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  1. Hi, I want to redirect people on a special landing page after the place successful order with us for example on Thank you page or page with special upsell page.
  2. Hi, Suddenly WHMCS started showing this error when testing connection under Servers, it was working just fine few hours back then we started facing issues while activating orders then we tried to test the connection and got this error with both the server modules We already whitelisted the WHMCS Hosted IP in CSF and IP Table
  3. Hi, This is the third time spend an hour before I shoot a mass email to my clients but when I started sending I received an email with broken things and I haven't saved this template as well that means everything vanished. I am just wondering if we could send a test email before shooting in mass
  4. GoogieHost

    Send test email in Mass Mail Option

    Sometimes doesn't work due to Browser issues and sometimes it doesn't delivers what it shows actually
  5. Hi, I have noticed in my WHMCS verification emails not being sent however order confirmation is showing as send in Email Section of every customer but none of the rest emails is visible.
  6. I have received some request from customers that links are not visible in an email however the TAG is present and it was working just fine {$email_verification_link}
  7. Hi, I need help in account verification email, WHMCS integrated email verification system in 7 but there is a problem that verifying the account. Users need to log in their accounts again to confirm the email however other platforms just ask you to click the link and you are done. Because of this most of users are unable to verify their accounts can someone help me to fix this issue ?
  8. Hi, We have created a coupon with the override price $1 for the first month but if the customer selects annual billing they don't get discount on first month at $1
  9. GoogieHost

    Hi for UKBSS.COM

    I must say your website design is good but bit inspired by GoDaddy, maybe I am wrong but your slider section reminds my GoDaddy
  10. GoogieHost

    pending transfer

    Make sure WHMCS cronjobs are running properly and your Registrar whitelisted your WHMCS hosted IP's that might be blocking Sync
  11. Hi, We are running Free Web Hosting services and there are lots of inactive account in our server, we want to set a reminder if the user not logged in for more than 45 days then they receive an email that Login and check their websites if everything is fine. If the user doesn't log in or check his account then termination module should run.
  12. Hi, We tried to add Stackpath CDN to our website but after we enable Stackpath CDN I am not able to login to my admin dashboard neither to my client account. It just reloads the login page in both cases I tried to change Proxy IP Header in Setting Tab but no luck
  13. Hi, We would like to set up email templates when the order is rejected/cancelled due to any issues, we would like to send customer's email notification with templates. Is there any guide to setup this thing ?
  14. GoogieHost

    Email Notification on Order Cancelled/Terminated

    I have tested it but it only fires the email if cron runs.
  15. GoogieHost

    Email Notification on Order Cancelled/Terminated

    We don't accept orders automatically, We want to send email notification if Pending order marked as cancelled with Template. (We will explain possible reasons why the order wasnt activated
  16. GoogieHost

    Email Notification on Order Cancelled/Terminated

    @steven99 In my case it is necessary, tickets wouldn't resolve our problem
  17. GoogieHost

    Email Notification on Order Cancelled/Terminated

    @brian! @steven99 @WHMCS ChrisD Do you have any idea how to do that?
  18. GoogieHost

    Stackpath CDN WHMCS issue

    I have enabled and checked but there was no error message at all
  19. Hi, We recently terminated bulk numbers of account from WHM due to inactivity and some other reasons but in WHMCS status is still active. Is it possible to change terminated account status in bulk with common reason?
  20. GoogieHost

    Limit number of ordering a specific product on WHMCS

    We needed this module badly but unfortunately, there is no alternative available at the moment
  21. Hi, I have been using WHMCS integrated affiliate system as of now and its good enough but I also noticed many companies using the third party dedicated affiliate application like iDevAffiliates etc. So I am just wondering if this a good idea to switch with this application or should be stick with WHMCS itself?
  22. GoogieHost

    Limit number of ordering a specific product on WHMCS

    I am using latest WHMCS and Product Limiter doesn't work someone updated the code on GitHub but it still doesn't work. I am also a badly need in of this module
  23. Hey! I want to enable affiliate tracking for the products Ex: I have shared hosting plan https://www.youstable.com/manage/cart.php?a=add&pid=21 and My one of our's affiliate member's ID is 381 then is it possible to put tracking while direct ordering for this product such as https://www.youstable.com/manage/cart.php?a=add&pid=21/*?aff=133
  24. GoogieHost

    WHMCS Affiliate URL for product order

    I tried this before and it doesn't even pull up, I checked affiliate FAQ but didn't 't got the solution. Thank you for your advice will update the license ASAP once we done with the development part
  25. GoogieHost

    WHMCS Affiliate URL for product order

    I tried but doesn't seem working for me

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