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  1. Inactive user suspension module

    You mean to say on this captured page? well, it's not visible to me.
  2. Inactive user suspension module

    I do not see any option to send PM and am still in need of this module
  3. New Premade WHMCS 7.3 Theme - MATERIAL WHMCS $25.00

    Because am confused where we have to submit WebsiteIntegrations.Com and its redirecting me to another domain name, well let me check again
  4. We are YouStable

    Hello Fellows, I am from YouStable Technologies, here we started providing something more than just a web hosting like others do. We optimise our customer's websites according to Google guidelines to let there sites perform better in Google Search and bring business to them.
  5. New Premade WHMCS 7.3 Theme - MATERIAL WHMCS $25.00

    Dear I told you am not getting any of your ticket replies there is issue with your SMTP or Google has marked it as Spam so you can directly respond me on Skype or email as your ticket system isn't working properly
  6. Can't get to admin/setup/authn/view

    I had same issue and when I switched my theme to default and switched back to our custom design, I got facebook and Google+ login button page. Please try to change your theme from Settings>> General
  7. New Premade WHMCS 7.3 Theme - MATERIAL WHMCS $25.00

    Its been 72hrs no reply from you guys, you haven't accepted my Skype requests even. I tried to call you but no luck and your mailbox is full.
  8. New Premade WHMCS 7.3 Theme - MATERIAL WHMCS $25.00

    I am ordering but MaxMind marking our order as Fraud for no reason.
  9. New Premade WHMCS 7.3 Theme - MATERIAL WHMCS $25.00

    Understand but still if you can customise header, footer accordingly in the same cost, please check my website youstable.com and let me know
  10. New Premade WHMCS 7.3 Theme - MATERIAL WHMCS $25.00

    And would you customise our header and footer accordingly ?
  11. New Premade WHMCS 7.3 Theme - MATERIAL WHMCS $25.00

    Do you have one page checkout module at the same cost ?
  12. Sign-In Integration Issues

    I have integrated Social Login a https://youstable.com and Facebook API configured properly but I can not find login button on Registration or Login page, we would also like to know that how to link social link on a custom page (front page of my website which build on Angular Js
  13. We are free web hosting providers at GoogieHost.com and am looking for any module which can allow us to suspend users if they not login into their account in 30 days and if it not login for 90 days terminate account and send confirmation e-mail for the same.

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