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  1. robetus

    Adding recaptcha v2 to the checkout page

    Setup > General Settings > Security Tab > Captcha Form Protection > Choose "Always On"
  2. robetus

    Adding recaptcha v2 to the checkout page

    Not worried, I just wanted to help you get it working is all.
  3. robetus

    Adding recaptcha v2 to the checkout page

    Can you provide a screenshot of the error you're getting? Maybe I don't fully understand what you're talking about. I think you're error is even though you have checked the captcha it still shows the error: Please, confirm that you are not a robot! Correct? You're saying the hook does not read the captcha has been checked? Going on almost a week for me with no errors!
  4. robetus

    Adding recaptcha v2 to the checkout page

    I actually tried six too with no difference in performance.
  5. robetus

    Adding recaptcha v2 to the checkout page

    Oh okay, do you have a highly customized theme or module running? I have a highly customized theme and pretty crazy modules running on WHMCS install too though. Well we'll have to see if someone else trys it out.
  6. robetus

    Adding recaptcha v2 to the checkout page

    I've been running it for the last 4 days and no problems or complaints from customers. With many orders placed. It's strange it's not working for you. Did you try commenting out the two payment methods lines and just using the captcha for all payment methods?
  7. robetus

    Adding recaptcha v2 to the checkout page

    Interesting, I just tried it again a few times because when you said it didn't work for you it made me paranoid. In all the tests I did it worked perfectly. I actually just commented out the payment method lines and have the captcha required for all payment methods. If this works for me I'm sure it will work for others.
  8. robetus

    Adding recaptcha v2 to the checkout page

    It would be really cool if we could figure out a way to show/hide the captcha depending on which payment method was selected. So if a customer selects credit card then it would show the captcha but not for other payment methods.
  9. robetus

    Adding recaptcha v2 to the checkout page

    I just inserted inside my checkout.tpl file where I wanted to captcha to be and it works fine for me (with the hook I posted): <script src='https://www.google.com/recaptcha/api.js'></script> <div class="g-recaptcha" data-sitekey="YOUR_RECAPTCHA_PUBLIC_KEY_HERE"></div> Try it. If you don't include the api.js it won't show any captcha.
  10. robetus

    Adding recaptcha v2 to the checkout page

    Sorry left out something big. I wish I could edit my original but I guess I can't. You also need to add this: <script src='https://www.google.com/recaptcha/api.js'></script> to the head.tpl file or just in the checkout.tpl file which is what I did.
  11. I found an older post regarding this but I wanted to post a working hook that adds recaptcha to the checkout page. I think this a great thing especially if you're being bombarded with fake accounts and orders. /includes/hooks/checkout-recaptcha.php: <?php if (!defined("WHMCS")) die("This file cannot be accessed directly"); function limitOrders($vars) { $url = 'https://www.google.com/recaptcha/api/siteverify'; $privatekey = "YOUR_RECAPTCHA_SECRET_KEY_HERE"; $response = file_get_contents($url . "?secret=" . $privatekey . "&response=" . $_POST['g-recaptcha-response'] . "&remoteip=" . $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']); $data = json_decode($response); if (isset($data->success) AND $data->success == true) { // everything is ok! } else { $pm = $vars['paymentmethod']; if ($pm == "paypalpaymentspro") { global $errormessage; $errormessage.= "<li> Please, confirm that you are not a robot! <br/></li>"; } //if CC } } //function add_hook("ShoppingCartValidateCheckout", 1, "limitOrders"); Change YOUR_RECAPTCHA_SECRET_KEY_HERE to your the recaptcha private/secret key Google gives you. I'm using for my credit card checkout which is "paypalpaymentspro" but you can use it for any payment method. I think you really only need if you accept credits though. To get your payment method view source on the checkout page and search for "paymentmethod" your payment method will be near this. In your checkout.tpl file you also need to add somewhere under the "Complete Payment" button: <div class="g-recaptcha" data-sitekey="YOUR_RECAPTCHA_PUBLIC_KEY_HERE"></div> Replace YOUR_RECAPTCHA_PUBLIC_KEY_HERE with your public recaptcha key provided by Google. This is tested working on WHMCS v7.5.1.
  12. @brian! to the rescue again! And of course it worked. Thank you!
  13. Using WHMCS 7.5.1 and I removed countires by adding the following to a countries.json file: { "IR": false, "SD": false, "SY": false, "CU": false } It is working for the country drop down, but the country code in the phone number selector is still showing the countries. Any ideas on how I can remove these countries from everywhere in my WHMCS install?
  14. I just wanted to let the community know of my experience with whmcssmarters.com in the hopes that they think twice about purchasing anything on there. I would defiantly not recommend it. I asked for a refund within 2 days of purchasing the product and Amanpreet Singh of whmcssmarters informed me that he would like to improve the product and told me to wait but told me I would be refunded if I did not like the product after he changed it. I agreed and waited. After about 3 weeks of not hearing back from anyone. I stated I would like my money back and was refused. Here is the conversation between myself and Amanpreet Singh: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3dvs1om6r07bvsx/claim-info.png?dl=0 Some of the original conversation was deleted by whmcssmarter's staff but enough is there to state my case. Hopefully other buyers will read this, no one should do business with a person or company that behaves in such a way.This https://www.whmcssmarters.com/refund-policy/ clearly states a 7 day refund, and I was lied to and told to wait until the 7 days expired to be refused a refund.Also, the product requires complete customization of an external page on your WHMCS install, also not recommended because it goes outside your WHMCS theme. The default design is also very poor. This is why I requested a refund.
  15. "We" meaning WHMCS correct? I was looking everywhere on how WHMCS had a local value of 300 for the max_execution_time and I couldn't find it anywhere. I looked in php and apache config files with obviously no luck. This did it though, and I just want to add my option on the matter. 300 is way too low for 2018 hardware, especially when you have more than even 100 customers. If you're sending more than 100 emails with the bulk email feature then it always times out when set to 300. Thanks for the post. I'm thanking tech and the poster.

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