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  1. Original Thread: https://forum.whmcs.com/showthread.php?90982-disable-client-get-epp-code Hi Brian, Thanks for posting this hook php script how to remove EPP code option from the Sidebar. I wonder if instead of removing this EPP code option, could a hook php script actually handle that whenever a user clicks on Sidebar's "Get EPP Code" he/she would get prompted first to confirm "Yes" or "No" before the actual EPP code is released? (eNom Registrar) This could be either a pop-up window confirmation prompt or a right-side page confirmation with a question something like "EPP Code will be released and sent to your email. Are you sure?" and then to buttons "Yes" and "No" displayed - similarly how a right side "Auto Renew" page is displayed now. Once clicked: 1)Yes => Proceed with a standard "Get EPP Code" operation 2)NO => otherwise Cancel "Get EPP Code" operation. Currently, EPP code is bluntly released just by user's browsing and clicking on Domain Details Management's Sidebar menu options without any user's confirmation which is not a industry standard (single-click EPP code release) that creates unnecessary EPP code releases. Fyi - I had requested this EPP code enhancements future along with other related ones @ https://requests.whmcs.com/topic/enhance-epp-code-release-delivery-configuration-enom-module but so far I had no WHMCS teams response nor any no enhancements were done for this EPP code related requests in new 7.X version yet. Thanks!
  2. Exactly.... would love to use sub-group feature for my SSL certificate products... @WHMCS, any update on this request?
  3. @WHMCS John: I have to strongly disagree with your reasoning and the WHMCS standing behind the following statement: While the WHMCS might be only focusing into the core billing & support features, I do think and suggest, it’s worth highly in my opinion for the WHMCS to review and understand more about following and offering additional feature tools that are actually widely available and used across the domain/hosting industry. In this particular case, the WHOIS Lookup page is indeed THE true standard feature in the Domain registrar industry, offered always by major Domain registrars and domain/hosting related portal services. It does actually feel kind of strange and incomplete if WHOIS Lookup is not offered and not available within a domain registration website (which I’ve not come across yet) and that’s why this is a MUST feature available within my own domain registration portal that's powered by the WHMCS. This is very indeed handy and helpful tool for a user just to look-up quickly a WHOIS domain info without need to login or to check for a domain availability, which falls into of “single-click” and “time-saving” category benefit for end-users aka current or potential clients to help them to keep to stay on your website. If such industry standard feature as this “WHOIS Lookup” is not available then there’s always a higher risk and chance of a user (read: potential client) to go somewhere else who does offer such quick WHOIS Lookup which further could mean losing that user could equal to a loss of generating potential sales. In conclusion, to stay competitive with other Domain registrar sites and furthermore with other Billing/Support Domain-Hosting software likewise, it would be for the WHMCS own benefit and its users/clients to indeed want to have and offer such out-of-box WHOIS Lookup page open to end-users that’s a true domain registrar industry standard feature, especially if this something that’s already available within the WHMCS Admin area. And truly why would the WHMCS want to limit themselves from offering less features than already has available but currently only available to an Admin and why not extend it to the end-user to their extra added benefit? That's actually surprising that your major WHMCS' domain registrar partners such the Enom have not picked up on this yet (?!) since they do offer such WHOIS Lookup unless perhaps it's in their business for the WHMCS not to include this feature... perhaps due to high traffic & control reasons? Please advise on this.
  4. WHMCS ver 6.2.2 Hi, I'm able to use Feeds table.domainpricing (domainpricing.php) to list quickly all my avail domains on my page. Is there a way to filter out domains using this table call to list only specific, let's say 15 selected domains i.e .com, .net, .us, .info, .biz, etc? Or is there a custom avail PHP script you can share here? Btw, I was able to achieve retrieving selected domains and their prices using individual Feeds domain price calls (domainprice.php) but it does take too long as each is an individual call to retrieve one by one a price of register, renewal and transfer of each domain (for formatting an individual button color purpose for each domain service type). Thanks!
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