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  1. I am facing issue with iDevAffiliate integration with WHMCS, it doesn't track any sale and when I created ticket with iDev team they said Now am not sure how to fix this issue 😕
  2. No am not aware of it have owned license installed on client.googiehost.com pretty strange its showing Unverified
  3. He just helped us to fixed the issues we faced with WHMCS, who else is here to help? @brian! is the only one responded to our queries most of the time, community is live because of him only.
  4. I was talking about you mate and sorry you are not Moderator but Yes your suggestions help us a lot
  5. GoogieHost.com applied new interactive website design with some additional functionality. We have automated many features with the tutorials provided by Moderator of this community. Do share your suggestions to make it more appealing
  6. looks complicated for me and think will have to hire developer
  7. Hi, I want to send my customer's email notification that their order has been cancelled with reasons, I have checked but there is no option to set template for this. Is there any way to set this Email alert for my customers?
  8. Thank you mate but will no longer using WHMCS after these price hike
  9. Is this only me or some of you also planing to switch to some alternative or custom development after this price hike?
  10. After cPanel price hike am not that surprised with these announcement and I doubt EIG playing game behind all these big changes. Even cPanel lost too many loyal customers and WHMCS going to loose the same + companies like @WHMCS Aaron and some other Module developers will switch their operations with some other solution providers like Blesta or HostBillManager. For myself we started working on our own custom solution with 2 other Hosting companies mutually, instead of paying $1299/mo for unlimited clients its better pay $700/mo salary experienced Developer for inhouse solution.
  11. its been 5 days its showing same status, have checked the cron and its running just fine. I am not able to send any email marketing campaign as its showing Queued my first campaign now
  12. I set one email campaign but due to some issues it was stuck after sending 30% emails now its been a month I am not able to delete it and new campaigns are being Queued. When I click on Report then getting this error "An error occurred while communicating with the server. Please try again."
  13. I am not able to locate the client report file and maximum files are encrypted
  14. You were selling Controls Panel themes? I remember many of them like Eric (Spam Buster), Hans, Alexander etc
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