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  1. Yep - sounds about the right time for it. Ah - good point. I wonder, however, if the same code and principal will work in the client template? i.e. adding Payment Method to the Services Summary page.
  2. Thanks @brian! however, unless I am going mad (possible) I cannot see the below file in the templates folder. clientsummary.tpl Is this this the right TPL file to edit?
  3. sanechoice

    Misaligned Sidebar

    Thanks @brian! - that worked an absolute treat.
  4. sanechoice

    Misaligned Sidebar

    Dear Community, I have noticed that one some pages (SIX theme) that a sidebar can be misaligned, I think this happens when the main panel is very short and thus the sidebar moves to the right. Please see attached screenshot to show you the issue - it happy on various pages. Does anyone else experience this issue? Does anyone babe a workaround to address? (i.e. not one where you ad <P> to the bottom of the pages to force it to be longer) Thanks Brad
  5. Dear All, I very much liked the code from @brian! to display (for products) the payment method. Very neat. However, I was wondering how you make what is displayed a little more friendly. i.e. instead of mailin being shown, it should be shown as Mail Payment. And instead of banktransfer it said Direct Bank Transfer. Just something a little more readable or the clients. I am not an expert in coding, so would appreciate some understanding of how to achieve this. Thanks in advance. Regards, Brad
  6. Not a dumb question at all. The answer is not only yes, but it is recommended that you operate your WHMCS software on a separate server.
  7. Hi @Rabab, Are you still experiencing this issue? Thanks, Brad
  8. sanechoice

    New Order Configuration Questions

    So there seems to be two problems you are describing here: The order (hosting account and domain registration) was processed automatically after you accepted the order. Despite the order being processed, you still had an outstanding balance left for the client to pay. Does that broadly describe the experience?
  9. sanechoice

    Exchange Rates Update Failed

    Just to be clear for all, I have also observed this bug in 7.6.1 and the hotfix indeed fixes the issue.
  10. sanechoice

    Invoice generation issue

    It’s an interesting issue! When you changed the renewal dates, did it fall within the 10 days or was it 11,12 etc? I am wondering whether WHMCS does not trigger if within the 10 days but would trigger if it counted down to 10 days.
  11. Dear Team, Does anyone know how to create a HOOK script which will create a support ticket for all clients when a Network issue is added? Simplistically, we want everyone to automatically get an email (via support ticket) when we scheduled maintenance. We know we need to use the below hook, but how do we create a ticket for all clients once added? <?php add_hook('NetworkIssueAdd', 1, function($vars) { // Perform hook code here... }); Thanks, Brad
  12. sanechoice


    Hi @pLayEasZ, If you get stuck, posts the server specs on here before purchasing and the community can aid you further. Thanks, Brad
  13. Hi @vincitytaymodaimo, Yes - to support the answers above, we would recommend WHMCS being on its own server. We had issues with automation when it occurred locally so operation is the ideal mitigation. Have a look at our website and Control Panel - these are on separate hosts in separate countries. Thanks, Brad
  14. sanechoice

    Lagom - Simple and intuitive WHMCS theme

    As @ExonHost says, nice and clean design! Assume this was a whole bunch of CSS edits and overhaul? Happy to do a bit of play testing if you think that would be helpful? Thanks, Brad SaneChoice Limited.
  15. sanechoice

    Hello :-)

    Hi Bejamin, Good to hear from you! You may consider adding some more customisation to blend in better. You can make some small changes which makes a large impact! Thanks, Brad

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