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  1. I have created a product Addon which is basically a plugin that can be downloaded from WHMCS and comes with a unique update license ID. In WHMCS I have setup the addon, coupled the associated download and added a custom field for the license ID. I get my license ID from an external website so post-order I manually add it. To get this working I need two things 1) the send an email with the license ID 2) to display the custom field on the addon page Now for point 1 I finally figured out how to re-send the welcome mail. You can do that from the drop down menu on the product page. Don't get distracted by the big blue button to resend welcome mail, there is a dropdown box. Unfortunately right now the email is NOT including the license id. This is not working: Thank you for purchasing Plugin X Your license ID is: {$service_custom_field_pluginlicense} Do I need to use a different syntax for product addons? Is there a way I can add this to the template so I can display the customfield for this addon? E.g. if field X != empty then display {pluginlicense}?
  2. Magistar

    Using $fields in pretty url's?

    Thanks for that!
  3. Magistar

    Using $fields in pretty url's?

    I am doing some mail template customization and instead of using {$invoice_link} I would like to create a pretty link like Click here. I tried <a href="{$invoice_link}" target="_blank">Click here</a> But the output is Do I need to escape the {} somehow?
  4. Hi there. I have installed and activated the PayPal gateway and enabled it for some hosting products. However I also noticed a few clients now using it to pay for their domains. This creates an issue since Paypal is much more expensive than the other payment methods. How can I disable PayPal for domain registration and renewal?
  5. Magistar

    Google Analytics Cross Domain Checking?

    I think that will be problematic because then there is no data send on checkout, so then conversion is still unknown. I have purchased a Google Analytic plugin from market connect. Will see if that works, it is using Google tagmanager instead of regular tracker. Never used that so hope I can figure it out.
  6. Hi there. I found out that I currently cannot track my campaign because my primary website is on domain.nl whereas WHMCS is on domain.com. My WHMCS is using the default Google Analytics Addon with e-commerce tracking enabled. After some digging around I found out that for that you need a feature called cross domain checking: https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/1034342?hl=en I have no clue how to implement this because the WHMCS Addon is encrypted by ion_loader. So I cannot modify the tags. Is this possible with a hook or something? Or is there something else possible?
  7. Magistar

    WHMCS 7.2.1 Login Issues

    I had the same issue after I upgraded on my test install. Was able to trace back the issue to the browser. Meaning I could login using Chrome's In-Private browsing. Did you try that?
  8. Magistar

    Disable CAPTCHA on domain checker only?

    Wow amazing support! I tried the hook method as replacement for the mod in domainregister.tpl and worked like a charm. Did notice that when you used the box on the homepage you had to press search manually. So I tried the header update you suggested and that problem also disappeared! Thanks .
  9. It seems to be related to the parsing of the file because now that I set the file to EOL Windows (without removing the empty lines) WHMCS works very fast (e.g. 50ms). When I clean up the blank lines it doesn't render at all, not even after 10 seconds. Maybe someone is willing to rename the text file I attached back to .php and place it in overrides and see if they can reproduce the error?
  10. Today I continued working on my custom language override file. For some reason this makes WHMCS go crazy when you swap language. I double checked the file and did not find any syntax errors. What could cause this issue? Is there a maximum number of override WHMCS can handle? It is about 30 KB / 400 lines. Should overrides file have the same order as the parent file? If so is there a way to auto-arrange this? dutch.php.txt edit: I notice that the txt is set to UNIX EOL whereas the default PHP are apparently set to Windows. I changed the EOL to Windows and this resulted in a new line appearing between every variable. Now the website is working again. When I removed the empty lines it broke again. Not sure how to get this file right...
  11. Magistar

    Disable CAPTCHA on domain checker only?

    Thanks for the suggestion. Looks like a solid solution. However I am not that experienced with modding WHMCS. Where would I place that code? ps. Now running 7.2, last attempts I made was 6.3. Per your suggestion I removed the lines from domainregister.tpl in the standard cart. This worked for the search page. Of course the captcha still displays on the homepage. After some searching I found the entry in header.tpl.
  12. Hi there. I would like to disable captcha on the domain checker. However I would love to leave it enabled on the other places it shows up (e.g. login, etc). I tried to modify the theme so that CAPTCHA is not displayed, but then it does not allow me to search. Has anyone solved this?
  13. Spammers have discovered my submit ticket page and I am getting about 15 spam tickets per day. So I had to enable ReCaptcha. However I do not need this, nor do I want it, on my domain checks. This is especially problematic because I am forwarding domain checks from my WordPress page to WHMCS. I found a few topics on how to disable ReCaptcha on domain checks but they are outdated: 1) replace code with https://forums.whmcs.com/showthread.php?52110-Captcha Issue: Does not seem to work 2)deleted code in Domainchecker.tpl https://forum.whmcs.com/showthread.php?67190-Turn-Captcha-Off-For-Domain-Searches Issue: code has changed (include) and deleting it does not seem to work Is there anyone that knows how to fix this? I am sure it can be done because there is no Captcha during the ordering process.

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