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  1. Can't remove Change Password from module

    The button is next to the Suspend Unspend buttons in the module command area of the product in the admin area.
  2. Can't remove Change Password from module

    When you say pure hook you mean inside /includes/hooks correct? It didn't work there either. Again no errors, just not working. I also place it inside the hooks.php file inside the module and it didn't work. This module is not an addon module so there is nothing to activate.
  3. Can't remove Change Password from module

    Thank you but that didn't work for me, I'm beginning to think I have a php conflict somewhere. No errors anywhere that I can see it just not working.
  4. I've created a provisioning module for v7.3.0 and I'm using the following to remove the Change Password button from the Module Command area in admin but it isn't working: add_hook('ClientAreaPrimarySidebar', 1, function(MenuItem $primarySidebar) { if(null !== $primarySidebar->getChild('Service Details Actions')) { $primarySidebar->getChild('Service Details Actions') ->removeChild('Change Password'); } }); Why isn't this working? It looks right to me.
  5. Display one time amount at checkout?

    That did the trick. Thank you very much! I'm sure others will find this useful as well.
  6. Display one time amount at checkout?

    That would be awesome, thank you!
  7. Display one time amount at checkout?

    There is a one-time cost and you should be able to show it at checkout, that makes sense. Customers have to pay something at checkout so that should be shown, don't you think? I think recurring should be shown too, don't get me wrong, both should be shown.
  8. Display one time amount at checkout?

    Okay, I'm not to sure why a totalonetime wasn't programmed though. It seems like it should be there. The One Time fee items aren't even listed at in the summary at checkout with the standard cart and I'm not sure why WHMCS would leave something like that out. You have two possible pricing types recurring or one-time, free is free there is no price. Why would they create separate totals for all the recurring cycles and not one for one time products, makes no sense. I had to resort to hiding the listing completely when one time with smarty.
  9. Display one time amount at checkout?

    I forgot to mention that this is the standard_cart/viewcart.tpl
  10. Is possible to display the one time amount separately like you can with recurring amounts? How can I show the one time amount with the following (obviously what I wrote isn't working): <div class="recurring-totals clearfix"> <span class="pull-left">{$LANG.orderForm.totals}</span> <span id="recurring" class="pull-right recurring-charges"> <span id="recurringMonthly" {if !$totalrecurringmonthly}style="display:none;"{/if}> <span class="cost">{$totalrecurringmonthly}</span> {$LANG.orderpaymenttermmonthly}<br /> </span> <span id="recurringQuarterly" {if !$totalrecurringquarterly}style="display:none;"{/if}> <span class="cost">{$totalrecurringquarterly}</span> {$LANG.orderpaymenttermquarterly}<br /> </span> <span id="recurringSemiAnnually" {if !$totalrecurringsemiannually}style="display:none;"{/if}> <span class="cost">{$totalrecurringsemiannually}</span> {$LANG.orderpaymenttermsemiannually}<br /> </span> <span id="recurringAnnually" {if !$totalrecurringannually}style="display:none;"{/if}> <span class="cost">{$totalrecurringannually}</span> {$LANG.orderpaymenttermannually}<br /> </span> <span id="recurringBiennially" {if !$totalrecurringbiennially}style="display:none;"{/if}> <span class="cost">{$totalrecurringbiennially}</span> {$LANG.orderpaymenttermbiennially}<br /> </span> <span id="recurringTriennially" {if !$totalrecurringtriennially}style="display:none;"{/if}> <span class="cost">{$totalrecurringtriennially}</span> {$LANG.orderpaymenttermtriennially}<br /> </span> <span id="onetime" {if !$totalonetime}style="display:none;"{/if}> <span class="cost">{$totalonetime}</span> {$LANG.orderpaymenttermonetime}<br /> </span> </span> </div>
  11. Auto set product status to Completed?

    Okay thanks, I'll get someone to work on the hook.
  12. Capture serviceid of product?

    I used a Custom field to capture the serviceid and then a hook to run a function for this. It wasn't easy but it worked.
  13. Is there currently a way with WHCMS 7.3 to automatically set a certain product to Completed instead of Active when the invoice is paid or the product/service has been delivered? I was thinking about a simple if statement somewhere, if product name is this then status = completed. Any ideas on how I could do this?
  14. I have a product that has been created within WHMCS and inside the product in the client area there is a button that takes the customer to another product for the purchase of a custom upgrade. Is there a way I can capture the serviceid of the product in which the button was clicked to purchase the upgrade? So: Product1 >> button click >> checkout for upgrade >> upgrade purchase confirmation >> output Product1 serviceid for upgrade function to run I hope that isn't too confusing.
  15. Running v7.2.3 and have my website secure by using https in the URL field in settings so all my whmcs pages automatically go to https, but is there a way I can make one page within whmcs not https and only http? In WHMCS 5 you had two URL fields in settings one with SSL and one without but now that's gone so my http API does not function. The API I use is only provided over http.

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