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  1. Hi, We have created some promo codes and given to our affiliate partners. They have appended promo codes with their affiliate Id(For eg: their affiliate id is "www.mysite.com/clients/*?aff=2" and promo code is "MSWPMONSOON25", so they have created url like "www.mysite.com/clients/*?aff=2&promocode=MSWPMONSOON25" This url is perfectly redirecting to our mysite.com home page and while going to checkout there is not showing respective promo code. But if we append same promo code with our direct cart url "http://www.mysite.com/clients/cart.php?gid=4&promocode=MSWPMONSOON25" and its working fine and this promo code is validated in checkout page. So please guide us how to append promo codes with affiliate ids.
  2. Hi , Can you help me, how to change client area theme color? Regards Danesh
  3. Then how it is showing in pending order list as "pending" and in respective client portal Service as "Pending as well? This should be shown as "acitve" in both places know? and customer would be getting the loging credentials thru mails also?
  4. Hi this SSL error has been resolved, now it is creating some other error as mentioned below...plz guide me as usual client sign up and payment processing is showing completed, but all the orders showing under pending order and while trying to accept order manually, its is showing the bellow error.. Order Accept Encountered Problems (XID uhk8a7) The domain “jobsoch.com” already exists in the Apache configuration. How to resolve this? We have configured Module Setting as - Automatically setup the product as soon as the first payment is received
  5. We dont have developer, all configuration,installation and set up was done by WHMCS team only, what should I do? even not geting help on this matter from WHMCS tech team ;(
  6. Hi, We have updated the same to our hosting team and they have done few things as you told, but still it is showing the same error. 1. They have enabled curl. and replied the below: "Please note that we have made some changes in the server realted to curl settings with SSL. Kindly check now at your end and also the above line which you have mentioned have to add in the file "rest_proxy.php" which is one of the API file. Please note that this is related to the API file which you have installed. This is some thing you need to check from your end. We don't have the access to the client files. AS each and every file under your API has been mapped to another files,we don't no the structure of those files. Hence we advice you to check with your developer and add the above line in the file API file "rest_proxy.php" and proceed further." What to do now??
  7. No, I have already configured Auto set up module(while clients placing orders)but it is not happening automatically while clients place orders and it is showing in pending order list. So i have tried to manually accept the orders from pending order area and showing this error: "Order Accept Encountered Problems Connection Error: Unknown SSL protocol error in connection to (My IP address)(35)
  8. Dear All, We are facing some SSL error issues in WHMCS order are, please find the scree shot and help us to fix this issue... Regards Dane
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