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  1. Thanks for your reply, I had to create a temporary database and save the required data via ajax before submitting the payment, and modify the orderform and creditcard template, works flawless
  2. Hello! I was having exactly the same problem, and unfortunately the remote input is not an option, my provider does not provide the Iframe mentioned by WHMCS, and also, it looks like that remoteinput function has messed up with the store remote function as well, because now my payment gateway is broken. My gateway requires name on card, ID and installments number, adding thesse fields to the checkout.tpl and creditcard.tpl does not fix the issue, these new fields dont get posted to the payment gateway. What I did additional to create those fields in the tpl files, was adding an additional function to the submit button, you need to retrieve those fields in your _capture function right? I used to diffferent methods, cookies and a mysql table. With cookie you store those field values in a cookie, and then retrieve them back in the capture function, however sometimes cookies are not safe, and I did want to have a log of those fields plus the "store credit card" chosen value. So I created a new table in the database (paymen_cc_additional_fields for example) and save those field values in the database via ajax (had to create a php file to insert this data in the database too) and then read those values back from the payment gateway, using the email address as a key It worked awesome, until the last update to 7.9 because now the workflow of tokenized gateways changed, but I have that posted in another topic Hope my idea helps
  3. Hello! I just upgraded to WHMCS 7.9, I had some customization in my cart and now I have to merge them to the newest standard_cart. Something changed in the standard card js file, My payment gateway is tokenized, therefore it has 2 functions _capture and _storeremote _storeremote should be used ONLY if the client chooses to save the card right? However I found that having the _storeremote function set in my payment gateway sets on the payment checkbox at the cart the data "RemoteCreditCard" and this causes to disable the save card switch. Then, all the cards get saved and my customers don't have the option to choose to save the card anymore. Why was this changed? on 7.8 and earlier this was not working that way, I cannot force to my clients to save every card they use, that is illegal! I should be able to execute only _capture if the client chooses not to save the card and _storeremote if they choose to do it. On version 7.8 there was a parameter called "nostore" on the standar_cart/checkout.tpl witch was set in the input #inputNoStore No matter if the gateway was tokenized this parameter was sent during the checkout, now if the gateway has the function "_storeremote" in the checkout the input with name "paymentmethod" gets the data-payment-type='RemoteCreditCard' and this parameters hides the nostore switch, and first I cannot save the token for every card with my provider, also, my client must be able to choose to save the card. Previous WHMCS was working fine, the exact same 2 functions, and if the nostore was 1 , _capture was executed, and if nostore was 0, _storeremote was executed first and then _capture, but this is not working like this anymore, why?
  4. Hello! Our payment gateway provider requires 3 additional parameters in credit card payments, otherwise their antifraud module triggers a fraud attempt and the payment fails. I know other countries don´t require this, but in my country is mandatory for this company. They require name on the card, National ID number and number of installments . I could achieve this by setting cookies via Jquery and reading them back in PHP, this works, however, some customers have addons on their browsers that mess with the cookies, and some of our payments fail because they lack of this parameters. Adding the input fields in the template does not solve the issue because the data does not get posted to the credit card gateway. Does anybody know how to get this working? I would appreciate any help
  5. Hello! Just to add some information, I think he wants to run the cron every 5 minutos, because WHMCS documentations says to do it: System Cron The system cron automates tasks within WHMCS. It should be configured as follows: Version System Cron Frequency WHMCS 6.3.x and earlier Once per day WHMCS 7.0 and later Every 5 minutes, or as frequently as your web hosting provider allows (minimum once per hour) https://docs.whmcs.com/Crons
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