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  1. 1web

    Oops Error

    Update This error occurs if the hostname is left blank
  2. 1web

    Oops Error

    Hi there I`m having an issue when setting up a server I am getting the following oops error when I save server config WHMCS\Exception\Validation\InvalidHostAddress in /home/sites/9b/5/57393ced86/public_html/members/vendor/whmcs/whmcs-foundation/lib/Filter/HostAddress.php:0 Stack trace: #0 /home/sites/9b/5/57393ced86/public_html/members/admin/configservers.php(0): WHMCS\Filter\HostAddress->__construct('', '', '') #1 {main} whmcs version 7.8.3 php version 7.3 This is fresh install with no modules activated any help greatly appreciated
  3. link for storage settings is doing the same found the issue friendly urls needed changing back to basic
  4. Hey all Just wondering if any one else is having this issue since i ve updated to 7.8.1 all links for apps and integrations and links relating to addonmodules.php no longer work error displayed as 404 Not Found The requested URL was not found on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request
  5. All values set are showing in php info local value master value max_execution_time 0 90 max_file_uploads 20 20 max_input_nesting_level 64 64 max_input_time -1 -1 max_input_vars 6000 2000 memory_limit 756M 756M
  6. Hi @steven99 Thats correct yes. I have changed the settings in cpanel, php selector switch to php options. I have also added the below to my .htaccess file and still no change php_value max_input_vars 6000 php_value suhosin.get.max_vars 6000 php_value suhosin.post.max_vars 6000 php_value suhosin.request.max_vars 6000
  7. Hi Nathan Increased all those but still no change Thanks
  8. Hi Brian Thank you for the reply I have increased the memory limit but that has not resolved it. I have not had any issues with setting up domains as I use the resellerclub addon to import domain names etc
  9. Hey Is there a limit to how many configurable options that can be created. I have set up an option for operating system we have over 30 different options I got to number 27 and it wont allow me to add any more options after entering the option name and setting the position im hitting save but the options are not being saved Many Thanks
  10. Hi Guys In configurable options I have created an option called server which has a selection of server names im trying to get that to show in a custom product email im currently using this {$service_config_options_server} Above is not working its not showing the output in the emails when sent im wanting it to show https://{$service_config_options_server}:2087 ex https:// my.server.io:2087 in the email it just shows https:// :2087 Thanks in advance
  11. Hi Both Thank you for the reply, I have set my mail settings for smtp and that has worked Kind Regards
  12. Hey guys I have started using trustpilot for auto reviews ive added the bcc address to my order confirmation mail template but its not being sent to trustpilot should I be using smtp or php any one got any ideas Thanks in advance
  13. You could check out zomex they provide complete whmcs set up <Removed by WHMCS Staff - Rule 3.6 Affiliate and referral links may not be used, these links are those that link to a site and contain information crediting the person with that referral> Best Regards
  14. Hi Guys I am having issues also with the domain registration and transfer pages since the recent update domain recommendations do not work pricelist appears and disappears Can someone from WHMCS take a look at what it is doing here is the link https://chelthosting.com/registerdomain.php it also does the same if you use https://chelthosting.com/cart.php?a=add&domain=register
  15. Hi there I have an account with Budgetvm they have a module for whmcs versions 5 and 6 but hasnt been updated for 7 is there any one that uses budgetvm and has found a work around for the module to work with 7 i dont think they will be updating it any time soon
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