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  1. Sorry, I really am just not making myself clear here. Let's put it this way. Let's assume I HAVE a client IN WHMCS. And I send them an invoice. They have never given me CC info. When they click the paynow button, can they pay with a CC WITHOUT having to login? The question is - does a client HAVE to login to pay with a CC?
  2. I use Stripe and have seamless accounting software that makes it super easy for clients to pay. They just click "pay now" in the invoice and it sends them to an online CC form. No need to sign in. The gateway (Stripe) has nothing to do with this. The accounting software does. What I am experiencing in WHMCS is that this is not possible. All the test invoices I have tried always want me to login to pay. This has nothing to do with Stripe. It appears the WHMCS does not allow someone to pay unless they login. If this is not true the please, please - tell me how/where the answer is.
  3. Ok. Let me explain again. The product that I created in WHMCS is a monthly product. I created that first. I then imported a client from cPanel and assigned them a monthly hosting product. When I look at the new client, I see the service/product is indeed a hosting package. This package has a set monthly fee. So why do I have to set up the payment amount? The product already has that set up. If I have to reset in the client > product/service area, then why did i set up the price in the product? This really doesn't make sense. Sorry :(
  4. The product is monthly. I have no one-time products. I went and did it three more times. It finally worked. But why do I have to set up a next due date? Isn't that set up already in the product? I set a prorated date for the 1st. This is terribly complicated :( Also, can I send an invoice for a onetime payment and have the client pay with CC WITHOUT them having to create an account? I offer a lot of one-time services that only require one payment and then I never hear from the client again. I don't want to burden them with having to create an account/login to have to pay with CC.
  5. Also, nothing saved. When I updated the amount and changed it to monthly recurring and save it didn't work. Frustrating.
  6. The "Next Due Date" is N/A. Why? Also, is there a way to just send them an invoice, have it automate each month and store their CC info without them ever logging in? Thanks.
  7. Steve907

    MarketConnect SiteLock w/ Hosting

    So, I can set up a product bundle, attached it to a hosting service (so folks get the option to select the bundle at checkout), right? So, when they purchase it, does sitelock (or whatever marketplace item) automaitcally install?
  8. I am just starting out with WHMCS. I want to offer three hosting packages the each include MarketConnect services. For example - Basic accounts get SiteLock Lite and Pro accounts get SiteLock Fix. My questions: How do I connect Sitelock so it is installed as part of the hosting package? I want the price of Sitelock to be INCLUDED in the price of hosting. Let's say hosting is $39/mth. That includes SiteLock. I don't want a client to be billed for hosting and separately for SiteLock. So should I just set my hosting product price to $39 and have SiteLock charge $0 to my customers. For now, I do not want it to be available as an Addon. Just included in hosting. Thanks for the help.
  9. So, this has to be a common issue, but I have yet to find the answer anywhere. I hope you can help. I have 30 clients on WHM. I have connected WHM to WHMCS. I have products. It is all set up. I even imported a clients cpanel. Yea. But that is where the confusion begins. What is the best way to import existing accounts from WHM to WHMCS, assign them to clients and set up payment? The client I imported was assigned to a product based on their WHM package. So that went OK. But how do I set them up for payment? Right now, this client has no payment and is set up for FREE billing cycle (though the product is definitely set up for monthly). So, I need to have the client, the account, the cPanel and payment all set up. HOW????! IDEA ONE Import all the WHM accounts into WHMCS. This will basically give me 30 domains, but no client info and no payment info. So then the questions is what next? How do clients get login info for their accounts? And how do they set up payment? IDEA TWO Tell my clients to go to WHMCS and sign up for a new hosting plan. Have them enter all their info, including payment (and make sure WHMCS does not set up a module). But again... then what. How do I connect their WHM account to them? IDEA THREE Help?? What is the right way to do this? Feeling lost and frustrated. Hope you can help. Thanks.
  10. Steve907

    Questions About Setting Up WHMCS

    Thanks for all the feedback. It is comforting to hear. I am just going to have to take it slow, ask for help when i need it and it will all fall into place. I appreciate the advice.
  11. Steve907

    Questions About Setting Up WHMCS

    Thanks for the feedback. I am just completely overwhelmed. So I will just have to reevaluate the amount of time I thought it would take to get this all set up. But really, I am not even sure if I have it installed in the best directory. Do I want people to connect to it via mydomain.com/whmcs? Or whmcs.mydomain.com? Obviously I won't name the folder whmcs, but I don't even know what to name it. It looks like EVERYONE accesses information via this path. So do I call it clients, account, buynow, portal... Or if I use some integration plugin, then maybe it doesn't matter. But it seems like an important decision and I am finding little guiding information.
  12. OK. So, I am new to WHMCS. And have some basic questions that I cannot find answers for. How do I display the order form for a customer? Do they have to be logged in? The link to the order form is totally branded with WHMCS? How do I get rid of this? How do I change the WHMCS menu on the frontend? Is there a way to do this? It currentlylooks like it is not part of my website. How do people integrate this into their sites? I am a designer, not a developer... what is important to me is a seamless website that doesn't bounce people all over the place and looks like another website. I want the products to be for sale on page that looks exactly like my website. I want the login area to look like my website. How do we integrate this? Sorry I am so stupid. I am new to this and this is SOOOOO HUUUGE. And the help docs spend so much time talking about setting up products and automated emails. This is all good stuff. But I can't find anything about creating a seamless user experience for my customers. How to embed order forms, support forums, documents and all that stuff, so it looks like it is actually part of my website. I still can't even figure out if I should have installed this as a subdomain or a folder? Because, I don't know how the customer interacts with WHMCS. My first priority is customer experience. Does the URL make sense? Can the customer ever find their place on the site again? How do I keep a seamless navigation. This is UX design and really want to adhere to it. I am not complaining. This is a great program... but it is overwhelming and the fact I can't figure out how to get rid of the WHMCS logo just stresses me out. (One of hundreds of things that I can't figure out). How can a create a UX experience if I can't even figure out how to change the logo? Just feeling helpless, hopeless and overwhelmed...

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