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  1. Invoice, Promotion Code Question....

    ModulesGarden's looks very good, I will give that a try. Thanks again Brian.
  2. Invoice, Promotion Code Question....

    Yes, it will be recurring at 0.00 indefinitely or until their main package is cancelled which I can deal with manually. I need to have a good think about this. I need to find a way for customers to buy additional packages without having to pay again if they have purchased the product once but at the same time limit it to 4 per user. I'll find a way... Thanks, Brian.
  3. If a customer purchases a product, and then goes on to purchase the same product with a promotion code that makes the product FREE, will they still get monthly invoices? If I set it so that the code only works for Existing Clients and a maximum use of 4 times, is that then set for a max use per user or just for that one code? Thank you
  4. Remove Sidebar if Configurable Product

    Thank you, Brian, Andrew's code worked for me. I have shared it with Dani in the same post. Thanks again for your help.
  5. @dani88 if it helps, this worked for me... <?php add_hook('ClientAreaHeadOutput', 1, function($vars) { $template = $vars['template']; return <<<HTML <script> jQuery(function(){ jQuery('div[menuItemName="Categories"]').find('i[class~="fa-chevron-up"]').click(); }); </script> HTML; });
  6. Remove Sidebar if Configurable Product

    I have given up. Literally. I am now just going to look at how the sidebar categories can be minimised rather than removed. I hate them.
  7. Remove Sidebar if Configurable Product

    Universal sliders is probably the best option for this product at this stage. Using carttpl is a quick workaround. thanks again Brian.
  8. Remove Sidebar if Configurable Product

    Thanks Brian. I am thinking to maybe use another order template to load this product.
  9. Anyone have a hook that removes the sidebar if a product has configurable options? cart.php?a=confproduc Just want a full page as this is a hidden product and don't want to display categories on this page. Thank you.
  10. Configurable Package addon works with upgrades?

    That's the best practice isn't it? I don't allow no Accounts to be created until payment has been received.
  11. Ah now I feel like a fool. Thanks, Brian, that was it.
  12. Another example is a product, it is displaying as £2.08 monthly, but that is set to £24.99 a year. This is only happening to products set to annual billing.
  13. I am hoping I am posting on the right forum. I upgraded to 7.4.1 and it seems there is an issue displaying annual prices. All products that have annual pricing do not longer display correctly. Anyone else having this problem? The attached is one of the examples, you will see the drop-down has selected annual pricing but it is displaying another price. The correct price is being displayed in the total.
  14. Configurable Package addon works with upgrades?

    Very interesting, did you ever manage to find out about this? I've got this addon on my to buy list and knowing if the module can auto upgrade would be great.
  15. Very helpful, thank you . Anyway of adding the same to the services listed in the home page panel?

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