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  1. We are getting error while fetching emails from Mass Mail option, its takes 10 minutes then shows this error ================================================================================= Oops! Something went wrong and we couldn't process your request. Please go back to the previous page and try again.
  2. I have enabled Google and Facebook login but every time users try to create account with any social media platform get this message Link Initiated! Please complete sign in to associate this service with your existing account. You will only have to do this once. Which is ignored most of the time and they just left this option as per our A/B testing most of users bouncing from this feature, is there any option to setup properly and get it working smoothly ?
  3. Hi, We want to disable Domain feature on checkout page, it should ask primary domain name after payment done is it possible ?
  4. Hi, We would like to show associated "nameservers" with the hosting account within customer panel Ex: We have server with nameservers xny.hostdomain.com and yze.hostdomain.com and these values are different server to server so we want to show fetch these nameservers in sidebar of customers hosting account.
  5. Hi, Is there any guide to Setup Conversion Tracker in WHMCS + Google Ads ?
  6. Hi, I want to redirect people on a special landing page after the place successful order with us for example on Thank you page or page with special upsell page.
  7. Hi, Suddenly WHMCS started showing this error when testing connection under Servers, it was working just fine few hours back then we started facing issues while activating orders then we tried to test the connection and got this error with both the server modules We already whitelisted the WHMCS Hosted IP in CSF and IP Table
  8. Sometimes doesn't work due to Browser issues and sometimes it doesn't delivers what it shows actually
  9. Hi, This is the third time spend an hour before I shoot a mass email to my clients but when I started sending I received an email with broken things and I haven't saved this template as well that means everything vanished. I am just wondering if we could send a test email before shooting in mass
  10. I have received some request from customers that links are not visible in an email however the TAG is present and it was working just fine {$email_verification_link}
  11. Hi, I have noticed in my WHMCS verification emails not being sent however order confirmation is showing as send in Email Section of every customer but none of the rest emails is visible.
  12. Hi, I need help in account verification email, WHMCS integrated email verification system in 7 but there is a problem that verifying the account. Users need to log in their accounts again to confirm the email however other platforms just ask you to click the link and you are done. Because of this most of users are unable to verify their accounts can someone help me to fix this issue ?
  13. Hi, We have created a coupon with the override price $1 for the first month but if the customer selects annual billing they don't get discount on first month at $1
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