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  1. Hi All, We offer a free trial for PLESK which last a month. When a client clicks upgrade (to upgrade to a paid product version) how is that handled? i.e. does the old account get deleted and new one setup? Or does it simply upgrade the account and keeps all the files/settings etc? Thanks in advance.
  2. Welcome to the Community and Welcome to WHMCS, Irfan!
  3. Hi Sal, I hope you are doing well? Ill try best to answer from our findings but please also canvas the excellent experience within this community! We have a VPS running PLESK and WAF for WHMCS. This works well and, on whole, we don't have any issues with WAF using MODSECUIRTY. There is the odd glitch, but using logs you can see what rule is causing the issue and "tweak". Naturally, you still need to apply other security at the Operating System and Webserver layer as WAF is not enough to harden on its own. (i.e. ensuring that your Cyphers for SSL are modern and TLS1.2/1.3 are primary, etc). We have a CDN on our main Website but have (for now) decided to not use for WHMCS. So much of the calls go back to the WHMCS database that if you don't distribute your database then you get quite a slow user experience - even if you do store your CSS, JS and Images on the CDN's POPs. I would be equally interested if anyone in the community has managed to crack this - whether using a CDN or distributed installation. Thanks, Brad
  4. Hi Team, I am glad I read this post as we have seen similar issues/concerns whilst testing. I think that if you are going to need PRO to optimise pages, then that should be stated within the control panel. At the moment, you use the LITE version, click the button and get no response. It just looks broken. Very simple change to add some HTML to say - requires PRO to utilise. The support from MarketGoo needs to improve a little. I sent an email, not even an auto-responder to say that "we got it, back soon" was received. It was a little unnerving and gives a feeling of no one at the end of the line. (Which will be a problem if you run into an advanced issue). I accept (and understand) that LITE is meant to push for PRO. But LITE really needs to add a little more value than it does to make people WANT to move to PRO. In our testing, we all agree that LITE just makes us want to avoid PRO. There was just not enough compelling us to upgrade. We should remark that Weebly and MailChimp does a far better job of making their free and junior versions of the software useful until you need to progress. There just seems to be value in the FREE product. I know these are different services, but both have been useful in LITE/FREE versions and have compelled an upgrade to obtain more features. This product has so much potential, but it's not something we can really offer our customer (in its current form) at this time. At the very least, LITE should be a free version and PRO the fully paid, The current pricing model makes LITE almost obsolete. Thanks, Brad
  5. Thanks for all your help @WHMCS Stephen. Sadly, I only managed to cause a Whoops! error by uploading the file! Ill have to keep playing around but my brilliance in this area is somewhat lacking!
  6. Hi Community, We have some sidebars in WHMCS but I want to change the order of them. As you can see from the screenshot, Your Recent Tickets is above Support. How do I move Support to the top? I have had a look at the documentation from WHMCS and not quite sure I can find how to easily achieve this. Thanks in advance. Brad
  7. Hi All, I have also upgraded to the 7.10 and the Weebly Free plan seems to be having some issues. Does anyone have the issue when clicking the free plan (from the client portal) they are presented with a Whoops! error? Screenshot below. Thanks, Brad
  8. Thanks you Brian! Appreciated. Now, one more question if you don't mind! CSS related for Outlook rendering. Do you know what CSS you need to update to stop the text having no space at all with the border? Please see screenshot. Outlook is a pain for rendering!!
  9. Hi Team, How do I use smarty but within an email link? In essence, I want a pretty link but use the URL supplied by Smarty. However, when I create a link and insert the Smarty code, the recipient sees the link and it looks all broken. In essence, the below code does not work: <a href="{$ticket_link}">Ticket Link</a> Any ideas?
  10. Hi Team, I know this one should be basic (!) but I keep getting stuck on improving the email templates that go out. (Currently using the standard WHMCS CSS / Header / Footer). We want to use good fonts (i.e. Ubuntu) and get the BODY font to use them. Where do we add this google font and what CSS do we update within the template. We have been playing around but not getting much success. Thanks in advance.
