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  1. sanechoice

    Lagom - Simple and intuitive WHMCS theme

    Great news Pawel! We have downloaded now and taking the new release through its paces!
  2. sanechoice

    Adding an ICON to Menu

    Thanks Guys. But still not joy. I used @WHMCS Peter's code and, again, the menu item disappears the minute I add this line: ->setIcon('fas fa-shopping-cart'); As soon as I remove that line, the LOGIN text menu appears again. Any ideas?
  3. Hi All, Been messing around with this for a while but it's not working. Time to as k the experts!! I have a hook that displays LOGIN only when people are logged out. However, I want to add a Font Awesome icon to the menu item. This is the current code: <?php use WHMCS\View\Menu\Item as MenuItem; add_hook('ClientAreaPrimaryNavbar', 1, function(MenuItem $primaryNavbar) { $client = Menu::context('client'); if (is_null($client)) { $primaryNavbar->addChild('Login') ->setUri('https://www.webssiteking.com/clientarea.php/') ->setOrder(70); } }); I tried adding the below but that just causes the menu item to disappear altogether! ->setIcon('fa-shopping-cart'); So, if I want to add an icon next to a menu created in a hook, how should one do this? Thanks in advance. Brad
  4. sanechoice

    Lagom - Simple and intuitive WHMCS theme

    Hi Pavel, I was having a look at your sales website and there is a link error: https://lagom.rsstudio.net/theme/configuration.html = 404 Error. It was on the simple management Learn More link shown in the attached screenshot. Thanks, Brad
  5. sanechoice

    Lagom - Simple and intuitive WHMCS theme

    Hi Pavel, Very nice theme indeed. Does this work with the WHMCS Project module? Thanks, Brad
  6. sanechoice

    Add Funds line item added to new Invoices

    Thank you, Lawrence. Feels like a likely smoking gun as its logical - but not sure what we changed to cause this issue. I have updated the ticket with all relevant access details so you can remediate the issue. Thank you very much in advance. All - once this is identified and fixed, I will ensure to post back on here so the thread can be closed satisfactorily and benefit others.
  7. sanechoice

    Add Funds line item added to new Invoices

    Hi Brian, Thanks for getting back. We are using the latest version of WHMCS 7.7.1 and we have not added any new plugins. I have had a look and cannot see any that would even contain a function to Add Funds to invoices when a customer has not requested this. Some of our clients had an automated invoice created as part of a service and they were there! They questioned and we (embarrassingly) removed and reissued. We tried a test on our own account and it happened the first time but not the second. We need to keep testing to see if this occurs again. (The test was using a Bank Transfer). Very strange eh?! Is there any logs that I should look at to see why it would be created with an extra one item? Or even where to look in the database? Thanks, Brad
  8. All, We have noticed some strange behaviour when creating a new invoice - or automated invoices are created. Clients have all the right line items specific to that invoice - but then an added Add Funds line item is also included. We have notice £50 and £100 so far which no one has added. Which is really disconcerting for clients and did not use to happen. Has anyone else experienced this issue in the past or now? Thanks, Brad
  9. Yep - sounds about the right time for it. Ah - good point. I wonder, however, if the same code and principal will work in the client template? i.e. adding Payment Method to the Services Summary page.
  10. Thanks @brian! however, unless I am going mad (possible) I cannot see the below file in the templates folder. clientsummary.tpl Is this this the right TPL file to edit?
  11. sanechoice

    Misaligned Sidebar

    Thanks @brian! - that worked an absolute treat.
  12. sanechoice

    Misaligned Sidebar

    Dear Community, I have noticed that one some pages (SIX theme) that a sidebar can be misaligned, I think this happens when the main panel is very short and thus the sidebar moves to the right. Please see attached screenshot to show you the issue - it happy on various pages. Does anyone else experience this issue? Does anyone babe a workaround to address? (i.e. not one where you ad <P> to the bottom of the pages to force it to be longer) Thanks Brad
  13. Dear All, I very much liked the code from @brian! to display (for products) the payment method. Very neat. However, I was wondering how you make what is displayed a little more friendly. i.e. instead of mailin being shown, it should be shown as Mail Payment. And instead of banktransfer it said Direct Bank Transfer. Just something a little more readable or the clients. I am not an expert in coding, so would appreciate some understanding of how to achieve this. Thanks in advance. Regards, Brad
  14. Not a dumb question at all. The answer is not only yes, but it is recommended that you operate your WHMCS software on a separate server.
  15. Hi @Rabab, Are you still experiencing this issue? Thanks, Brad

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