server php.ini is properly set. If you can't access the server php.ini, you can also fix this by adding in the following code to your configuration.php file: date_default_timezone_set("TIMEZONE HERE"); You can find a list of acceptable timezone entries at: http://php.net/manual/en/timezones.php If you continue to have issues, please feel free to update this thread or open a support ticket
  2. WHMCS NickH

    shows me this message clientfunctions.php is corrupted

    Hi everyone, I am sorry to hear that you are having an issue with file corruption. This is a known issue that is happening exclusively on HostGator servers. Unfortunately, WHMCS does not have any information on what is causing this problem or how to fix it at this time. We would recommend that you try to upload a fresh copy of all the WHMCS files to see if that resolves the issue. If that does not resolve the issue, we would recommend that you reach out to HostGator Support @ http://support.hostgator.com/ with this issue, as the corruption appears to be happening due to issues with their servers. If you are NOT a HostGator customer and are having this issue, please open a support ticket with us and we will investigate the issue for you. Thanks.

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