  11. Hi Brian! No - this is incredibly helpful indeed! Exactly what we missed in terms of a user experience. Having to scroll down through so many domain names does impair visibility to what the customer is looking for. Pawel is a very responsive for bugs and feature suggestions. Ill raise this with him and see if he would consider this for an upcoming version. Thank you again!
  12. Hi Keith, When you say store section, is there a particular section you would like me to home in on? Thanks, Brad.
  13. Hi Community Members, 2020 looms and we are refitting our Website! Naturally, using a mixture of WordPress, WHMCS and various templates. It does not matter what we think so would love to get some honest opinions from the community to see where we can improve! The website is still evolving but any feedback at this early stage is both welcomed and appreciated. Please have a look at: https://www.sanechoice.com I look forward to hearing your views! Thanks, Brad
  14. Hi There! Welcome to the community! Thanks, Brad.
  15. Hi Dam, Welcome to the community! I am sure the community can help you with this sorts of questions so you have come to the right place! Look forward to connecting more - please reach out if you have any WHMCS questions. Regards, Brad.
  16. Great news Pawel! We have downloaded now and taking the new release through its paces!
  17. Thanks Guys. But still not joy. I used @WHMCS Peter's code and, again, the menu item disappears the minute I add this line: ->setIcon('fas fa-shopping-cart'); As soon as I remove that line, the LOGIN text menu appears again. Any ideas?
  18. Hi All, Been messing around with this for a while but it's not working. Time to as k the experts!! I have a hook that displays LOGIN only when people are logged out. However, I want to add a Font Awesome icon to the menu item. This is the current code: <?php use WHMCS\View\Menu\Item as MenuItem; add_hook('ClientAreaPrimaryNavbar', 1, function(MenuItem $primaryNavbar) { $client = Menu::context('client'); if (is_null($client)) { $primaryNavbar->addChild('Login') ->setUri('https://www.webssiteking.com/clientarea.php/') ->setOrder(70); } }); I tried adding the below but that just causes the menu item to disappear altogether! ->setIcon('fa-shopping-cart'); So, if I want to add an icon next to a menu created in a hook, how should one do this? Thanks in advance. Brad
  19. Hi Pavel, I was having a look at your sales website and there is a link error: https://lagom.rsstudio.net/theme/configuration.html = 404 Error. It was on the simple management Learn More link shown in the attached screenshot. Thanks, Brad
  20. Hi Pavel, Very nice theme indeed. Does this work with the WHMCS Project module? Thanks, Brad
  21. Thank you, Lawrence. Feels like a likely smoking gun as its logical - but not sure what we changed to cause this issue. I have updated the ticket with all relevant access details so you can remediate the issue. Thank you very much in advance. All - once this is identified and fixed, I will ensure to post back on here so the thread can be closed satisfactorily and benefit others.
  22. Hi Brian, Thanks for getting back. We are using the latest version of WHMCS 7.7.1 and we have not added any new plugins. I have had a look and cannot see any that would even contain a function to Add Funds to invoices when a customer has not requested this. Some of our clients had an automated invoice created as part of a service and they were there! They questioned and we (embarrassingly) removed and reissued. We tried a test on our own account and it happened the first time but not the second. We need to keep testing to see if this occurs again. (The test was using a Bank Transfer). Very strange eh?! Is there any logs that I should look at to see why it would be created with an extra one item? Or even where to look in the database? Thanks, Brad
  23. All, We have noticed some strange behaviour when creating a new invoice - or automated invoices are created. Clients have all the right line items specific to that invoice - but then an added Add Funds line item is also included. We have notice £50 and £100 so far which no one has added. Which is really disconcerting for clients and did not use to happen. Has anyone else experienced this issue in the past or now? Thanks, Brad
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