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  1. They encode a maximum of 3 files, every other file is released 100% unencrypted. Paul has also confirmed to me that as long as the code is up to their standard, and it benefits all of their clients, they will accept a pull request, and potentially merge it into the core code. It is not guaranteed, but then again that is something that even WHMCS did not even allow, as 100% of their files were encoded. Is that why Blesta has more trials active now than they have ever had? Is that why they have issued more developer licenses in the last week than they had in the 3 months prior? Is that why they have spoken to hundreds of companies that have migrated to Blesta? Because people won't migrate to Blesta! Just because you won't migrate to Blesta doesn't mean others aren't and won't!
  2. You would lose! And in the UK that means the loser not only pays their court costs, but they also pay the winners costs!
  3. They do have a plan for that. It is called honoring the items terms, limiting the number of lifetime licenses sold to a reasonable level, and once they have been sold to remove them from sale. They make enough from monthly and resold licenses to not need to dick around with the prices, like WHMCS has done, going forward!
  4. The owned unbranded requires a yearly payment of $39 for updates and support. The Owned Lifetime, which costs $750, does not require such a yearly payment. Basically, if you are going to be using Blesta for 11 or more years, then it is more cost effective to purchase the Lifetime license. And Blesta strictly monitor the number of owned licenses sold, if they have sold a large number of a specific license, they will remove that license from sale while still honoring the commitments to their clients who have already purchased that license.
  5. I will ignore the majority of your comment, as I have already decided to migrate away from WHMCS and there is nothing but fluff and faux platitudes in it, however I do have one question. As you are now making the support and updates cost, for owned licenses, the same cost as the monthly licenses. Will you now be releasing a non encoded version of WHMCS? Essentially, the software will be 100% open source, and we pay for support from WHMCS, the company?
  6. It doesn't make them complicated, it makes them impossible! It is not permitted to bring a class action lawsuit in the UK. We do, however, have Group Litigation Orders (GLO), but you have to apply to the Courts for your individual case to be included in a GLO, and it is up to the Courts to decide if it is granted or not.
  7. There won't be! Best to start investigating other billing platforms and start planning a migration before July,
  8. From my understanding, new monthly licenses use the new pricing from today. You are also unable to purchase a new support plan for owned licenses. Those of us that have a current monthly license will be grandfathered in to the old pricing until our first renewal after the 1st July, when we will be paying the new prices.
  9. We are migrating to Blesta. Already with them for one of my brands, and will be migrating the other one over the next month or so.
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